Friday, June 16, 2006


(Not the exact body found in Avondale on Thursday but you get the point)

What in the devils going on in the neighborhood of Avondale? A burned beyond recognition body was found beside an abandoned apartment building on a dead end street Thursday morning.

This makes the second burned body found on a dead end street in Avondale in a period of a month and a half. The first burned body was found in Avondale back in May. The body of 14 year old Consonya Sharee Crawford (see this: So the question becomes: Whose burning bodies in Avondale?

This is what was released -via- the Cincinnati Enquirer Online edition, we just don't understand what's going on. Is this gang-related? A serial killer on the loose? A copy-cat murderer looking for attention? What? Read this and let us hear from you.



AVONDALE - A badly burned body was found beside an abandoned apartment building on a dead end street Thursday morning. "The body is burned beyond recognition," Cincinnati Police Chief Tom Streicher said. A passerby found the body in the 700 block of Wehrman Avenue about 10:45 a.m., Sreicher said.

The body was found about 10 feet from the south side of the old, two story building. The building has been vacant about five years. The discovery is the second burned body found in five weeks in Avondale. Police found the body of Consonya "Sharee" Crawford, 14, on May 11 at a dead-end off Blair Avenue.

Terry Daly, a spokesman for the Hamilton County Coroner's Office, said Thursday the Crawford autopsy was in progress with the case of death being listed only as "homicial violence." Efforts to determine the cause of death have been hampered by the body's condition, he said.

News of the lastest discovery forced children inside at a nearby child-care program at Corinthian Baptist Church. "We don't know what's going on," said Pastor KZ Smith. "We want to make sure we keep them safe." Smith said some children found a bag of IDs for several women behind the church a few days ago.

"We don't know if there is a connection between this (the discovery of the body) and the IDs," he said.

******Enquirer Story Ends There******

What are your thoughts on these two morbidly vile murders. All we can be sure of is that if the Cincinnati police don't catch the murdering bastard(s) soon, there could very well be a third, a fourth or a fifth burned body found again in Avondale or somewhere else for that matter.

If you have any information on the burned body found on Thursday or any information regarding the Consonya Sharee Crawford case, please contact the police and report what you know. Sharee's family needs closure and the community at large is at risk, if the murderer(s) continue to roam and burn up folk at will.

And we pray that this is the end. And not the beginning of something far worse to come...


Anonymous said...

You can bet your last dollar it isn't some white freakazoid.

When they find the sick, perverted negro who is doing this, make damned sure you hold him in high esteem as a "king". Then carry on a rant about the justice system unfairly locking up this "king". Make damned sure you go off the deep end if Deters' decides the death penalty is in order.

General Nikki X said...

Yeh, gotcha. Whatever idiot. Don't you know that Crime is Crime whether it be black or white.
No one who would commit a crime as heinous as this would be hailed as anything other than a vicious murderer, let alone some kind of "king".

Geez, sometimes I just don't know about some of you people out there. Don't worry I don't mid explaining these things to you. Hey! That's what I'm here for :~) In any event...

Thank You For Reading The Black Fist Blog!
(I think)

Jacksongirl said...

You know sometimes when I'm reading your blog I've wondered why can't she express herself without lowering yourself to the level that unfortunately has been our people's own perpetuation of all the negative stereotypes that plague our community. But today I sat and read many of the posts on your blog in their entirety, by so many anonymous people and although I consider myself to be a very optimistic person in general. I can only sympathize with you. I can't imagine what ppl. say in posts you don't publish but many of the one's you do publish make it very clear there are many ppl. out here functioning everyday as if they Love all people but once they get behind the safety of their computer screens what they type is so cold and cruel. I myself don't usually use much profanity but if I were in your shoes everyday, reading and experiencing the true animosity some of blogger's write about on here....all I can say, "Is keep on doing what you do". :) By the way, thank you for covering this situation in Avondale. I pray these crimes are solved soon. No matter what color the perpetrator or perpetrators turn out to be, it takes a sick mind to be this animalistic to anyone.

General Nikki X said...

To Jacksongirl: You're opinion of me "lowering myself to the level that unfortunately has been our people's own perpetuation of all the negative stereotypes that plague our community" is just that YOUR opinion. And quite frankly I don't in the least bit have any idea of what you could be referring too.

Jacksongirl, I am a militant black woman and I call it as I see it. I make no apologies for it. Please read my very first blog entry entitled: WELCOME TO THE BLACK FIST BLOG for futher info on General Nikki X. You can find it in the archive section of the blog under July 2005.

I do however, appreciate your comments and your otherwise insight input to the various topics discussed here on this blog.

Everyone is indeed entitled to their own personal opinion and the right to express those said opinions.

Your compliment toward me was not overlooked. Jacksongirl, I thank you sista. Continue read & Continue to comment.

Thank You For Reading The Black Fist Blog!

Anonymous said...

Y O U R Destiny

Anonymous said...

Y O U R Destiny what?