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In the January 2006 edition of Cincinnati Magazine on page 70, is The Annual Pork Roast 2006: The Year In Misanthropy, Misbehavior and Dysfunction. This is an annual year in review.

Within these pages are featured 2 of Cincinnati's Black Activist and fellow Bloggers Brigadier General Nikki X ( and Mr. Nate Livingston Jr. (

The following is straight from the pages of Cincinnati Magazine's Pork Roast regarding Nikki & Nate:

  • Your New Police Chief: Brigadier General Nikki X

Mallory also came under fire from the Pepper camp for trumpeting the endorsement of radical African-American activist The Black Fist

  • Ask About Their "Mayorial Suite"

The Black Fist endorsement later vanished from Mallory's web site, along with that several blogs and the SIX ACRES BED & BREAKFAST.

Now onto our dear brother & my good friend Nate Livingston straight from the pages of Cincinnati Magazine...

  • By Which He Meant What? A Thriving And Diverse American Metropolis That People Want To Live In?

During the campaign, Nate Livingston criticized Pepper for accepting input from Chicago mayor Richard Daley, and said he feared that if elected, Pepper would "ultimately turn Cincinnati into another San Francisco!"

  • Election Fatigue QUIZ: How Closely Were You Paying Attention?

Nate Livingston Jr.'s web site,, claimed the democratic candidate for mayor:

A. Was a great friend to the African-American community

B. "Shares the same dictatorial traits as Adolph Hitler"

C. Was solely to blame for rising crime, the ecomonic boycott, and Pete Rose not being in the Hall of Fame

D. Was not sufficiently homophobic to earn Livingston's endorsement

Cincinnati Magazine's answer was "B".

The long and short of this entry is simply in all fun and jest to alert the faithful readers of The Black Fist Blog and who have never waivered in your support of General Nikki X and this blog and those of you who also enjoy reading the daily news & views from the Black perspective over at Cincinnati Black Blog and those of you who support that blog and its administator Nate Livingston Jr. to the fact that Cincinnati Magazine saw fit in thier year end review to actually "Roast" your good friends Brigadier General Nikki X & Nate Livingston Jr.

Hey Whowouldaeverthought to "Roast" Nikki & Nate.....?

"WHATDIDWEDO".....? ;~()



The Dean of Cincinnati said...

In Nov. CincyMag, they do a one page spread on Michael Altman and Queen City Forum. That site updates once every twenty-seven weeks. Why would they be featured as a major alternative news source? Why am I ignored?

In December, I am interviewed for the Heimlich article. Peter Heimlich tells Linda Vacariello that I was absolutely instrumental in pushing that story locally. And she says her story is about Peter pushing the story through media. I am interviewed, and left out of the article.

I am contacted by CincyMag for a picture. They want to roast me. I send one. I am not roasted. Altman's good friend Jeff Syroney gets a huge InkTank feature in that same issue. Syroney is on the "board" of QCF.

I smell a conspiracy...

General Nikki X said...

To The Dean of Cincinnati:

I, for one believe your website transformed to the all new "The Cincinnati Beacon" is an excellent web blog.
That should not be ignored.
Interesting news & views. A good source reference to other web blogs like & of course this web blog I thank everyone for reading & supporting. A place "Where Divergent Views Collide"!

A Conspiracy against The Dean of Cincinnati?
At Queen City Forum?
Involving Michael Altman?

No one can ever say General Nikki X turned her back on a good conspiracy theory.....


General Nikki X said...



Sorry Nate!

Anonymous said...

I remember last year they did a "best of the city". Half of what they talked about was across the river in other cities.

The magazine reminds me of City Beat, in that it's so full of adds, it's hard to find an article worth reading.

Anonymous said...

I like your blog and hate racism. What does it take to become a General or member of the Black Fist?

Jules said...

Nikki X,
you are very quiet about the shooting? no response to the racist police shooting your black brother in the leg?

General Nikki X said...

No Jules actually, I'm not quiet about this black man getting shot in the leg. Please see blog entry: Ex-Cop says, "Police Hands Are Tied".
And as far as the police who shot this young being [as you termed them] "racist", Do you know something myself and the general public don't know?
Because I've never nor has any memeber of this organization every said anything about the police officers involved in this particular altercation being "racist".

Thank you for reading The Black Fist Blog.

Anonymous said...

The police should have killed that guy when they caught him.

Anonymous said...
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