Monday, January 28, 2013


Greetings Brothers and Sisters!

The Black Fist Blog has a new look!  Yes, after 8 (wow! count 'em) 8 years I have decided to make a change.  Now change can be good and change can be bad ... as in not all change is good ...?   In any event, I have been toying around with different ideas for a new look and a new format.

Now please, please, please don't get me wrong brothers and sisters "the message" and "the target" will ALWAYS, I repeat, ALWAYS be the same nothing can change that EVER!  Can you dig it?

Although I am in the process of making format and template changes I wanna hear from you brothers and sisters.  You tell me if you like the new look, give me some suggestions, and tell me what types of topics you would like to see on this website after our soon-to-be re-started "Black Love Series".

We'll still be hitting 'em hard and fast with local, national, and international black world news, and we will still bring you all the news we can about what the "devil" is up to along with his "devil" woman, lil "devil" (child), and "devil" cohorts.  Trust and believe in that!

So with that brothers and sisters I'm off and running with these changes and the one thing I'd like to keep on the homepage is my picture (the 2nd one posted above), however with the changes the picture somehow either can not be reposted on the homepage or I'm just not seeing exactly how to get it up there.

Well by now y'all know who I am after all these years (smile) so if you don't see the picture in the end ...

I'm still here ;-()

Peace, Blessings, Black Love, & Black Strength Always From Me To You,

General Nikki X
Black Fist Blog Adminstrator
The Black Fist Organization


Anonymous said...

I really like the new look its really updated I'm glad the subjets won't be changing cause we need a place where you don't have to be politialcorrect all the time. Where we can talk about black subjects without white people sticking they nose in it. Keep posting sister. Sis. Lisa

Anonymous said...

You know I like the new look and them pictures are gorgeous you are so fierce do you know that? You're beautiful Nikki X that first picture of you is well you know.

Bro. Trey X