Monday, September 5, 2005



As I watched all of my beautiful Black brothas & sistas in New Orleans suffering from homelessness, hunger, thirst and scratching just to hold on to life itself after that devastating hurricane, the whiteman has given the name "Katrina".
I am happy to report "Relief is on the Way"!

New Prospect Baptist Church, Corinthian Baptist Church, WDBZ "The Buzz of Cincinnati" 1230am, WCVG "The Gospel"1320am, WCIN "The station you grew up with" 1480am, Junebug's Bar-B-Que & Steakhouse on the corner of Findlay & Linn St. and a whole host of Community Activist from Civil Rights- Humanitian- Moderate & Black Militants have come together to raise money, give of their time, collect food, clothing and personal hygiene items!
We all came together on one accord because at times like these THE ONLY THING THAT MATTERS is SAVING THE PRECIOUS LIVES OF BLACK MEN, BLACK WOMEN & BLACK CHILDREN!

General Nikki X & General Shannon X Mugabe of The Black Fist along with The Black United Front, The Concern Citizens For Justice, The New Black Panther Nation, The Nation of Islam and other Local organizations worked collectively to "Get The Job Done"!

More Help is definitely needed and More Prayers are definitely welcomed!

General Nikki X & General Shannon X Mugabe are proud to have been a part of something so positive and something so spiritually life-affirming. Seeing human suffering up close and personal here on the mean streets of Cincinnati everyday along with combining our efforts with those of other organizations to help our Black brothas & sistas down south, only "renew" our "commitment" to devoting our lives to "The Salvation and Liberation of The Black Nation"!

(The above was a combined statement from General Nikki X & General Shannon X Mugabe of "The Black Fist".)

Those Black People need HELP and NOT the lip-service The United States Government is currently given them. George W. Bush is a National disgrace! Not that I thought he'd do anything different than he's been doing for our Black people which is...Absolutely Nothing!
So we need not waste anymore valuable time on that loser.

Let's all ban together and complete the job of contributing any and every resource we can possibly donate to: "The VICTIMS of Hurricane Katrina"!
Who the Hell are you, Whiteman, to call these people... "REFUGEES"?.....


Contact Your Local Cincinnati Red Cross at (513) 579-3000 for information on how you can contribute now! For information from The National Red Cross dial 1-800-HELP-NOW. Either way find out how "YOU" can give to The "VICTIMS" of This Natural Disaster!

And keep reading "The Black Fist Blog" for more information on "The Relief Efforts" plus important info on what you can do to help!

Thank You for reading "The Black Fist Blog"!


Anonymous said...

You always do a great job General Nikki X. We are so proud of you and we love this blog. Keep up the great work and we will be giving to the Red Cross very soon.

Anonymous said...

I agree that calling the people of New Orleans refugees was very uncalled for and never should have been said. I too took offense to it. But you also said that the only reason you came together to give food, clothes, etc., was to help the black people of New Orleans. So if they had been majority white then you would not have contributed. You do know that probably over 80% of the food, water, and money being donated is being given by white families.

I am not really disagreeing with what you are saying, just giving my opinion on it. I believe that if such a disaster would have happened in say...South Beach, Florida, they would have had help down there ASAP. I think that the delay came more from being a poor area, but not really because it is majority black, there were white people down there too that also lost everything.

Anonymous said...

Here is one the local newspapers won't print. Justin Jeffre is donating ten percent of all campaign contributions to date to the American Red Cross and has challenged the other candidates in the Maytorial race to do the same. This has nothing to do with color, people are suffering regardless of race and need help.

Anonymous said...

I think the "whitemen" called the "victims of katrina" "refugees" in ignorance of the meaning of the word.

refugee: one that flees; especially : a person who flees to a foreign country or power to escape danger or persecution

Katrina was a natural disaster that struck a city where the majority of the population was Black. What makes the situation even more horrible that the effects of the hurricane was the government's response to the disaster, especially knowing that a similiar response scenario was conducted a year earlier. There must be blame placed on the government for its response failure, but is this really a situation where decisions were made with race as a consideration? People of all races suffered in the hurricane, and people of all races are consequently giving aid to the the victims.

Anonymous said...

I agree. I think that the media was using the term "refugee", but did not fully understand the meaning of the word. I also do not understand why this is being made a black/white issue. These are american citizens, regardless of race or color. Everyone, regardless of who you are, should be feeling for these peolpe.

Anonymous said...

Just in response to Nikki X. There were also black officials, reporters, and media personnel referring to these people as refugees. It was not just the "whiteman", as you stated. However, I'm not saying it was right.

Anonymous said...

In response to the entry directly above...before you go and verbally bash other people and put them on blast, you might want to make sure that you actually have an education. If not I would suggest going back to grammer school and getting taught a few lessons yourself!! Just a thought!!!:)

Anonymous said...

Keep your head up Sister Nikki X.
The old saying from that movie goes like this: "Some people can't handle the truth".
And that's why you are under attack.
Stay strong Sister and know that there are more people out here that love you than hate you.
Jealousy and envy will get them no where fast.


Anonymous said...

Racism will get you nowhere fast too!!! Its because of people like you that we have such a race relation problem today. Yeah you are right, the truth does hurt...

Anonymous said...

Hey what's the purpose of your blog Nikki X? Are you trying to increase Black influence in Cincinnati? Influence city governemnt? Encourage unity? It'd be cool if you could give a mission statement or something. Anyways, i like reading your blog.

General Nikki X said...

Anonymous Directly above this Post,

Please direct your attention to Blog Entry: "Welcome To The Black Fist Blog".

The mission statement, if you will and description of "The Black Fist" as an organization is all spelled out within that entry.
Thank you for asking and as always...

Thank You for Reading The Black Fist Blog.

General Nikki X said...

Seems like a well known wig-wearing "TROLL" has find its way over to this blog!

I guess when you have "NO LIFE", you have time to be jealous and envious towards those of us who "DO".

But nevertheless....

Thank You for Reading The Black Fist Blog.

Anonymous said...

what exactly is devilology and tricknology? seriously though.

starlet said...

Whenever new presidents are in office, they always manage to come up with new ways to identify and label certain concepts and idealogies. (Remember "digital divide" under Clinton and how we no longer hear about it?)

Everything centered around Bush is all about "terrorism", "conservative, God-fearing Christians", "moral values (by the way aren't these the same idealogies of the KKK?). Anyway, I found a rather interesting site of terms and their "real meaning" in journalism under the Bush administration. In other words, forget what Webster says:

Refugee: A potential terrorist. We are being told that we in the west must tighten our refugee and immigration policies. By insinuation refugees are potential terrorists. In truth, they are more often the victims of terrorism

See link for more Bush terms and their real, new meanings

General Nikki X said...

Thanks Starlet for the Bush Terminology Link.

I have yet to go there but I will.

Thank you for reading The Black Fist Blog!

the delegate said...
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