Wednesday, January 25, 2006



NEW YORK (Jan.24) - "Is American Idol" homophobic?

The Fox talent show elicted a response from the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLADD) after judges Simon Cowell and Randy Jackson made what the gay rights group deemed questionable comments on last week's premiere episode.

Last week, Simon Cowell told one male singer to "wear a dress" and Randy Jackson asked another: "Are you a girl?"

On Tuesday's show, seen by a Nielsen-chart topping 35.5 million viewers, Cowell told one male contestant to "wear a dress" and Randy Jackson asked another, "are you a girl?"

"GLADD is reaching out to the show's producers to discuss our concerns and the concerns community members and allies who have contacted us about this matter," said Damon Romine, a spokesperson for GLADD, in a statement published on the groups Web site.

Romine was also quoted as saying, "The real offensive here was in the producer's decision to add insult to injury by turning a contestant's gender expression into the butt of a joke."

"American Idol" did not immediately return a call Monday.

The popular Fox show, now in its fifth season, airs Tuesdays, 8p.m. EST.

This was another Black Fist News Update. Now a few thoughts from your general, Brigadier Nikki X:

What the hell?!? Now folks this is what I'm always talking about The Gays and The Lesbians rising up on an issue and trying to force their agenda and whims on the general public at large. But in this case, I must simply say..."At least THEY are sticking together on whatever it is they think is right or in this case NOT right for them." They don't like to feel as if they are being discriminated against so they do something about it.
My question to the Black Community is....." We KNOW we are discriminated against every freakin' day of our lives and have been historically, So when it comes to "Sticking Together" Why the hell can't WE?????"

Once Again, "It May Not Always Be Good News But It's Hood News!!!"

(See Blog Entry: "Unity~Does It Truly Exist In The Black Community?" for more information, suggestions and solutions on what we can do to get back to where we were (In Black Unification) before some of us took on the beastly traits of our evil oppressors...The white man & his descendants)


General Nikki X said...

To The "Anonymous" Asshole whose comment, with great pleasure I rejected:

Sorry but I have no clue of who you could be talking about but what I do have is a very clear description of who you are.

Jail: Sorry never been there. But you, of course have.

So please feel free to continue to lose sleep over Ms. X, once more and Try again sucker.

Thank YOU for "obsessing over, printing out & worrying yourself to death" about The Black Fist Blog!

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