Thursday, January 31, 2013


Greetings Beautiful Brothers and Sisters!

Welcome Back to Friday Flashback To The Past!  This flashback will pick up right where we left off some months back at Flashback # 32 making this edition in our series #33.  I was actually just sitting here at HQs and this song just popped back in my head, I heard it earlier today and every time I hear it, it moves me brothers and sisters... always has.

I had to find a live more extended version to post here because I needed a bit more and thought you would enjoy a bit more than just 2:36 ya' feel me?  So, I searched and searched for just the right version and here it is.

Bro. Jimmy Cliff ... It don't get no better than Jimmy Cliff.  Every time I see this brother live it's always a 100% live musical event!  He is truly deep in every sense of the definition and terminology and that's always what's up!  For over 50 years Bro. Cliff's been exciting the brothers and sisters with his socially conscious commentary and black militant stance on society, racism, and justice.  Bro. Cliff today continues to speak out in humanitarian ways to seek positive vibe and unbiased love for (in his words) "humanity and equality".

No doubt I hope you will enjoy this song and video as much I do. Like I said I'm sitting here chilling in one of those deep reflective moods and the Bro. Cliff was right there to put into song what's really up.  This Friday Flashback is special because we haven't done it for a while, and because soon our "Black Love Series" will be coming up and everything seems to be coming together on the spiritual vibe tip so....

Enjoy our 33rd Flashback and enjoy a peaceful, serene, and relaxed Friday night beautiful brothers and sisters.  And I hope you enjoy our future Flashbacks coming to you in the upcoming weeks. And as always your suggestions are so more than welcome.  You can leave your suggestions in the comment section of this website -OR- Email me at: 

I will return all emails ASAP!

Brothers and sisters, sit back, light your incense, and vibe off of this:  Bro. Jimmy Cliff singing "Many Rivers To Cross" from 2011 Live in Concert.

Peace, Blessings, and Black Love!

Bonus Video: Bro. Jimmy Cliff from 1984 singing "The Harder They Come" Live in Germany.

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