Tuesday, December 13, 2005



The Terminator of California, Governor Anorld Schwarzengger lived up to his "movie name" by denying clemency to the co-founder of The Los Angeles Crips, Stan "Tookie" Williams. Resulting in the December 13th 12:01am scheduled execution of Mr. Williams.

Stan "Tookie" Williams was put to death by lethal injection at San Quentin State Prison at 12:01am and pronounced dead 34 minutues later.
Stan "Tookie" Williams 51, acknowledged a violent past but maintained he was innocent of the murders for which he was arrested, convicted and sentenced.

This was the second execution in California this year, and the 12th since the death penalty was reinstated during the 1970's.

Mr. Williams was reported to have much love and support at his execution, some of his supporters threw "The Black Power Fist" in the air, some blew kisses and mouthed the words "I love you Tookie".

This entry will be short and not so sweet. Why? Because dammnit General Nikki X is disgusted and angered by this execution! What ever happen to good ol' fashioned "REDEMPTION" the so-called good white folks are always talkng about? Huh? I would assert that "REDEMPTION" is only applicable when it's white folks with thier heads on the chopping block. I have read the transcript from Tookie's kangaroo-court trial and I'll tell you I believe 100% in my heart he DID NOT commit the crime for which he died for.
Now some will assert Mr. Williams smoked "somebody", if not those Chinese folks. Well guess what? Maybe he did, maybe he didn't. But I believe the "Terminator", that arrogant buffoon of a Governor for the state of Cali-forn-knee-nia fucked up on this one and put an innocent Black man to death!!! And Tookie wasn't arrested, convicted and sentenced to death then ultimately put to death for smoking "SOMEONE"! He died for a crime he DID NOT commit. Point Blank Period.

Hell yes, RACISM was involved all throughout this case, from the judge and the prosecutors on down! And all you arrogant, white privilege having, white supremacy practicing, racist, hypocritical, we are all one after 9/11 rat bastards out there will just have to admit it & deal with that! You won't though will you? Hell No, you won't. ANOTHER innocent Black man has died by YOUR bloodsoaked/blood thirsty hands.
And you crackers still cry like bitches about OJ!

When you are Black in AmeriKKKa there is no justice only "Just-Us".

The code on the streets is this: Gang justice is, if you kill a member of a gang, then that person shall be killed--and don't tell them anything about how you changed your life or what you're gonna do. "You kill, and they kill you.
And that's what the United States of AmeriKKKa is doing with this.

Stan "Tookie" Wiliams died by the hands of white AmeriKKKa for the crime of "Co-founding The Crips" in 1971, while that Chinese family he was "accused" of killing was still very much alive.
No more, No less.

It was said that the fight to prove Stan "Tookie" Williams innocent will live on and that when he is proven innocent that will show it was in fact, Governor Arnold "The Terminator" Schwarzengger who is in fact himself..... "The cold blooded murderer!

Schwarzengger proclaimed Tookie Williams wouldn't admit to his crime so he in fact showed no remorse and that is why he denied a stay of execution.


Well looka here Arnold, General Nikki X has 2 questions for you:
1. "When will you tell your no good republican buddy "George W. Bush" he must apologize and "show remorse" for all the Iraqi murder/bloodshed he "authorized" on innocent men, women and children on thier soil, in thier homes that you Arnold, in fact supported and currently support"?


2. "Why the fuck is Charles Manson still LIVING, taking up air space, cutting music CDs, playing his guitar and wasting taxpayers dollars by feeding, clothing, providing medical care and housing that murdering savage for satan in YOUR state, The State of Cali-forn-knee-nia"?

Huh, Arnold?





Anonymous said...

You are right again Sister General. Tookie didn't kill those people. This case reeked of racism from the start! And I hope all those white racist will be forever haunted by ALL the innocent blackmen who have died by the hands of the american whiteman.
I've said it before and I'll say it again You Sister General are not only beautiful and FEARLESS but strong and intelligent. You keep putting the TRUTH out there even when people who are thinking it are too scared to death to let it pass their lips.
Every black person in this city should be happy and supportive of a blackwoman who stands up for her own and make it look sooooo damn gooood!

Bro. Richard

Anonymous said...

You are so right General, those stupid gooks were robbing our black brothers and sisters by selling toilet paper and diapers for more than Walmart in their shiity little store. They deserved a shotgun blast to the head for not sharing their profits with the Crips welfare agency. Especially that bitch gook daughter who had the audacity to witness the murder of her parents.

It was actually white city officials that killed those folks, wanting to make poor brother Tookie and his posse look bad.

