Friday, June 16, 2006


Is this Chris Henry or Kobe Bryant? Looks like the same game plan though.

Somebody please tell your sister General Nikki X, "What in the hell is wrong with Cincinnati Bengal, Chris Henry?" I'm not very knowledgable about the ins and outs of professional football although I love to watch the game. I am a football watching sistah!

Today, I ask the question that's been swirling around in my head every since I first heard of Chris Henry's legal troubles beginning last year. All I thought regarding Chris Henry, before that, was he was/is a talented player with promise to go on to higher ground in the NFL, if he continued to do his thang.

I beleived he was (at least) a conscience brotha based on his locks (for those of you who don't know I mean, his strength, his glory, his mane, his hair) then I rolled over in bed, look up one morning and Oh Shit!!! The brotha done shaved his locks to the scalp and he's in hot water again! WTF??!!?

Of course, my first thoughts when I saw him outside with the red baseball hat on was "This just can't be true!" Then thinking later on standing in court with his lawyer, "His lawyers' got him doing a Kobe!" What the hell do you mean by that General? What I mean is (thanks for asking) when the whiteman was hell-bent on stroking basketball great, the blackman & subsequent black dummy, Kobe Bryant (and rightfully so, he should've left that white golddiggin' gal A-L-O-N-E!) The whiteman had Kobe shave his head close to look non-threatenin, non-menacing and non-boogeyman-ish when he stood before his jury of white peers, his white judge, and in front of the white media in that pure lily white state of Colorado courtroom. And only money (that funky green stuff) got his ass up outta that one and back home to his latino (or whatever) golddiggin' wifey.

Back to our brother, Chris Henry....

"Does this black man, Chris Henry just need a big 'ol hug?" What the fuck is wrong with him ya'll? Hasn't Kobe taught these black ball players anything? And this young woman he's allegedly supplied with alcohol, what's up with her? She said the man raped her then changed her story. Now her ass is in the twist with the whiteman! Oh Lawd, Oh Laaawwwd my people, my people!

Read the story and I suppose we can talk about it further. Honestly, I'm so disgusted I just don't know what else to say. Chris, Chris, Chris, baby...get yo' shit together and get it together fast man before you lose it all brothaman! How much more do you think Coach Marvin Lewis is gonna put up with before he's forced (by the BIG whiteman over him) to yank your ass and sit you down? UUUuuurrrggghhhhh!!!
OK. UUUuuurrrrrgggghhhhh!!!!!
OK. I'm alright.
Read the damn story....D-A-M-N!!!

Charges stem from April incindent - By Jim Hannah - Enquirer Staff Writer

COVINGTON - Bengals wide receiver Chris Henry pleaded not guilty this morning to providing alcohol to three underage women at a hotel on Covington's riverfront. Yesterday marked the fourth time in six months Henry had been arrested. He was charged with three counts of unlawful transaction with a minor.

Henry 22, of Florence, was arraigned at 8:30 a.m. today in Kenton District Court. Kenton County Judge Douglas Grothaus ordered Henry, who has a drunk driving pending in Clermont County, to not drink any alcohol as a condition of his bond. Henry was also ordered to have no contact with minors. Prosecutor Ken Easterling said the case is still active and additional charges against Henry, and others present at the hotel, are possible.

Henry remains free on a $2,500 cash bond. A pretrial hearing is set for June 29 in Kenton Districat Court. He and his attorney, Bob Lotz, had no comment as they left the courtroom this morning. Henry also had no comment after he was released from the Kenton County jail Wednesday on bond. He faces up to a year in jail if convicted on all charges.

A criminal complaint states Henry provided alcohol to Monica Beamon, 18, of Jacob Price apartments, an an unidentified 15- and 16-year-old girls the night of April 29. It states the three women were in Henry's vehicle when he got alcohol for them knowing they were under 21. The next day, Beamon reported to police that Henry raped her at the Courtyard By Marriott at 500 W. Third St. Kenton Commonwealth's Attorney Bill Crocket said a police investigation concluded that Beamon consented to having "sexual contact" with Henry. Police then decided to charge Beamon with falsely reporting an incident, Crockett said.

