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In this weeks edition of City Beat Magazine, there is an article written by Margo Pierce titled:
More Gun Use By Police? FOP says Cincinnati officers might not bother with Tasers.

The first paragraph of this alarming declaration reads as such:

The head of the union for Cincinnati Police officers last week warned that they might start using their guns more often if a review board rules against their use of Tasers.
Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) President Harry Roberts told the Citizens Complaint Authority (CCA) that the wrong ruling could have serious consequences. His remarks came in a Dec. 5 hearing about the use of a Taser on a man who had surrendered to police.
"Police officers in every district are watching this case," Roberts said. "So what you do is very, very, very important, because if we don't support them in the use of Tasers, then they're not going to be willing so much to see to use non-lethal alternatives".
Some members of the CCA criticized Robert's remarks as improper pressure.
But the conflict over use of Tasers wasn't the only disturbing development for police-community relations Dec. 5. in another case, an assistant chief acknowledged that the police department has no policy forbidding harassment, and some board members said the CCA is helpless to act against racial profiling when they see it.
"We're never going to able to sustain a racial profiling allegation, given the way the system is already set up", said CCA member Sandra Butler.

Now if anybody out there is or has ever been an advent listener to any of the local black talk radio pragrams, visited Cincinnati city council metings and/or its committees or have'nt been living under a rock for the last 5 years, you are well aware "The Black Fist" and other activist organizations have stood up and stated publicly and boldly that we [the various activist groups] felt the Cincinnati police were going to misuse and abuse those new toys they received in 2003, whom General Nikki X deemed as "Portable Electric Chairs"! (See blog entry: TASERS: THE BLACKMANS' PORTABLE ELECTRIC CHAIR for my thoughts on the deadly devise called "The Taser X26", an article also published in The Cincinnati Hearld newspaper)

And we'll be damned if that's just what they have been doing. Abusing & Misusing thoses Tasers!

Getting back to these blaring statements by FOP President "Dirty Harry" Roberts, So what is this now man? "Blackmail on the part of the head man in charge of the Cincinnati polices 1,055 officers, that if the CCA board rule "against" their use of abuse of citizens beneath these deadly portable electric chairs then whaaattt, "Dirty Harry", you fine officers will just [go back to] smoking black men and possibly this trip, black women as well? The Cincinnati police department by vote of Cincinnati City Council 5-4, are now authorized to Tase little children between the ages of 7 & 10 years old, a decision voted for I might add, by now former Cincinnati City Councilman and disgraced ex-Mayoral candidate David Pepper (Did we really need that animalistic bloodthirsty man in the Mayor's seat? The voters boldly voted HELL NO! So back to P & G he goes & enough on that crybaby loser)

What it sounds like to me is the Cincinnati police are getting tired of "The Collabortative Agreement" (as if they ever really intended on following it to the end) and they're getting a little tired of you black people running around here taking up the air space of good law-abiding taxpaying white folk in Cincinnati!

Sounds like "Dirty Harry" Roberts and his boys are "threatening" the already scared-to-death with the exception of Ms. Sandra Butler, CCA board into basically saying, "If you don't play ball with us, the blood will be on your hands when we resume our "killer code of conduct" and the blood will flow from the asses of black folk & poor white trash"!
Hell that's what it sounds like to me. And "supporting police" doesn't give any one of those 1,055 police officer carte blanche' to do whatever the hell they want to do to citizens, from violating their constitutional rights, civil rights -to- out & out murder.
I mean, "Am I the only one seeing and hearing this shit?

The Black Fist has dealt with the CCA board on a number of occassion, sat through meeting after meeting and watched as they have ruled time and time again in favor of the police as they have racially profiled blacks and misused & abuse blacks with and without weapontry. So what is "Dirty Harry" really expressing? NOTHING except what the poice were set on doing anyway after "waiting out" ]time] after The 2001 so-called "Riots". I call it, "so-called" because in my most humble opinion, a "real" riot leaves blood of the opposite race flowing through the streets not just some garbage cans burning, just my opinion though. And "Dirty Harry" seems to be attempting to put a little "insurance" on what the CCA board has been doing anyway. Letting bad cops off scott free!

We will boldly state in closing: "Dirty Harry" Roberts had better watch all that grandstanding, threatening CCA board members and blackmail because if Cincinnati wants to "move forward" as it has been stated at nauseum it is attempting to do. Then you, "Dirty Harry", The FOP and your "employees" of the Cincinnati police dept. had better watch your step and take out your notes and remember, ex-Cincinnati police killer cop Steven Roach, the cop who started the 2001 "so-called" riots in the first place, and remember what happen when he pulled at his firearm too quickly, fired wildly and....."Took a shot in the Dark"!


(And before anyone post up here how The Black Fist is calling for so-called "riots & mayhem" in the streets of Cincinnati, just know we are always one step ahead of the game so to speak. And it is The FOP President not The Black Fist who seems to be wanting bloodshed, MORE lawsuits & pandemonium, if they actually go through with their President "Dirty Harry's" THREATS!)