We hope that the spirit of Tookie stays in your heart and in the heart of all our black brothers and sisters as we mourn the loss of this fine black soldier for the cause.

Thanks, General for standing up to this injustice.

Anonymous said...

The answer to #2.

"Although Manson himself was not present at the Tate/La Bianca killings, he was convicted of first degree murder on January 25, 1971, for ordering and directing them, and on March 29 was sentenced to death. The death sentence was later automatically commuted to life in prison after the California Supreme Court's People v. Anderson decision resulted in the invalidation of all death sentences imposed in California prior to 1972. The killers, giggling in court, were asked if they felt remorse, and gave answers that indicated they did not.


Anonymous said...

I heard Arnold was going to write some Children's books, and tell kids not to join gangs....
Maybe HE'LL win the Nobel Prize!!

Anonymous said...

White Privilege?? yeah right,
and OJ is still looking for his ex-wife's killer.....

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Yea, Kenuel, I admit it. You are right. White persons like myself are polite to you when we have to pass by you on the streetcorner where you all seem to stand for some reason, but when the light chages, someone will say: did you get a load of those men standing on the corner? What the hell are they doing there with a 40 in a bag in the middle of the day. Why don't they get a job for Chrissake? By teh way, Kemuel, why don't they get jobs? WE have jobs. Our kids have jobs. Yes, even crappy jobs. But why don't those black men on the corner have jobs? The white man keeping them down? Tell that to the Asians that Tookie shot in the back. They had jobs.

Anonymous said...

anon 6:37, have you ever seen the movie "Falling Down"? Because you remind me of the main character..

Anonymous said...

When one person kills another, there is
immediate revulsion at the nature of the
crime. But in a time so short as to seem
indecent to the members of the personal
family, the dead person ceases to exist as an
identifiable figure. To those individuals in
the community of good will and empathy,
warmth and compassion, only one of the key
actors in the drama remains with whom to
commiserate—and that is always the
criminal. The dead person ceases to be a
part of everyday reality, ceases to exist. She
is only a figure in a historic event. We
inevitably turn away from the past, toward
the ongoing reality. And the ongoing reality
is the criminal; trapped, anxious, now
helpless, isolated, often badgered and
bewildered. He usurps the compassion that
is justly his victim’s due. He will steal his
victim’s moral constituency along with her
***This cold-blooded killer, Stanley Williams, now seeks mercy, the very mercy he so
callously denied Albert, Tsai-Shai, Yen-I, and Yee-Chen. Stanley Williams does not deserve
this mercy. In fact, despite the overwhelming nature of the evidence against him, and despite
the non-existence of any credible defense, Stanley Williams has steadfastly refused to take any
responsibility for the brutal, destructive, and murderous acts he committed. Without such
responsibility, there can be no redemption, there can be no atonement, and there should be no
For nearly 25 years, justice has been held in abeyance while Williams took advantage of
a legal system designed to protect his rights. His rights have been protected. It is now time for
the victims’ voices to be heard. We ask that clemency be denied, and that the ultimate
punishment, imposed so many years ago, now be fulfilled.


Once inside the storage room, Williams, at gunpoint, ordered Owens to “lay down, mother
fucker.” (TT 2160). Williams then chambered a round into the shotgun. (TT 2162). Williams
then fired the round into the security monitor. (TT 2156-2157, 2162). Williams then
chambered a second round and fired the round into Owens’ back as he lay face down on the
floor of the storage room. Williams then chambered a third round and fired again into Owens’
back. (TT 2162).
After Williams murdered Owens, he, Darryl, Coward and Sims fled in the two cars and
returned home to Los Angeles. The robbery netted Williams and his associates approximately
$120.00. (TT 2280). Once back in Los Angeles, Williams asked if anyone wanted to get
something to eat. (TT 2178). When Sims asked Williams why he shot Owens, Williams said
he “didn’t want to leave any witnesses.” Williams also said he killed Owens “because he was
white and he was killing all white people.” (TT 2189, 2193).
Later that same day, Williams bragged to his brother Wayne about killing Owens.
Williams said, “you should have heard the way he sounded when I shot him.” Williams then
made gurgling or growling noises and laughed hysterically about Owens’ death.



Robert Yang was asleep with his wife in their bedroom at the Brookhaven Motel when
he was awakened by the sound of somebody breaking down the door to the motel’s office. This
sound was immediately followed by the sound of his mother or sister screaming, followed by
gun shots. (TT 1409, 1411, 1433). When Robert entered the motel office he found his mother,
his sister, and his father had all been shot. (TT 1412-1413). Robert observed that the cash
register was open and money was missing. (TT 1414). It was later determined that the robbery
of the Brookhaven Motel and the murder of the three members of the Yang family netted
Stanley Williams approximately one hundred dollars.

