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This is the question that arose in my mind and the minds of The Black Fist when we heard of Ex-cop turned Cincinnati City Councilman Cecil Thomas making the media rounds talking about the police shooting of Cincinnati Policer Officer Krintina Holtmann early Wednesday morning January 11, 2005. Officer Holtmann stopped a car for which Dante "Pretty Boy" Person was a passenger at the corner of California & Corinth Aves in Bond Hill. Dante "Pretty Boy" Person [allegedly] grazed Officer Holtmann in the cheek. Officer Holtman did not die and she has been released from the hospital.

Now Ex-cop, Councilman and Law & Public Safety Commitee chairman Cecil Thomas is on a current media tour "informing" the [White] community that "the polices' hands are tied" and informing the [Black] community that the police can "go out and do their jobs and city hall will back them".

Now what the hell does that mean? City Hall has always backed the blue even when they were 100% guilty of Police Brutality, Racial Profilling, Corruption and yes, Murder. Cecil knows damn well that after the 2001 rebellion the Cincinnati police have been on a slow down. The police force in this town then head by FOP President Keith Fangman all but came right on out and stated that since the police were being "questioned" & held to the fire about their misconduct, police brutality and etc they were going to slow down, and even went so far as to say in an emergency park your cars and walk to the scene of the emergency. Now what kind of "suggestion" was that?

Here at The Black Fist, we have been keeping a close eye on police brutality in this city. We do not want unarmed Black men to be murdered in the streets like dogs because 1 cop who didn't die got shot and now Cecil Thomas is stating the cops hands are tied so it's damn near carte' blanche on Black folks.

Cincinnati Police Officers do your job, equally, fairly and equitabily DO NOT think for a moment you can harrass, profile and kill Black men unjustifiably.

The Cincinnati Police Department has been looking for a way out of The Collabortive Agreement since day 1......

"Is this finally their way out"?



Anonymous said...

Oh I see, the officer was "grazed." All this time I thought that the blessed Mr. Person pulled out a gun, pointed it at the face of a police officer and pulled the trigger. Thanks for setting the record straight I would hate to think that Mr. Person was actually trying to blow the officers head off.

P.S. Love the blog

Anonymous said...

Are you kidding me

Anonymous said...

And I'm so sure the Black Fist will have representation at Person's Court hearing to ensure he is set free. After all, he merely "grazed" the officer's cheek. I'm certain that it was simply a misunderstanding and an accident that he had the gun in his possession in the first place.

The reality here is, this well documented drug thug will be getting a bus ride to the joint. Justice is served. Thanks be to God, the Almighty Creator, the Judges, the Jury & the communities fighting against these criminals!

General Nikki X said...

Who ever said Dante Person wasn't a criminal who shouldn't be in jail?
What you should do next time before you look like a fool as you do this time is read carefully the words I write on this blog and Stop try to "overthink" me.
You will always fail.
Just ask those who tried and failed before you.

Thank you for reading The Black Fist Blog.

Anonymous said...

The tragedy here is that Dante was found so quickly and did not have time to bleed to death.

General Nikki X said...

Please see my comments over at in the blog entry "Columbus Visit" directed to someone calling themselves "Jules" regarding this very subject. You "anonymous" can take what I said there to heart as well and do the exact same thing. And everyone else with the same opinion can join them.
This is a very SERIOUS subject so let's all conduct ourselves without alot of extra emotionalism & hate-filled rhetoric and do something some of you rarely even think about doing and that's....T-H-I-N-K!
Oh, except when it's time to cover for child molesting priest OR killer cops who kill black men unjustifiabily then yall do a whole lot of COVERING UP & PAYING OUT, (cough, cough, err) I mean "thinking".

Thank you for your comments nonetheless and Thank You for Reading The Black Fist Blog!

Anonymous said...

Nikki X,

Please give your infinite wisdom on the 6 other police officers that have been shot at since December 2005. I'm sure it will be enlightening!!!

Anonymous said...

why are priests always brought up by you when it comes to discussing the supposed police brutality, profiling , killing of the black men? I do not see the connection....Please show me.

Anonymous said...

Overthinking you, thats a good one.

Anonymous said...

There's plenty of whacko black men out there raping & sodomizing kids, especially their baby daughters & granddaughters. The sweet little girl next door has "known" what it's all about.

Some whackazoid in Northside raped & sodomized 2 young girls at knifepoint, paused & reloaded to sock it to them some more. The neighborhood wasn't even warned he was living in the neighborhood. Of course not. He's black. There's no reason to tell the folks. Let 'em know the honkie pedophiles are living there, but we don't have to tell them about the black studs.

Anyhow, he's gone on those charges & for parole violation. He can "do" the hole in the wall in his cell at the joint.

But you will never, ever hear that discussed. It's far easier to fingerpoint the honkies & the pedophile priests. At least the honkies have backbone to admit there's trash in their midst.

And thank you for this Black Fist website. It's a pleasure to be able to sound off on just how other folks see the picture.

Anonymous said...

There will probably be more young african american bllod on the steets until the ideology is changed. You can't be out all hours of the night driving around with loaded weapons. This is no longer the wild, wild West! Put something on this blog to the young people to start doing the right thing! Until a leader on this site stands up and tries to help these misguided youths to change there actions there will probably be dire consequences. My hope hope is that the youths of today will get with the program, regardless of skin color. Lives are at stake and life is a precious thing...

Cops are the good guys said...

The officer's first name was Kristina, not Krintina. Grazed? Yea right. Person shot her in the face with a .45 caliber weapon. Ever shoot one of those? I have and you should hear the BOOM it makes. I can't imagine what was going through her mind at that moment. Like the other poster said, too bad Person didn't bleed to death. By the way, guess who pays for his surgery and hospitalization? We do.

General Nikki X said...

To Cops are good guys:

Thank you for pointing out the error, yes it is "Kristina" not "Krintina". Although I quite frankly do not care what her name is.

Secondly, Thank you for the "suggestion" that I "put something on this blog for the youth" although I'm quite sure by your own comments, you could care just about as much for "the youth" as I care about what that cops name is.
So in saying that check out blog entries: "Unity~Does It Truly Exist For The Black Community"? & "Our Youngest General Turns 19" for "something about the youth".

General Nikki X takes orders from no one. But I am always open to "suggestions".

Thank you for reading The Black Fist Blog!