Sunday, September 11, 2005


The answer to that question is a simple: "HELL NO"!

I am so tired of Councilwoman turned appointed "figure-head" Vice-Mayor Alicia Reece getting on black talk radio, during various Mayoral debates and in print news bemoaning the fact that she is currently the "Vice-mayor" so that [basically] "Entitles" her to the mayorship.
Now correct me if I'm wrong but The City of Cincinnati is not a "privately owned company" nor is it some sort of pass-me-down type of "family bitnezz", sort of like Intergity Hall.
So "NO" Alicia, being vice-mayor DOES NOT entitle you to become mayor.
So for Alicia to constantly moan, cry and complain about the fact that maybe just maybe somebody out there in Cincinnati-land just might

question and/or ask her to produce some "real" results for the first "5 1/2 years" she's been on council...she tries to divert the black community from her sorry voting record by whinning every chance she gets about how she's being asked to work just as hard as the other contenders for mayor, all the while projecting the image she should just be given the position of mayor.
Is this woman for real?
Let's take a little walk down memory lane shall we....

I'm sure all of you remember the first 2 years she tricked us all out of our votes. (Yes, even I was tricked in 1999) Where Ms. Reece rode right in the front doors of City Hall on the unjustifiably murdered by The Cincinnati police dead black back of Bro. Mi


Dave Jackson said...

Okay, that seems like spam. Loved the post. Thanks for enlightening the masses.

Dave Jackson

Anonymous said...

do you really think charlie luken is racist?

The Dean of Cincinnati said...

I think the spam robots recognize when previous spam posts are not deleted. If you spend a day or so cutting them off, they might go away.

IN other news, my aunt-in-law lived at Huntington Meadows. She remembers Reece assuring everyone that the City would take care of their moving expenses.

My aunt got 90 bucks. That was not enough for her to put a deposit on a U-Haul. Or at least that's what she told me.

General Nikki X said...


Your Aunt was 100% right. I stood out there along with others and help those "displaced" residents MOVE out of thier homes, some of them to absolutely NOWHERE!
But way before then we went to City Hall and demanded to be told "the truth" about what the hell was REALLY going on but council with "Reece" taking the LEAD.."MISLEAD" us all!
Not to mention all those PHONY/FOR SHOW ONLY meetings held for the "poor never-suspecting" Hunnington Meadows residents at non other than INTERGITY HALL. Sitting through hours upon hours of Reece and her daddy "pretending" as if they were "fighting" for the residents of Bond Hill. While working behind the scences (along with others, no doubt..I'm not naive enough to think Reece & her Pa have any type of power to wheel and deal on thier own) scheming to throw those people out in the streets!

Watching Reece in action for the last 6 years, hell that's probably $88.00 more than they should've her mind.

Sounds like overkill?
Well if anybody should know about how Reece operates..I've seen it up close week after week after week, year after year after year.

And I didn't even touch upon in my blog entry, the fact she was (allowed herself to be)the "Blackface" AGAINST the boycott.
Luken even gave her the authority and the MONEY (wonder what would've happened if that money could've gone to the Hunnington Meadows residents instead?) to "CREATE a "TOURISM" committee!!!

A Blackwoman "FUNDED" to go all over the country telling people Cincinnati is A OK...

But on the flipside NOW saying in various Mayoral debates and what not.."I fought, "I" stood up when no one else would DURING THE RIOTS and "I" fought hard to get "the collabortive agreement enacted"!

Now which one is it???
You were there in the riots, you knew there was a "problem" with your employees a.k.a. Cinti police killing UNARMED blackmen, you knew the people were NOT getting equal treatment from the police, you (claim)you fought for the collabortive...BUT THEN you turn right around and go all over the country with TAXPAYERS DOLLARS decieving (with the blessing of RACIST Mayor Luken, that should answer "anonymous' question to me about Luken) doing your damndest and working "OVERTIME" to bring people to the city under the guise of "Everything's OK"???????

As I have stated in the past, as I will stated here today..
"Alicia Reece and David Pepper are NOT fit to lead"!

My position is CONSISTANT, My Position is CLEAR and those who have followed The Black Fist over the years know...General Nikki X WILL NOT flip-flop nor will she lie to black folks!

Like my good friend and fellow activist in the community Bro. X always says, "It is what it is"!

Anonymous said...

A uhaul truck costs $30 for the big one and 60-99 cents a mile. $90 would have been plenty to get a uhaul truck. Your aunt is an idiot.

The Dean of Cincinnati said...

No, you are an idiot.

There is a one hundred dollar deposit for renting a Uhaul, unless you have a credit card.

Now, how are poor people, who may not have credit cards or bank accounts, supposed to afford a $100 deposit plus over thiry dollars for the rental with only $90 available?

Reece said they would pay for them to move, but they did not provide adequate coverage.

Now, I do understand you get a deposit back, and the City should not give away $100 for no reason, but that is not the point. The point is that my aunt, and many like her, could not afford to even rent a Uhaul truck — like I said before.

the delegate said...
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