Robert Yang called 911. Two deputies from the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s
Department arrived within approximately ten minutes. (TT 1416). When the deputies entered
the motel they noticed a strong odor of gun powder. (TT 1500). The deputies observed that the
door leading from the public entrance into Yang’s private living quarters had been forced open.
The deputies observed the doorjamb was split open and the woodwork was torn away from the
doorjamb. (TT 1508).
As they entered, they saw Yen-I Yang lying on a sofa. He was “soaked with blood,”
“gasping for air, and making gurgling noises.” (TT 1501). They also saw the bloodied body of
Tsai-Shai Yang. She was making “gurgling noises” and “gasping for air,” with “her knees
drawn up under her, and her face down on the floor,” as if she had been forced to bow down
before being killed. (TT 1502). Lastly, the deputies found the body of Yee-Chen Lin lying on
the hallway floor.
According to the forensic pathologist, Yen-I Yang suffered two shotgun wounds. One
shotgun wound was to his left arm and abdomen. This wound shredded Yen-I’s left arm,
fractured his ribs, and shattered his spleen, right kidney, bowel and large vessels. The other
shotgun wound was to the lower left chest. This wound also fractured ribs and shattered the
spleen, right kidney, bowel and large vessels. Moreover, a plastic shotgun shot container and
associated wadding were recovered from the base of Yen-I’s liver. The pathologist further
explained that both of the Yen-I Yang’s wounds were inflicted when the end of the muzzle was
only feet from Yen-I’s body. Despite the severity of these wounds, Yen-I clung to life. He was
transported from the scene by paramedics to Daniel Freeman Hospital where he died at 6:53

Despite the truly horrific nature of the wound Stanley Williams inflicted upon her, Yee-Chen
also clung to life. She was transported from the scene by paramedics to Centinela Hospital
where she died at 7:36 a.m.
Yee-Chen Lin Yee-Chen Lin
Tsai-Shai was shot twice at close range. The pathologist explained that one shotgun
wound was to the coccyx or tail bone. Based on the physical characteristics of the wound and
the fact that wadding, along with the plastic shot container, were recovered just beneath the skin
of this wound, the muzzle of the gun must have been just inches from her body when she was
shot and killed. (TT 1453). The other shotgun wound was to the anterior abdomen with the
charge entering at the naval. At trial, the pathologist testified that the muzzle of the gun was a
few feet from Tsai-Shai’s body when the shot that caused this wound was fired.
One expended twelve-gauge shotgun shell was recovered by investigators during the
crime scene investigation at the Brookhaven Motel. (TT 1506-1507). This expended shell was
received as exhibit 9E at trial. (TT 1514, 1862-1863, 2300).
During the course of investigating the Brookhaven Motel murders, investigators
recovered Williams’ shotgun. (TT 1479-1489, 1691, 1863-1864, 1871-1872). This shotgun, a
twelve-gauge High Standard slide-action shotgun bearing serial number 3194397, was received
into evidence as exhibit 8. (TT 1487). In addition, a federal “Firearms Transaction Record”
was received into evidence as exhibit 33. (TT 1483). This document records Williams’
purchase of the shotgun, trial exhibit 8, on February 25, 1974. Williams signed the transaction
record and used his California driver’s license for identification purposes when he purchased
the shotgun. At trial, a certified copy of Williams’ driver’s license was received as exhibit 32.
(TT 1485).
Trial Exhibit 8
Trial Exhibit 32 (Front) Trial Exhibit 32 (Back)
Shotgun Serial Number
Trial Exhibit 33
At trial, a firearms expert testified that the expended twelve-gauge shotgun shell that
was recovered by investigators at the Brookhaven Motel, trial exhibit 9E, was fired from
Williams’ shotgun, trial exhibit 8, to the exclusion of all other firearms. (TT 1522-1523).
Two expended twelve-gauge shotgun shells were recovered by investigators during the
crime scene investigation at the 7-Eleven.

Read it all for yourself, if you have the stomach:


Reginald Van Gleason IV said...

I would like to add this to annon. 6:37: Every restaurant I pass by has big signs for help wanted. Ditto for retail stores. They don't pay $50,000 a year but it beats nothing. In order to get those high paying jobs you have to get an education and you have to speak english, not ebonics. You don't either of those chillin' on de corner.


Anonymous said...
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Reginald Van Gleason IV said...