Ten days later after the incident, Beamon was arrested by an undercover Covington police officer and charged with prositition. Because she had no prior record, Beamon was allowed to enter into diversion. The charge will be expunged if she sucessfully completes the program. When contacted by a reporter, Beamon said she was not aware that a warrant had been issued Wednesday for her arrest.

"Just because I didn't press charges against Henry it does not mean they have the right to accuse me of making this up," said Beamon. She then said she was getting an attorney.

"Sports figures are not above the law," said Ken Easterling, chief prosecutor for the Kenton County Attorney's Office. "Those who falsely claim sport figures committed a crime against them are also not above the law. We will prosecute this case to the fullest extent." Easterling said the case is still active and additional charges against Henry, and the others present at the hotel, are possible. The prosecutor said Henry hasn't been cooperating with his office.

The Bengals has their standard comment about Henry's latest alleged legal transgression.

"We don't comment on something when it's just in the stages of charges," Bengals public relations director Jack Brennan said.

In December, Henry was charged with marijuana possession in Covington. He pleaded guilty to the charges and, as part of a plea agreement, avoided jail time by entering a drug rehabilitation program.

In January, while in Orlando, Henry was arrested by Orange County police and charged with three gun-related offenses, two of which were dropped. He still faces an August court date in Orlando for illegal possession of a concealed weapon.

Then, on June 3, an Ohio Highway Patrol officer stopped Henry for speeding on Interstate 275 in Union Township, Clermont County. The Trooper smelled alcohol about Henry and his automobile, and after Henry was said to have failed field sobriety test, he was arrested and taken to the Milford Police Department. There he voluntarily submitted to a breath test and measured a 0.092; 0.08 is the legal limit in Ohio.

He faces another court date in Clermont Couty later this month.


Chris Henry. Whatcha gonna do man?!? Alledged prostitute? Drunk driving? Gunja smoking? Guns? Underage girls? Sex with a 18 year girl that looks 15 & a half years older than you whose allegedly out tricking on the stroll? Almost caught up/tricked & trapped up on a dag-on Kobe-like deal?

Chris Henry. You've got some problems that you can overcome blackman. The girl, Monica Beamon almost got you...ALMOST! That oughta show you, you've got to guard yourself and stay away from the hoodrats!

Chris Henry, Mr. Wide Receiver. When are you gonna stop acting like a thugged-out hoodrat, yourself?

Chris Henry. What the fuck you riding around with underage girls for anyway?

Too many questions. Too many questions. My hope is that man can come out of this self-imposed bullshit with his ass, his bank account and his number 15 still intact.

We'll be watching this one closely as well. ( Sigh.. ) One final question directly and specificly for my dear confused brother, number 15 wide receiver Mr. Chris Henry.....






Anonymous said...

First off, Chris Henry doesn't want you. You're too old. He likes little girls, black & white.

It's over with for this thug. Florida will take care of that.

And if at anytime, anytime at all, you have complaints & discourse with criminal justice & civil law, then perhaps its time you voice those concerns to those who can change the statutes.

However, it's so much easier to blame the white people. You don't have to work up a sweaty lather by working for change.

Bottom line, this criminality was of his own doing. I don't recall anything being said that a white man or a white woman stuck a gun in his back & told him to drive drunk, rape underage females, possess narcotics & carry a gun.

He babbled the Judge in Covington saying he had to grow up & grow up fast. It was nothing but a bunch of words. This clown isn't worth spit. Hopefully, his days in this town are just about over.

General Nikki X said...

No first off, What are talking about? "Chris Henry doesn't want you, you're too old?"

"Want"? The title is "Does our brother need a hug."

H-U-G as in supportive, friendly, encouraging that he can do the right thing...hug. Where's your mind?

