Thursday, December 22, 2005



Well, well, well?!? Whatdayaknow?!? Who would've thought?!? How in the world?!? What in the devil?!? How the hell did this happen?!? Huh?!? Whhaaaaa?!? I can't beleive it?!? What in the Sam Hill?!?

Even I was reeling in shock, disbelief and straight up out & out laughter as I listened to "The Willie Cunningham Show" today on 700 WLW "The BIG ONE", to hear that Willie was 100% AGAINST the new hollywood big screen film "Brokeback Mountain". Who is now, according to Willie nominated for "7" -count 'em- 7 Academy Awards*. This dirty lil pix is a portrayal of 2 white cowboys who each have a wife and children at their 2 respectives homes but upon "roughing it" in the wilderness, start up a homosexual relationship together.

Willie Cunningham, The self-proclaimed "Voice of the common man" & "Great American", basically in great horror & disgust said in short everything Black Fist Brigadier General Nikki X voiced in great horror & disgust in her blog titled: U.S. OF "A" -OR- U.S. OF "GAY": SODOM & GOMMORRAH HITS HOLLYWOOD WITH BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN:THE MOVIE.

Willie agreed with the opinion of "The Black Fist" as far as what was stated about the film. Now on General Nikki X's personal opinion and the historically documented facts she relayed--Willie agreed with the fact homosexuality is wrong. And hollywood is pushing this shit off on the American public as something that is oh so "normal", as in Hey everybody should be doing it!. Willie also agreed with "The Brigadier" in the fact that hollywood is doing it's damnest to "convince normal folk" that a man porking another man while married to 2 women, who fathered children committing the sin of Adultery is going to be the norm.
What's the old saying, "Just try it you'll like it"!
Gneeral Nikki X will say it again, again, again & again, For the Black man & his Black woman...NO the hell it's not normal! P-E-R-I-O-D!

And now I guess all you "so-called" good God-fearing white folks who wanna "condemn" The Black woman for speaking up on behalf of HER race and stating the fact about YOURS within that wicked practice of homosexual portrayed in the movie "Brokeback Mountain".
"What are these same boisterous big bad people going do about the whitest white man in this City, the self-proclaimed "Great American", "Voice of the common man" & "personal friend" and "self-proclaimed mentor" to that "other" so-called Great American Sean Hannity, Willie Cunningham!?!

And one last question I'd like to pose:

Since the white man and self-proclaimed "Great American", Willie Cunningham said the exact same thing the Black woman Brigadier General Nikki X said in her blog article...."Will the white homosexual, twisted, confused, racist population of Cincinnati jump down the throat, email, call and/or threaten 700 WLW Talk Show Host Willie Cunningham like they have been doing to General Nikki X? TO NO AVAIL I MIGHT ADD.

Brigadier General Nikki X seriously doubts it. But she had to ask.



Anonymous said...

Willie Cunningham is indeed a "Great American."

Nikki X is a great general for the Black Fist.

Neither has any use for fudge packing homo boys (many of whom are black, many of whom are white).

A great moment of detente.

But what about those disgusting rug munchers who seem to get a pass while sinning every bit as much as their male counterparts? Who will speak out against the lesbian menace? In fact, this disgusting group is far more likely to get children who can be easily led astray by their "two mommies" family and spread the disease to innocents?

Why doesn't Nikki X speak out definitively against thesedyke perverts?

General Nikki X said...

Anonymous said...

"Why doesn't Nikki X speak out definitively against thesedyke perverts"?

I have, on behalf of "The Black Fist" spoken out against homosexuality in the movies & in real life. That which entails both genders.

But you seem to have done a good job expressing how you feel on the subject.

Thank you for your comments & Thank you for Reading "The Black Fist Blog".

Anonymous said...

All I know is homosexuality is WRONG! And General Nikki X is FINE AS HELL! Damn girl and getting FINE-ER!!!!! Yeh I saw you yesterday in tha hood I blew my horn and you threw me the black fist and a smile.
With yo' sexy ass!!!!
Do your thang babygirl, do yo' thang!

Anonymous said...


This racist garbage was distributed on today's whistleblower email. I think it goes on the website tomorrow. It was accompanied by an unflattering picture of you turned white:

"Our Ghetto Christmas Carol
submitted by Nate "Rhymes With Hate" Livingston

Leroy de GOLD-TOOTHED reindeer
Had a very NAPPY fro
And if you ever saw him,
He was at the LIQUOR sto'

All of Leroy's homeboys
Use to PLAYA HATE his game
But they can`t mess w/ Leroy..
'Cause he got a big OLE thang!

Then one smoggy CHRISTMAS day
SANTA came to say,
"Leroy...have you seen my sleigh?
I know you had it the OTHER day!"

So Leroy BROKE out runnin'
And SANTA pulled out his "nine"
Den SANTA shot poor Leroy
DEAD in his black behind...."

You should expose this whistleblower person as the racist asshole that he is!


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Sorry, I meant to post that on Nate's Blog but I had two windows open and posted it on the wrong site. But the same point still stands, this guy is a major racist asshole and he repeatedly put's shit like this on his site.


General Nikki X said...

To Malik:

Thank you for posting it here anyway. I like to be kept abreast of these things. I receive the whistleblower but didn't get a chance to check it today.

Thank You for Reading The Black Fist Blog!

Anonymous said...

The reason the the two of you agree is that you both give in to hate and fear and lack a well rounded life.

Get out. Open your mind to someone different than you. Talk to them. No. Listen to them.

How many gay people have you talked to about being gay? What did they say?

I do not agree with homosexuals. But I do not claim that I have a right to judge. I know many gay people. However the fact that they were gay was not an issue because who they sleep with is none of my business. I am not present for them having sex; boy or girl.

Everyone is immoral in some way. It is not acceptable to call people that are divorced horrible names. Should we ban all movies with people that are divorced because it causes us to accept divorce? No. We should make them because they reflect our world today and help us understand it.

This movie will not be a success because it tells us that homosexuality is ok. It will be a success because it deals with issues that people are interested in. Issues that are real.

If those issues do not interest you. Do not go see it. The movie was not made for you.

Regardless of your personal preferences, you and Cunningham have no right to degrade and intimidate homosexuals. I wish both of you would stop spreading messages of hate.

Step one: Talk to someone gay.

Step two: Relize that there actions do not hurt you.

Step three: Loose the fear.

Step four: Stop the hate.

Step five: Live a happier life.

Anonymous said...

Well, I guess we have another gay just wrote in and just got finish sucking a dick writing that garbage at 3:49am don't come with that shit.

You know what you just got finish doing.The allmighty Yahweh said in Leviticus 18:22 " You shall not lie with mankind as with womankind it is an abomination ". Now if you love the allmighty as you claim then you should hate this homosexual behavior.

Anonymous said...

Hate the behavior - but not the people.

Anonymous said...
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