I wouldn't have believed that it was possible to WRITE in ebonics until I read your posting. Tried to read at least. From what I can decipher from your scratches and pecking it seems that you are making excuses and blaming whitey AGAIN. You are free. You can do anything you want to do. But you have to WORK for it, no one is going to give you anything. My Wife and I worked our asses off in order to live a decent life. My wife comes from a poor family but she worked and studied hard and was able to go to medical school and we still have almost $100,000 in loans to pay because of it.

Unfortunately too many blacks drop out of school or do not make any effort when they are in school. No one forces blacks to drop out of high school or have children as teens. It's the complete breakdown of the black family over the past 40 years that's at fault. Impoverished Asians come to this country but value education; black culture does not. And look at the great strives forward the Hispanic community has taken over the last 30 years. They value a work ethic and now the Hispanic community in flourishing in America. The black community does not by and large value work ethics.

My point here Kemual is that if you wish to get anywhere in life you have to work for it.

Something else to think about.
-Reginald Van Gleason IV

Anonymous said...

Not all white people are bad and racism is wrong whether it's from a black person or a white person.

There are lots of poor white people who struggle and are homeless.

Celeste said...

Mr. Gleason,

It always amazes me that people like you, who apparently view African-Americans in a not so favorable light, take so much time out of their lives to participate in such discussions. Or, for that matter, to even visit the likes of this blog. From what I can decipher from your stereotypical remarks, you’re a self-righteous, arrogant (for no reason) jack-ass who only visits the likes of this blog to spew out your racist and hatred thoughts.

In addition to being arrogant without right, you also appear to speak without knowledge. I’m willing to bet that you know absolutely nothing about the generous loans that the American government gives out to immigrants (including those Asians you love ranting about) upon touching American soil. Is it as easy for African-Americans to get these loans? Or any average American for that matter? The fact that these people come over here and are immediately opening up beauty shops, nail salons, and “swine & wine” shops (always in lower income neighborhoods) never seemed a bit strange to you? Probably not. Your head hasn’t probably seen anything other than your pale behind in years!

Your wife made it into medical school. Great for her! And by the way, it’s her accomplishment, no reason for you to brag about it. And she came from a poor family, you say? I won’t try to rob her of her accomplishments (especially since they mirror my own . . . that’s right, just call me DOCTOR), but just as “broke” in Hollywood doesn’t imply the same thing as it does when people like you and I say we’re “broke,” “poor” doesn’t always mean the same thing amongst whites and blacks.

Unfortunately, as you said, too many African-American children are dropping out of school or not living up to their full potential. There are a lot of bad decisions being made in the African-American community. The African-American family has definitely been broken down. Part of this “breakdown” is due to their own doing . . . and some of it, like it or not, is due to external forces. I personally believe that the breakdown of the African-American and individual began at the same time that African-Americans started breaking their neck to compete with or mirror “white society.” The European-American family has just about always been dysfunctional behind closed doors. And many European-American families are just as dysfunctional today. The difference between European-Americans and African-American families is that you are all just better at “faking” success.

I guess you threw in the Hispanic comment just to throw some people off. You don’t like Hispanics any more than you like African-Americans. How would you feel if your daughter told she was going to marry a Hispanic? Would you still appreciate those hard-working ethics? That’s what I thought.

So here is something for you to think about. You’re white. You’re white not because of your own doing but because God made you that way. He also placed you in a society were being “white” works in your favor. You don’t, nor will you ever, know the first thing about what it’s like to be “black” or anything other than white for that matter.

With "meth" becoming the big problem it is in your own backyard, I think your efforts may be better appreciated elsewhere. Your comments are needed here.

Celeste said...

Your comments aren't needed here.

Anonymous said...

Celeste, I hate to jump into someone else's fight, but how can I resist given your hilarious post above.

Did you have your "Power Vocabulary" CD at work. Hahahaha. You talk about pretentious, I have never read a more pretentious rant than yours.

And you talk about stereotyping? You said: "The European-American family has just about always been dysfunctional behind closed doors."
Is that about the worst example of stereotyping ever uttered? I think so.

I don't give big brown rat's ass about your point, or that of Mr. Gleson for that matter, but you are really a horse's ass and need to hear it from a bystander.

Do everyone a favor and JUST SHUT UP!

Celeste said...


You're a coward. No name. No responsibility.

No. I have no "Power Vocabulary" CD. Just lots of education. Good thing for me. I don't have to use the highschool language used in your post.

Alrightee then!

Reginald Van Gleason IV said...