The bold statement of "The Black Fist" is and always be "Prison for Police who Kill Black People UNJUSTIFIABLY"! (See blog entry: WELCOME TO THE BLACK FIST BLOG & THE BLACK FIST: MORATORIUM ON POLICE BRUTALITY to read and get a better understanding of where we are coming from)

Think about it........


Anonymous said...

I think Harry makes a good point. Since most violent crime is committed by black people against black people, most black people want the criminals to be caught and punished. The police want this too.

When some drugged up person starts to fight with them, at the end of the day, the cops are gonna win. How they do it is the question. Do you want gunfire all over Republic St. or electrical energy.

Opposition to tasers will not prevent the cops from winning these fights, they will just use other tools. I'd rather be tased than hit with a PR24 until the cop thought I had enough.

Now, to those persons who think that a person has the right to resist the police, that's an interesting theory, but isn't going anywhere. When persons resist, they end up at UC ER, then HCJC. They know it, and General, you know it.

Anonymous said...

Nikki: You said:

"2001 terrified white Cincinnati . . ."

Actually, I think you misunderstand what happened in 2001. Black people tore up their own neighborhood. They looted the stores that serve them. sure, a white truck driver got beat up, and some kids who came down to support the black protest got beat up (ironically), and the Greek hot dog cart guy got looted, but for the most part no white persons were affected in any way.

I work in OTR and I wasn't the least bit "terrified." Rather, we listened to the police radio as entertainment. Every time we would hear police dog "barking" in the background, we would know that the next call was for fire EMT's to deal with the injured black rioter. It was met with applause.

And those perpetrators who were caught are doing some serious jail time. I'm talking years not months. And the City's money which could have been used for inner city problems is being spent on monitors and lawyers and penalties.

And the white community has once again been educated that black inner city residents are a disorderly, violent bunch of holigans who can't be trusted to take a bit of bad news (Thomas' death) with maturity.

No, General, 2001 was a disaster for black persons. Repeat it as often as you want. It's like using a hammer on your own headache.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with the other 2 commentators. 2001 did not frighten or terrify White Cincinnati. It did exactly the opposite. The black thugs injured & disgraced themselves. In doing, this increased the empowerment & resolve of White Cincinnati, along with peaceful, law-abiding folks of other colors, that we will no longer tolerate anti-social behaviors & criminal activity. The days of being afraid of the blacks are so long over. Basically, by rioting, calling for boycotts & jamming a Collaborative down folks' throats, the blacks are no longer a fearful entity & have damaged their own credibility.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Nikki, you are right. Tasers are just another way for the cops to kill people. I've seen them do it and I will never trust the cops here with them until they admit that they covered up at least the one murder I know they are guilty of.

A the end of the day when some drugged up WHITE person resists arrest that white person will end up at UC ER and then HCJC

At the end of the day when some drugged up BLACK person resists arrest, that black person is going to end up in the custody of Dr. O'dell Owens.

P.S. The movie was "War Games".

General Nikki X said...

Thank You "anonymous"for the correction.
The movie was titled "War Games".

Thank you for Reading The Black Fist Blog".

Anonymous said...

Kemuel, you said: "It's people like you that start stuff and hide behind your hoods or radio and laugh.... but you will get yours one day."

No, Kemuel, I won't get mine one day. I avoid disorderly people of all races, mind my own business, carry a gun, obey all laws, go to work, save my money, do not drink or use drugs, and will probably never meet you or your sorry assed homeys.

You, on the other hand, probably interact with drug addicts and criminals on a regular basis and are seriously at risk at all times of being an injured bystander or victim. And if you had a half a brain, you'd despise the rioters and their constituency.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Its a good thing Harry didn't have to shoot this one - he had so much to live for....

Coroner: Heart Condition Plus Drugs Killed Suspect

Reported by: Tom McKee
Web produced by: Liz Foreman
Photographed by: Ron Fischer
First posted: 12/21/2005 7:01:03 AM
Last updated: 12/21/2005 4:14:05 PM

A suspect who died in police custody had high blood pressure, blocked arteries and was on cocaine at the time, Hamilton County Coroner Dr. O'dell Owens said Wednesday afternoon.
"The combination of using cocaine if you have a heart condition is a problem," said Dr. Owens.
Two of Jermaine Jones' three coronary arteries were blocked, one 80 percent and the other 50 percent.
Dr. Owens says the 27-year-old was on cocaine, which constricts the blood vessels even more.
The 230 pound, 6'6" man also had marijuana and some alcohol in his system. Jones also suffered from hypertension.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I'm a white man who thinks "Dirty" Harry ought to shoot them too....

Anonymous said...

Oh hell, the police are going to get blamed for Jermaine Jones' death anyway. It's easier for some people to spin it in that direction. He was just another lardassed junkie who wouldn't pay attention.

I'm with Anon 8:40 - Harry needs to take out these so-called priests along with the other riff-raff we've got choking up this city.

And Kemuel, I'm a white lady & damned proud. Not afraid, either.

Anonymous said...
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