Wednesday, January 18, 2006


This entry called "Where's The White Outrage In The White Community"? was 1st posted on July 24, 2004. Oh how things never change here in good ol Cincinnati. I felt it necessary to re-introduce this question due to the fact it appears many of you in the white community, I'd say the "majority" of white people think crime is only crime when it is committed by a black person upon a black person -OR- a black person upon a white person but when it is, as it has been the case of late, white people murdering white people then all of a sudden there's this.....hush, hush, hush........

Where's screaming Cecil Thomas to jump in front of every available camera on every available street corner to scream, "You white people must call the authorities and tell the police everything you know about the vicious muders in Hyde Park, Mt. Airy, The West Side & Price Hill, You have to snitch on each other if y'all want safe communities"! Why is it not on the front pages of the white-controlled press, the now infamous quote from screaming Cecil....."We'll Shoot Back", when white men shoot at police officers? Yes, white men shoot at police quite frequently, it is just kept quiet like most heinous crimes committed by the white community. Those neighborhoods are just a few of the [white] commnuties that have seen some of the most vicious crimes involving murder here lately.

Maybe screaming Cecil only wants to curb the crime in the black community and if that be the case, We, here at The Black Fist would suggest you in the white community are not receiving the proper representation for your tax dollars. And that's not fair. Right? Seems if screaming Cecil doesn't get on his J-O-B in the white community and do something about these wicked vicious murders then his city council performance card needs to be re-evalutated come November 2007. The white people put screaming Cecil in office and of course, the white people can take him out of office. In any event "The Black Fist" demand that ALL crime be eliminated from our streets so everyone can enjoy the safety of crime-free neighborhoods. Now who out there will be the one to step up and say, "General Nikki X, you're just a racist", (as I'm generally called) on this one? Huh? Well, it doesn't matter what I'm called it will never negate the fact that quite frankly you white people are some murdering savages for satan and equal justice must be enforced on you, in your neighborhoods, in your churches and quite frankly it starts in your homes. You spent all that extra money on education and it appears the white youth of today are not learning a damn thing except how to kill, print phony money, hill jump & mix and cook meth. Didn't the white teen named Warrington bludgeon his own brother to death in broad daylight then tried to wash his brothers blood off in the Hyde Park fountain? Yes, he did. And Hamilton County Procecutor Joe Deters made repeated public statements that, "With some treatment at a mental health facility this young man can live a productive life when he is released". "Released"??? He murdered his own brother, Cain & Abel style! And when was the last time high 'em high Joe Deters made any statement public or otherwise declaring a black youth who killed should recieve mental health treatment at a mental health facility and can live a productive life upon his released? If your answer is "The Tuesday next to never", You would be correct.

Hhhmmm, as I recall the chief excuse used by the likes of Cecil Thomas, Hamilton County Coroner Odell Owens, Police Chief Tom Streicher, Joe Deters, 700 WLW's Willie Cunningham and Mike McConnell is black youth need to be educated, so what's the excuse for the white youth? As I stated earlier whites are documented as paying substantially more for education than blacks. So what's the problem white folks? Why are you running around here killing each other? Where's your activist to stand up and get out there and lead you to the path of righteousness? Where are your clergyman and priest? Yes, we are talking about crime [murder] in the white community but let's put all of your crimes on the table, OK?

OK. And speaking of your clegyman and priest, I suppose there can be no better time than now to re-introduce my thoughts, wonderment, disgust and flat out concern when asking the question on behalf of "The Black Fist" and the black community.......


Where's the white outrage in the white community concerning the blantant, disgusting, filthy low-down despicable IMMORAL and ILLEGAL acts being committing within The Catholic Church by Catholic Priest who "prey" and "enjoy" the sexual pleasures of Little Children?
It's so hypocritical that whenever there's a crime i.e. TV & Newspapers repeatedly show the "alleged" Black criminal over & over & over again and proceed to discuss at nauseam how crime in this City is completely outta control due to "Black-on-Black crime". White Councilpersons in "Silly Hall" come up with new (Lightening Quick INSTANT) "ANTI-Black" laws. And White citizens ask that all too familiar question: "Where's are the Black Activist to get out there and put a stop to all this murder madness"? "Where were the parents of these black low-life criminals when they were growing up"?
But when the proverbial shoe is on the other proverbial foot, White folks in Cincinnati "CLAM UP", "SHUT DOWN", and completely IGNORE the CRIMES being committed right under their noses.
Right in their own "Houses of Worship"!
You don't hear that same outcry, that same VEMONOUS call to the wind that starts with: "Where's are all THE WHITE ACTIVIST to stop all these RAPES, LIES, CONSPIRACIES and COVER-UPS"?

The Archdiocesses of Cincinnati, Daniel Pilarchyck should be in prison right now for Conspiracy, Complicity & Obstrucution of Official Police Business and that's just to start. Those Catholic Priest need to be in prison for Molestation, Rape, Child Endangerment and a host of other insedious crimes.
I'm not a Police Officer but I do "PAY" the Police to stop crime and put criminals in prisons, so for that matter, "Where's Cincinnati Police Chief Thomas Streicher, Fraternal Order of Police Vice-President Keith Fangman and Fraternal Order of Police President Harry Roberts"? And where are the "good white folks" to scream their names out in the MEDIA and DEMAND JUSTICE when it's "their own children" who are being "REPEATEDLY RAPED & SEXUALLY VIOLATED"!!!