Little girls black & white: You're right that's addressed here as well.

Apparently you have a solid opinion about "it being over for Chris Henry". I happen to disagree, I'm not willing to throw my brother away so easily. He's only 22. He can turn it around.

I bet you think that modern-day over-sized "cain", the Warrington boy from Hyde Park that beat his own brother to death with a baseball bat as he slept can be "rehabilitated" don't you?

And how the hell do you know how "old" I am anyway ;-)

Thank You For Reading The Black Fist Blog!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

"The whiteman had Kobe shave his head close to look non-threatenin, non-menacing and non-boogeyman-ish when he stood before his jury of white peers, his white judge, and in front of the white media in that pure lily white state of Colorado courtroom."

And the whiteman had Chris Henry get rid of his sissy-do. For the white Covington judge.

First off, these 2 criminals have enough buckolas to afford an attorney of choice. They could have chosen a b-l-a-c-k attorney.

Second, Dante "Pretty" Person had the girly hair, too. Oh, you know who Pretty is. He's the "king", an upstanding black man who shot the face of a white, female police officer. I'm sure you're up to score on that case. Another black man being framed by the system & all that flimsy excuse business.

Guess who had Pretty cut his little crispies off? None other than the nigra attorney, Kenny Lawson!!!!

So, just exactly what is your angle here?

BTW, Everyone knows how old you are & you're definitely not on Chris Henry's radar screen. He doesn't want a hug. We wants a bit to drink, a bit to smoke, some nose candy & young, supple girls, the younger the better.

Anonymous said...

"I bet you think that modern-day over-sized "cain", the Warrington boy from Hyde Park that beat his own brother to death with a baseball bat as he slept can be "rehabilitated" don't you?"

Let me refresh your memory on yet another trickster. Does the name Darius Myrick sound familiar to you? This boy is in some posh clinic in Columbus so he can be "rehabbed" & sane enough to stand trial for murder.

Myrick snatched his 19 month old daughter, as he claimed she was a child of the devil. Before he killed her in the park, he sodomized her & raped her. Oh, and did I mention this Myrick freak is black?

Warrington has already had his day. The courts & the clinical psychologists say he's crazy. I can accept that, no problem. He won't be rehabilitated. Seeing you have issues with that, it's your problem.

While you're rehabbing Henry, you might as well put Myrick on your list, too. When they find the Avondale body torcher, add that all star for hoots & giggles.

General Nikki X said...

To anonymous #3 & #4

What part of the word 'HUG' don't some of you all understand?

Maybe some of you out there sooo obsessed with 'SEX' oughta to try another website.

Hugging someone doesn't have anything to do with "sexually wanting someone" "having actual sex" or "being on someone radar screen".

And I've written extensively about the wickedness of that murderer Darius Myrick. I was in the FRONT ROW at the Hamilton County Justice Center that Saturday morning they rolled his ass in the courtroom strapped down & looking zoned out. And I've met publicly -via WDBZ 1230 AM- with the mother of the murdered child, given her my personal support (which she and her family publicly accepted) as well as offered the services/support of this organization (which she and her family publicly accepted). I've also spoken out publicly in newspaper & radio on behalf of his ass getting exactly what he deserves.
Did you know that before you "called" yourself "checking" me? No, you probably did not.

FYI: General Nikki X doesn't just sit behind a computer screen all day typing about shit she knows nothing about or haven't ACTUALLY LIVED. General Nikki X has a proven undisputable track record of ACTIVE ACTIVISM. NOT radio activist or computer activist.

As I've stated before "Crime is Crime" & "Murder is Murder" whether it be committed by a hideous white murderer or a hideous black one. And the murder of a baby/child is unthinkable & unforgivable!

I'd suggest you READ my words and understand what you READ and think before you comment.
It may help you two to not sound so ignorant and uninformed to those of us who are intelligent & are READING your responses.

Thank you BOTH for Reading The Black Fist Blog!