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This is an "official" report from "The Black Fist" on the shake-ups and changes in Cincinnati City Hall at 801 Plum St. The Mayor, Councilmembers and various Committees have changes dramatically and this report is to keep the Black community informed on who, what, when, how and where.

This is strictly for "informational purposes". Everybody should know about these changes so General Nikki X, Head of Telecommunications for "The Black Fist" will communicate these changes here for you today.

The various Committees, Chairs & Members read as such:

  • Economic Devolpment Committee (Kathy Calloway, Deputy Clerk) Chair: Chris Bortz (C) Vice-Chair: Leslie Ghiz (R) Members: Cecil Thomas (R), Jeff Berding (D), David Crowley (D) and Chris Monzel (R) Day/Time & Place: Monday, (week B) 3:00pm Council Chambers room 300
  • Law & Public Safety Committee (Abrigail Imm, Deputy Clerk) Chair: Cecil Thomas (R) Vice-Mayor: Leslie Ghiz Members: Jim Tarbell (C), John Cranley (D), Chris Monzel (R) and Jeff Berding (D) Day/Time & Place: Tuesday, (week A) 1:00pm Council Chambers room 300
  • Vibrant Neighborhood, Environment and Public Services Committee (Liquor Permits) (Frank Johnson, Deputy) Chair: Y. LaKeta Cole Vice-Mayor: David Crowley (D) Members: Jim Tarbell (C) and Cecil Thomas (R) Day/Time & Place: Tuesday, (week B) 3:00pm Council Chambers room 300
  • Education, Health and Recreation Committee (Robert Neely) Chair: Chris Monzel (R) Vice-Chair: David Crowley (D) Members: Y. LaKeta Cole (D), Cecil Thomas (R) and Chris Bortz (C) Day/Time & Place: Tuesday, (week A) 11:00am Council Chambers room 300
  • Finance Committee (Robert Neely, Deputy Clerk) Chair: John Cranley (D) Vice-Chair: Jeff Berding (D) Members: Jim Tarbell (D), Chris Bortz (C), David Crowley (D) and Leslie Ghiz (R) Monday, (week B) 1:00pm Council Chambers room 300
  • Arts, Culture, Tourism and Marketing Committee (Frank Johnson, Deputy Clerk) Chair: Jim Tarbell (C) Vice-Chair: John Cranley (D) Members: Y. LaKeta Cole (D) and David Crowley (D) Day/Time & Place: Monday, (week A) 11:00am Council Chambers room 300

Contact information for all Council members and The New Mayor reads as such:

  • Mayor: Mark L. Mallory (D) Room No: 150 Telephone No. 352-3250, 352-6298, 352- 3649 & 352-5356 Fax No: 352-5201 Admin. Staff: Gwen Larkin, Carla Walker, Shawn Butler & Jason Barron
  • Vice-Mayor: Jim Tarbell Room No: 352 Telephone No: 352-3604, 352-2560 & 352-6228 Fax No: 352-3621 Admin. Staff: Norma Walker & Ron Wahl
  • President Pro-Tem) Y. LaKeta Cole Room No: 351 Telephone No: 352-3466 & 352-3946 Fax No: 352-3957 Admin. Staff: Nicole Pearson & T.J. White
  • John Cranley Room No: 356 Telephone No: 352-5303, 352-5302 & 352-5304 Fax No: 352-4657 Admin. Staff: Marvin Hawkins, Elliot Ruther & Julie Brinker
  • David Crowley Room 350 Telephone No: 352-2453 Fax No: 352-2365 Admin. Staff: Richard Mertz & Shirley Dunham
  • Cecil Thomas Room 349 Telephone No: 352-3492 & 352-3499 Fax No: 352-3218 Admin. Staff: Sherry R. Taylor & Freddie Brewston
  • Chris Bortz Room 348 Telephone No: 352-3249 & 352-3255 Fax No: 352-3264 Admin. Staff: Tracy Schwetschenau & Jeff Camerding
  • Chris Monzel Room 346B Telephone No: 352-3653 & 352-3640 Fax No: 352-4649 Admin. Staff: Christa Criddle & Brad Beckett
  • Jeff Berding Room 346A Telephone No: 352-3283 & 352-3286 Fax No: 352-3289 Admin. Staff: Victoria Stump & Alyson Beridon
  • Leslie Ghiz Room 354 Telephone No: 352-3352 & 352-3344 Fax No: 352-3277 Admin. Staff: Scott Gehring & Matt Jones

Business Address: 801 Plum St. Cincinnati, OH 42502 WEB Address:

Clerk of Council: Melissa Autry --352-3246 Chief Deputy Clerk: Brenda Williams --352-3247 Deputy Clerks: Robert Neely, Kathy Calloway & Abigail Imm 352-3246 Clerk Fax: 352-2578

Participate in your Local Government, they work for you-they work for me. Let your voice be heard! Full Body of Cincinnati City Council meets EVERY Wednesday. To speak before Council you MUST sign a speakers card BEFORE 1:30pm and The Full Session of Council begins at 2:00pm.