I got a big kick out of your self righteous asinine comments. For your information;

-My Wife was raised in Eastern Kentucky, in Hazard County and her parents were very poor Appalachians. She went to college by earning an academic scholarship and the working TWO jibs during college. Yes it is HER achievement and I am very, very proud of her. My point is that she earned everything that she has and no one gave her a damn thing. The Appalachian poor are no better off than the black urban poor maybe less given the lack of social services available.

-My Sister-in-Law is Hispanic, from El Salvador to be exact. I love and respect her and indeed her entire family. They came to this country 15 years ago with NOTHING and have worked hard and made a good life for themselves. Which leads me to...

-I do not know where you heard or read that immigrants to this nation get some kind of cash grant once they land here, but you are completely wrong and/or misinformed. In fact this comment shows the depth of YOUR racism Celeste. You obviously resent the success that Asian and Hispanic immigrants experience in this country. They EARN that success through working 6 & 70 hour weeks and living on nothing until they are successful. Earlier in my career I worked for a wine & spirits distributor. I saw Asian & Hispanic store keepers living in the back room of their stores, working 100 hours a week in order to EARN enough money to bring their families to the USA. I respect the hell out of those people. In fact, I respect the hell out of anyone who works to better their life. I do not have any respect for some no count layabout that hangs out in the hood, stealing, dealing or whatever no good he/she is up to and then blaming others for their plight.

You are either one if those people or you are one of their bleeding heart apologists. Stop blaming others for your problems and take some responsibility for yourself and try to make something of yourself. Rosa Parks & Dr. King got you to the front of the bus but then your people robbed the bus, shit all over it and set it on fire. What would Dr. King think of the way young black men have squandered his legacy?

-Reginald Van Gleason IV

Celeste said...

Mr. Gleason,

Add "can't read" to your other bad qualities. Did I, or did I not say, that your wife and I have very similar accomplishments? And after reading your last email, this is even more the case; being that I also went to school on a full academic scholarship (never needed to work two jobs though). Don't be in such a rush to respond, that you don't read everything.

Secondly,I DO know what I'm talking about when I say that immigrants are able to receive loans to start up businesses (some would say rather easily). Where did you get your wrong information. As for myself? I heard it right from the horses' mouth (a government official). I would attempt to point you in the correct direction in regards to this, but since I'd really like for you to do something else with your time instead of posting here, I'll let you have it for homework.

No. I'm not self-righteous. Not at all. Unlike you, my value system is based on God's Law, not how hard someone "works" in regards to worldly gain. Righteous, perhaps. Self-righteous, not.

Just keep listening, Mr. Gleason (or half-reading I should say), you have a lot to learn.

Anonymous said...

Celeste, you useless puke. You said: "As for myself? I heard it right from the horses' mouth (a government official)."

Is that the weakest, lame-assed lie possible. Why didn't you post a link or URL to teh government web site where these "immigrants" get all their free money?


PLease do everyone a big favor and SHUT THE FUC! UP.

And Gleason, please stop posting your wife's biography on hate speech sites like this one, its exhibitionistic or something, and Celeste the Moron is not about to be persuaded.

Celeste said...



I don't have to prove anything to you. I know what I'm talking about. If you're convinced that I don't, prove me wrong.

You're useless and I don't give in to reverse pyschology, idiot.

Furthermore, I think I know what has all of theses "anonymous" cowards so upset. They come here to ridicule and attempt to degrade "blacks" - often attacking how someone speaks or writes. Then they see a post like mine and BAM! You don't have anything to attack!

Idiots! You can't accuse me of not being truthful or factual, because I haven't posted a link to something, without providing proof for what you say. I'll continue to post, as long as I'm allowed, to annoy the mess out of people like you.

Don't get so upset people. I'm not.

Celeste said...


*don't want to give the spell checkers anything to work with* LOL!

Anonymous said...

I don't know exactly what Celeste is talking about but I do know that some immigrants are receiving home mortage loans. Here are some links on that...still looking for these "government" loans.





Reginald Van Gleason IV said...


What "government official" gave this info, the garbage man?

The only 'doctorate' you have is a PhD in bullshit!
-Reginald Van Gleason IV

Anonymous said...

You claim that the above cites stand for the proposition that immigrants get grants and payments to start business?

Like: http://money.cnn.com/2005/08/08/news/economy/illegal_immigrants/?section=money_topstories?

Lying, moron! That a bank might make a home loan without checking immigration status is unrelated to this issue.

Show me the government agency that is giving these immigrants money that indigenous minorities do not have access to. Show it or SHUT UP!

Anonymous said...
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