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With less than 72 hours before the scheduled December 13th execution of Stan "Tookie" Williams who has spent the last 26 years on death row in a California Maximum security prison, We here at The Black Fist want to join in on the efforts to raise awareness and ask California Governor Arnold Schwarzengger to spare the live of this 5 time Nobel Peace Prize nominee and 4 time Nobel Prize Winner for his literature for his series of acclaimed children's books.

The President & CEO of The NAACP Bruce S. Gordon said: "The NAACP ask Gov. Schwarzengger to act with courage and exercise the power of his office to grant clemency to Stanley Williams".
Gordon goes on to say: "I am convinced that our community is best served if Stan is alive and contributing to the guidence of our youth. He is a one-of-a-kind human asset who needs to exercise his unique ability to touch the lives of young people. Based upon the assessment of The NAACP legal staff; there is sufficient reason to question Williams' guilt. "We believe that race impacted the trial that convicted Stan and sentenced him to death," said Gordon.
"However, at this point, the NAACP bases its support for clemency on the value of Stan's life to the communities the organization represents. We want to save Stan's life so he can save the lives of others".

Stan was the co-founder in 1971 of the Los Angeles Crips gang. In 1981 he was convicted of murdering 4 people during 2 robberies and sentenced to death row at San Quentin State Prison. Stanley deeply regrets his gang involvement but has maintained his innocence of these crimes.
His trial was based on circumstantial evidence and the testimony of several witnesses, all of whom were facing a range of felony charges, including fraud, rape, murder and mutilation. Even the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals stated in a September 10, 2002, ruling that the witnesses in Stan's case had "less-than-clean backgrounds" and the incentives to lie in order to obtain leniency from the state in either charging or sentencing.
The U.S. Supreme Court has now rejected Tookie's appeal to investigate the racism and discrimination at the heart of his case, as well as Tookie's innocence issues. One issue highlighted the fact that the prosecutor in Tookie's original case removed "3 Black jurors" from the jury. During Stan's trial, this presecutor made racially-coded remarks during his closing argument, comparing Stan "Tookie" Williams during the trial to a Bengal tiger in the zoo and stating that a Black Community -South Central Los Angeles- was equivalent to the natural "habitat" of a Bengal tiger.

We here at The Black Fist smell a rat! Anybody whose anybody that read this blog know I will not hold my tongue when it comes to racism, discrimination, white supremacy and/or injustice when dealing with the [un] just [us] system!
Bro. Stan "Tookie" Williams has spent 26 years on death row for 4 alleged crimes, it appears he didn't even commit and now with December 13, 2005. approaching quickly, he is scheduled to die.

There are so many Black Brothas and Sistas in jails, prisons & workhouses around this country, placed there because of racism, discrimination, lies, white supremacy and kangaroo-like court trials. We don't have enough soldiers to bust all of our people free but what we do have is our voices and our intellectual writing abilities!

It would seem that The [white] man wants to take Bro. Tookie's life because he is a Black man and because he is the [supposed] founder of The Crips NOT based on what he was arrested, convicted and sentenced to death for!
Did Bro. Tookie have a so-called "Jury of his Peers"? HELL NO!!!
So we in The Black Fist demand that Stan "Tookie" Williams' day of execution be stayed on December 13, 2005 by The Governor of the State of California Arnold Schwarengger. We believe Mr. Stan "Tookie" Williams deserves another trial, new prosecutor and to be tried by a REAL LIVE "JURY OF HIS PEERS"! And ALL witnesses and evidence be correctly examined and cross-examined. If it must be at all. CLEMENCY IS THE ONLY THING THE BLACK NATION AND OTHERS OF GOODWILL DEMAND FOR BRO. TOOKIE WILLIAMS AT THIS POINT!

Our Dear Brotha Stan "Tookie" Williams deserves NO LESS!

If you the readers of The Black Fist Blog" want to in anyway contact Gov. Schwarzengger to request that our dear Brothas life be spared please do so at the following telephone number: Call The Governor of California direct at 1-916-445-2841
The scheduled execution is at 12:01am Tuesday December 13, 2005.

Our Brothas' life is at stake please call Arnold Schwarzengger at the number above and let him know you want Stan "Tookie" Williams' life spared and clemency should be applied immediately!

Stan "Tookie" Williams, The Black Man & What he is TODAY:
  • Reformed Gang Leader
  • 5 Time Nobel Prize Prize Nominee
  • Internationally Acclaimed Author
  • WorldWide Peacemaker

Mr. Williams was portrayed by Our Dear Brotha Academy Award Winner* Jamie Foxx in the made-for-cable movie "REDEMPTION". Pick it up on DVD at any local outlet where movies are sold to get more information on Tookie's life, what lead to what and how all the shit really went down.

Remember the movie "The Hurricane" based on the wrongful conviction of Black middleweight boxer Rubin "Hurricane" Carter portrayed by Denzel Washington? After 27 years in prison (not facing the death penalty) he was finally freed!

Let's make it happen for another wrongfully convicted (BUT SENTENCED TO DIE IN 2 DAYS) Stan "Tookie" Williams...Another Black man trapped in the whitemans' system.

(The movie "REDEMPTION" was approved by Mr. Stan "Tookie" Williams so no whiteman's misinterpretion and or spin was placed upon his life, the events that lead to whatever or his subsequent court case (s), trial and conviction and death sentence. Bro. Jamie Foxx was asked by Bro. Tookie to portray him in the film)



Anonymous said...

I'm calling that number today Sis. General. Thank you for all your efforts in this case and bringing it to the forefront here in Cincinnati.
we appreciate you and we love you.
Do your thing Sis. Nikki, do your thing! Cincinnati needs strong Black women like you who don't and won't back down!

Brother Richard

General Nikki X said...

Thank you for your kind words and for your continuing interest in "The Black Fist Blog" and The Black Fist Organization, as a whole.
Your suport is greatly appreciated.
And I will do my very best to "keep up the good work"!

Thank you Bro. Richard for your support and as always My Brotha...
Thank you for reading The Black Fist Blog!

Anonymous said...

I've signed the petition and called the number you gave. I hope Tookie lives. peace, Sister General. Stay strong and the struggle continues!

Anonymous said...

"and 4 time Nobel Prize Winner for his literature for his series of acclaimed children's books."

So do you just make this stuff up?

General Nikki X said...

Pardon my mistake, I meant to put that sentence in the same context of his "NOMINATIONS". "4 time Nobel Prize Nominee for his literature for his acclaimed children's books".

Thank you for bringing that oversight to my attention "Anonymous". The proper correction has been made within this "comment".

Next time save your sarcasm, OK?

Thank You for reading The Black Fist Blog.