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Welcome to another Black Fist world news update. Coming to you straight from the World Wide Web
After reading this story and others it leads us to ask the question......

"What in the world is George W. Bush really up too?"

ACLU Seeks to Block NSA Domestic Spying
DETROIT (AP) - A federal lawsuit was filed Tuesday by the American Civil Liberties Union seeking to block President Bush's domestic eavesdropping program, which the group calls unconstitutional electronic surveillance of American citizens.

The lawsuit was filed in U.S. District Court in Detroit against the National Secruity Agency. The ACLU, along with the Council on American-Islamic Relations, Greenspace and several individuals, seeks a court order that declares the program illegal.

Messages seeking comment were left Tuesday morning with the National Secruity Agengy and the Justice Department.

Bush, who said the wiretapping is legal and necessary, has pointed to the congressional resolution passed after the attacks of Sept. 11. 2001, that authorized him to use force in the fight against terrorism as allowing him to order the program.

The program authorized eavesdropping of international phone calls and e-mails of people deemed a terror risk.

The lawsuit says the plantiffs, who frequently communicate by telephone and e-mails with people in the Middle East and Asia, have a "well-founded belief" that their communications are being intercepted by the government.

"By seriously compromising the free speech and privacy rights of the plantiffs and others, the program violates the First and Fourth Amendments of the United States Constitution," the lawsuit states.

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This was a Black Fist world news update. Now commentary from General Nikki X:

"What the hell is George W. Bush really up too?" I ask this question to the black community for the reason(s) that if this is happening to the so-called "Big White Community at large", Then what the devil (pardon the pun) is in store for the black community? And should we be on guard of when placing telephones calls and sending e-mails? Do you think this country is any better off since Sept. 11, 2001? Is George Bush keeping you safe by authorizing eavesdropping through his domestic eavesdropping program? -OR- Do you think George W. Bush should himself be brought up on war crimes against humanity and violating the Constitutional Rights of the citizens who live within the borders of these United States?

We want to hear from you, The readers of The Black Fist Blog, on these very serious and vitals questions and What do you think of George W. Bush's Domestic Spying Program..."Is he well within his authority to wiretap and spy?" or "Has he become drunk (pardon the pun again) on his strong-armed presidential powers?"

All comments will be moderated but believe me when I tell you ALL of your comments and opinions count. And will be posted as fast as I can get to them.
Except those outlandish, retarded, have nothing to ever do with the subject, self-hatred filled comments from the ignorant Ralph Kramden/Bipolar Disorder Duo A.K.A. The generic black version of "The Itchy & Scratchy Show"....and they know who they are!

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Anonymous said...

Great information Sister General! I think George Bush is an idiot and should be impeached immediately they did it to Bill Clinton for screwing in the White House so why not Bush for killing over 1,200 american soldiers by sending them to Iraq.
Who is "Itchy and Scratching"?
keep up the good work you have a very unusual sense of humor you keep me rolling!!!

General Nikki X said...

Thank you "Anonymous" for your insightful comments, I agree with you 100%, Bush should be impeached immediately!!!

"Who is Itchy and Scratchy?" They are the cat and mouse team seen on The Fox Cartoon show "The Simpsons", Bart Simpson watches this cartoon called, "The Itchy & Scratchy Show". They are usually friendly toward each other with plans to fatally do each other in and usually one kills the other one in some sort of crazy outlandish way, like blowing the body parts off of the other then eating the burnt leg of the cat like a piece of fried chicken OR taking the dislodged eyeball of the mouse and chewing it and blowing a bubble with it like bubblegum OR causing one another to drink a bottle of soda that formerly had an Acid label on it then laughing while the guts explode, bubble & turn colors on the floor OR hugging and kissing each other in forgiveness of all of their treachery toward each other then giving each other exploding boxes of Valentine candy and watching the aftermath in crazed laughter. That's who "Itchy & Scratchy" are.
Check out The Simpsons sometimes, Itchy & Scratchy are the funniest part of the whole cartoon.
And sometimes life imitates art. Especially right here in good ol' Sinsinnati!

Thank you for reading The Black Fist Blog!

Anonymous said...
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