Where's the white outrage over YOUR little boys who are "CONTINOUSLY BEING MOLESTED" by these Dirty Sexual Deviate Catholic Priest that you CONTINUOUSLY turn your children over to on an everyday basis, At noon-time Mass, At daily Confession and every Sunday Morning?
"Do you WHITE people even CARE about your own children OR do y'all ONLY care about UPHOLDING your "WHTE IMAGE & STATUS-QUO"???

If no one else has the guts to stand up and make the statement & ask the question WHITE folks constantly SCREAM at Black people in this City, I will.....

There's too much damn crime in the WHITE COMMUNITY...

What??!!? Don't act surprised White man & White woman, your community is under the impression Black folk can't function in this society WITHOUT an ACTIVIST....Because Black folk (in your WICKED RACIST, small, limited minds) are nothing more than dysfunctional criminals.



Anonymous said...

There's plenty of white activists in this city doing plenty about the crime.

Seeing you keep talking about the priests, what are you doing about the black sex pedophiles raping & sodomizing their daughters & granddaughters?

What are you doing about the black on elderly white crime? Yes, recently there's been quite a bit of that. Black thugs shooting elderly whites, knocking them down, stabbing them & making off with a bit of grocery money & credit cards.

I could go on & on about all the topics you have missed. But then, we don't see much of the Black Fist doing anything except threatening white people.

General Nikki X said...

I know, I know...The truth is a better pill to swallow.
That's the point of this whole entry, if you white people were to show the same rage against your own & their vicious crimes against YOUR own maybe there would not be so much rampant crime in your communities.
Wow, I just heard about a WHITE woman who didn't want the television show she was watching to be changed to another channel so the WHITE woman stabbed her WHITE father to death with a steak knife!
All because of a TV show???

And another vicious crime reported just this morning of a WHITE dominatrix who killed and dismembered her WHITE male lover, cut him up to pieces and hid the body!

So as I stated within this entry, no amount of finger pointing at The General (me), no amount of juvenile name-calling & no amount of WHITE DENIAL will ever negate the unrefutable fact that the WHITE race does commit heinous, wicked, vicious senseless murders and yes, "anonymous" the WHITE race is dysfunctional and no amount of education, money and prestige can ever change YOUR bloodthirsty nature for murder and mayhem.
Only diference is the WHITE people of Hamilton County/Cincinnati have the WHITE controlled media to help them to gloss things over and not make you WHITE people look so bad.

So the advice of "The Black Fist" (whom obviously you are listening to anyway) is this:
Grow up, take responsibilty for your WHITE communities, find an activist to guide you in the right direction (as you WHITE people like to "suggest" to us) and remember The Black Fist is here to enlighten and educate.
Clean up your WHITE neighborhoods & stop all that damn crime, Leave that meth shit alone and get your shit together. Sitting around all day reading blogs written by EDUCATED black people whom you hate anyway will never bring you closer to fixing the WHITE murder problem, My God man, you're killing your own!!!

And speaking of reading black blogs you hate....

Thank you for reading The Black Fist Blog.

General Nikki X said...

Bottomline: The same outrage you WHITE people show against Black people like myself and others who are not afraid to publicly point out that you are "murdering savages for satan", if you show that same outrage against your own (WHITE community) when they butcher and bloody each other then maybe just maybe some of yall (WHITE people)would still be alive today.

The moral of the story: STOP BEING FUCKIN' HYPOCRITES!!!!


Now that being said (I feel so much better helping yall).....

Thank you for reading The Black Fist Blog!

Anonymous said...

The community I live in is pretty much cleaned up, thanks to WHITE folks who aren't afraid of the whacko honkies & the guntoting, baggy pants black drug dealers. We've taken responsibility. When are you going to start?

Residents from the neighborhood was in Court today on a whole bunch of them.

See? some white folks take responsibility for both the crack-coons & the redneck, hillbilly trash.

And I don't sit around & answer your blog all day. I have a job that pays taxes to keep the crack-coons & their baby mamas in free housing, food stamps, text phones, nasty clothes, etc. Don't flatter yourself. You're just a bit of a pastime.

And you need to start swallowing the truth about a section of your people. White folks have been doing that for ages.

We have trash & we work to keep them on the move or locked up. We don't deny we (the great White folks) have psychos & weirdos. However, it seems you have a problem of identifying the same sort of trash in the black population. The Court House is full of your problems. Go look.

We don't have to show rage. We just pick up the phone, call slumlords, call the law & show up in Court. There's no need for us to march. Because if we did, you'd be calling us the KKK, which is no different than the Black Klan, who busted out storefront windows, tipped over hot dog carts & pulled a great White man from his truck.

No, I don't listen to you & your Black Fist diatribes. You don't give me marching orders.

General Nikki X said...

"COONS" that's original....Hhhhmmmmmm you must belong to that confused generic blaX fist thing, huh? (2) Questions: 1. Have you rode on any metrobuses lately?
2.Have you bought any cheap synthetic horse-hair ladden wigs lately?

Thank you CLOWN for reading The Black Fist Blog!

P.S. You DO NOT dicitate to me as well...You Idiot. Remember that asshole. ;-)

Anonymous said...
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