Thursday, January 17, 2013


(Pictured is: Sick-in-the head Gerald Streator & His "Lover", The Couch)
(Not the exact couch to be fair to the couches of America)


 Gerard Streator (pictured), the Wisconsin man who was arrested last September and charged with lewd and lascivious conduct for reportedly having sex with an abandoned couch on a New York City street is expected to cop a guilty plea next month, reports The Smoking Gun.

The 47-year-old hotel worker was spotted by off duty policeman Ryan Edwards who had gone out for a jog at 11 p.m. on the night of September 24th. Edwards witnessed Streator leaning over the loveseat facing down as if he was engaged in sexual relations. As the officer edged a little closer to observe what Streator was actually doing, Edwards alleges that he clearly saw that the accused “had been thrusting his pelvic area against the cushions and trying to sexually gratify himself by rubbing his penis between the two cushions,” according to police documents.

When Edwards yelled out to Streator, “What are you doing?” The suspect then reportedly dismounted from the sofa cushions and quickly ran away. Edwards could clearly see that Streator’s penis had been fully erect as he engaged in his deviant public act.

Streator’s attorney, Jonathan LaVoy, told The Smoking Gun that he was working on a plea deal for his client with prosecutors and that Streator’s punishment might wind up being nothing more severe than probation, a work release, or a fine. LaVoy, whose client is currently “involved in treatment,” says he plans to present the judge with a doctor’s assessment of Streator as well.

(Article courtesy of Ruth Manuel-Logan and our friends over at NewsOne for Black America)


A Few Words From General Nikki XWell, well, well brothers and sisters ... Here we go again!   And before you other sick-in-the-head white folks try and blog up here about how "racist", "prejudice", and "one-sided" I am, first of all I don't wanna hear it!  Second of all, It's your white brethren that's out here on the streets blowing your own little white babies to smithereens with automatic assault weapons as they sit in their classrooms, it's your white breathen who are engaging in romantic "doggy love" on the bestiality tip with God's most precious animals of the wild (and not so wild), and Third of all, it's your deranged white brethren that are threatening to take up (more) arms, start a civil war and overthrow the government just because there is a black man at the helm.  Now (if all that is not enough) you guys are out here pulling out your little de-facto johnson to engage in "household furniture fucking"!   I mean, "My God whiteman! What's next!" You guys who believe you are so superior to every other race on the planet .... Are truly SICK!  What in the hell kinda psychosis is ringing in your head that would make you want to "make love" to a damn couch?!?

I mean really!  This truly gives a new meaning to the term, "Loveseat".

("Please Can I start laughing now"?)

Note: Whenever and wherever The Black Fist find stories of this magnitude of depravity we will strongly and boldly bring it to you, our most faithful and loyal readers ... Whether the devil and his cohorts like it or not!

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Damn thats sick as hell girl these stories all about the crazy white man!

Bro. Trey X