I've attended Council meetings and committees since these new changes have been in effect and I can vouch for the fact that Mayor Mark Mallory is running a "tight ship" down there when it pertains to "Time". When it's time to start EVERYBODY (Council members included) better be in their seats and ready to go. Makes me glad I gave Mayor Mallory "The Black Fist Endorsement". So far he is showing by my estimations to be a man that means "Business"!

(General Nikki X felt this information is needed so that everyone who reads "The Black Fist Blog" is kept well in the know. General Nikki X is Head of Security & Head of Telecommunications since 2000 for "The Black Fist". Don't believe any other rhetoric/bullshit/hype!...Ok. General Nikki X Thanks everyone for their continued support of the work she's doing the best she can do in "The Black Fist". In this organization I MUST "speak out in truth" and That is what I will "CONTINUE" to do!)


Anonymous said...


hasn't the Fist kicked you out and forbade you from speaking for them???

General Nikki X said...

NO ONE, I repeat, NO ONE can or has the ability to "kick me out" of anything. Nor does ANYONE, I repeat, ANYONE have the ability to "forbade" me from SPEAKING except The Creator.
On the hand, I suppose whomever is "trying" this fruitless, evil, time-consuming task needs to read his "OWN" court order which in fact by "ORDER OF THE WHITE MAN" "STOPS HIM from SPEAKING".
Interesting huh?

I am still and will continue to be who I have stated to be. "Brigadier General Nikki X".
Now you can run and take that back to "The Indicted one & his Bipolar stalking troll".

Thanks for asking.

Oh and by the way, if "YOU" can not stay on the topics posted here, you will be prohibited from commenting on THIS blog indefinately.

"The Black Fist Blog" is NOT going to be used for rumor, falsehood, gossip, hurting BLACK people, calling BLACK people names and/or "pushing the agenda" of those who are so obssessed with General Nikki X THEY can't even function like human beings & live their own lives and/or prepare for "THEIR" futures.
It's a sad commentary but true.

Like Martin Lawerence would say: "RunTellDat"!

Now "YOU" Think about my words, stay on topic next time and as I tell all our readers:
Thank You for Reading "The BLACK Fist Blog"!

P.S. Tell your "friends" to check out blog entries: "Unity~Does It Truly Exist For The Black Community", "Bipolar Disorder Can Be Treated" & "Organizational Disloyality". YOU read it as well & tell ALL your friends.

Remember now General Nikki X is SERIOUS about everything she says & everything she does. Brigadier General Nikki X wants peace but can & will give any "aggressor" whatever it is they are looking for.

Anonymous said...
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General Nikki X said...

Nice letter "anoymous/Richard".
But maybe this letter would have been better served if giving to your Catholic Priest not "The Black Fist Blog".
It sounds like some sort of confessional or pyschoanalytical garble or what not.

Hey to each it's own.

Thank you for reading The Black Fist Blog..I Think?

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Boy oh Boy the haters and the jealoushearted just won't quit. People are always telling General Nikki X what she needs to do but it seems nobody is doping the same for the ones who are posting this anoymous "you don't spaek for this & that". Well my advice to Nikki X "The REAL General" is this; FUCK THEM! Do your thing, keep on writing these very IMPORTANT subjects that the people of conscience in this community needs cause what you wrote here I didn't know all these new council people and how to get in touch with them. So please let the silly ass people on "the other nobodies reading that garbage anyway self-promting they think site" stay the fuck over there cause they asses in trouble and they know it!!!
That's what they need to be praying and concentrating on how the hell am I going get outta this one!
Instead of attacking and stalking you!

Peace to you Sister Nikki X
Real sincere black people with their eyes open know what the real deal is...A nobody trying to be YOU to make herself a somebody!
Ignore the ignorant General Nikki X.

Peace& Blessings,
Sister Dina

Anonymous said...

I am amazed that no one has spoken out or written about Cindy McCain's drug habit and arrest record. It is afterall public knowledge that she was caught stealing narcotics to support a habit from her own charitable clinic. So why is this not in the news since the news media apparently delights in attacking the candidates wives. I really need some one to respond to this . If you do not believe me research the McCain autobiography that was done on the 'history channel'.

General Nikki X said...

To anonymous June 14, 2008., 1:10 AM,
If you would re-post your comment on the blog entry I post about Cindy Lou McCain's drug-addiction and thievery from her own charity.

Here at The Black Fist Blog have and will continue to expose Cindy Lou McCain at every turn!
We don't need a junkie for a first lady!

Thank you for your comment we look forward to seeing it re-posted on the entry about Cindy Lou & Thank You For Reading The Black Fist Blog!

General Nikki X said...

Anonymous June 14, 1:10 AM,

Please re-post your comment under my entry entitled: THE TRUTH ABOUT STEPFORD WIFE: CINDY LOU MCCAIN

You can find it in the archives of this blog dated: Wednesday April 9, 2008.
1. Go to the sidebar on our home page.
2. Locate our timelines.
3. Scroll down to April 2008.

It'll take you right there.

We look forward to hearing from you!