Sunday, January 13, 2013


While the Amerikkkan white man and his big great white fathers (legislators on Capitol Hill) are watching, keeping tabs on, and spying on the black man and his comings and going, THIS is who they should be watching, keeping tabs on, and spying on, the crazed potential killer posted up in this video!

This white man is nuts and he's all on video telling the world what he's "going to do" if and when his second amendment "rights" are in so-called jeopardy.  Has anyone taken notice of the fact that all the mass murder shootings around the country that involve killing little white school children, shooting off half the head of a United States congress woman, the mass murders going on all up on college campuses, places of employment, movie theatre, and even the recent rash of police killings are committed by homegrown Amerikkan terrorist ...  The White Man

But all the great white powers that be including its racist dogmatic biased news media keeps their racist eye on the black man and his black family.  Yeah OK.  Keep on sleeping Amerikkka.  Because this gun-loving nut in the video above should be another wake-up call but he won't be.  And more of your (white) people will probably die by his own hand or one of his whiteboy good ol' boy breathen.   Where's a white activist when ya' need one huh white folks?  Y'all white parents and elitist white schools have failed y'all, isn't that what you tell us when blacks commit crimes? 

This whiteboy has said he will kill anything that takes his gun away from him.  This whiteboy is calling this a "Tactical Response", sounds more like a premeditated murderous plan of action in the making, but it's OK cause he's white .... Right?

(Video courtesy of worldstarhiphop and the crazed nut who created it)


Anonymous said...

DAmn for real yo? the government should be investigating this muthafucker asap if it this was a black dude shit he'd already be locked the fuck up!

Bro. K.L.

Anonymous said...

Man that shit is crazy dude she be locked up for real i didnt even know nothing about this clown but glad you posted his ass up queen general. One Love ma

Anonymous said...

Skinhead just looked straight in the cam talking bout smokin' people thats way to messed up ok now if theres another shooting the man should come looking for him!

Anonymous said...

This dude straight up lost it this is why we must continue the fight sweetheart black power!

Bro. Trey X