Friday, June 16, 2006


The actual bodies of United States soldiers being shipped back from the war Iraq. Never to be televised on American Television by order of The President of the United States, George W. Bush.

I've never dealt with the war in Iraq on this blog. I've had various personal discussions about this subject with family, friends, associates, and from time to time over the years, even strangers about what I feel is an very very unjust and very very unnecessary war.

I beleive quite frankly George W. Bush is a complete idiot without the wherewithal nor the understanding of what he's actually done by sending folk to their death in the country of Iraq.


I want to discuss this war with you, the readers of The Black Fist Blog. I truly want to know what you are thinking regarding the bloodshed and mayhem that's going on over there. And with the President's approval rating at (what has been called) an all-time historial low of 31%, do you beleive there will ever be a withdrawal of the troops any time soon?

Or will 'ol George W. just float on outta office in 2008 to leave the cleaning up of this diabolic mess to the next President? We want to hear your thoughts and opinions from any and all aspects of this war. Here are a few questions I'd like to ask our readers to get the ball rolling:

  1. What did you think of the documentary by Michael Moore, Fahrenheit 911?
  2. The "Mission Accomplished" bullshit announcement by G.W Bush on the aircraft carrier after only 30 days into the war?
  3. The so-called trial of Sadaam Hussein?

Now come on readers, don't be shy.....

Let's Finally Talk About The War In Iraq. This Should Be Very Interesting!


Anonymous said...

Maybe you should take a hiatus in order to spend some time studying what's going on. You're "nikki come lately" comments on the war show that you are woefully ill-prepared to call yourself an "activist." Do you know what's going on in Haiti, do you understand the impact of the Patriot Act on everyday citizen's lives? Do you understand the economics of the war, the war contracts, the impact on social programs? Have you read the reports of Ken Blackwell's irrefutable impact on fixing the election in Ohio? What about the environment, genetically altered food the impact on African American and others skyrocking cancer rates? The questions you pose have been argued, answered and moved on to other more timely issues. You may have the heart but you haven't shown the intellectual savvy it takes to be what you want to be-- a leader. Calling yourself a General doesn't give you the foundation necessary to lead.

General Nikki X said...

And I suppose calling yourself "anonymous" does....?

Anonymous said...

If there's a war still going on then it can still be talked about you dumb dipshit! Why oh why does General Nikki X even allow these assholes to post such assinine comments I'll never know.
The war in Iraq is a George W. Bush personal problem started years ago by his families personal problems with their then friend Sadaam Hussein. Thousands of U.S. troops have been killed in Iraq & God only knows how many innocent Iraqi men, women & children have been killed!
IMPEACH BUSH NOW! Before the bombs come flying this way! Whose the real terrorist Bush or Hussein?

I say BUSH! Bring our troops H-O-M-E! Keep up the great job General I love your blog!

Anonymous said...

Where on this entire website does General Nikki X ever say she is a "leader"? She can't help it if THE PEOPLE call her a leader. Get off her back punk and either talk about the war in Iraq or find another site to talk that bullshit on!
How do you know The General doesn't have the "intellectual savvy" on all those topics you brought up anyway? You don't dictate the topics on this site General X does! Remember that!

Do your thang baby girl!

Bro. Malik, a regular caller to 1230 the buzz & big-time admirer of yours. You should call more often.