Wednesday, January 25, 2006


While I know our faithful white readers of The Black Fist Blog won't like what they are about read, I must report the news as it comes in. The source for this story is The Cincinnati Post so if you have a problem with this story, take it up with them. Denial will never allow the American whiteman to solve his wicked, deviant sexual problems. I'm not interseted in trying to solve them either because in my opinion nothing can save you anyway.

So I now bring to you another Black Fist news update. Straight from the Associated Press.

WORCESTER, Mass. -- The inmate accused of killing pedophile ex-priest John Geoghan took the witness stand Friday, describing years of childhood sexual and physical abuse that his attorneys said helped drive an uncontrollable rage that led to the slaying.
Druce referred to killing the defrocked priest only once during his hour-long testimony, after describing being raped by a staff member at a residential school he attended as a boy.
"That's what triggered me... I heard them talking about it," he said, apparently referring to earlier testimony about Druce's claims that he had overheard Geoghan talking to other inmates about molesting boys.
Joseph Druce's lawyers don't dispute that he killed Geoghan, a central figure in the Catholic Church's clergy sex abuse scandal, but say he was suffering from severe mental illness and should not be convicted.
Druce, 40 told investigators he killed Geoghan in his prison cell in August 2003 to stop him from molesting more children. Earlier Friday, as Druce was being escorted out of the courtroom for a recess, he shouted "God save all the innocent kids."
At the time of his death, Geoghan was serving a 9- to 10 year prison sentence for fondling a 10 year old boy, but he was accused in lawsuits of sexually abusing some 150 children over three decades in the Boston Archdiocese.
Druce had gone to the residential school from ages 8 to 13. He said two staff members there regularly sexually and physically abused him---spanking him, locking him in a closet and holding his head under water.
Druce also said he was raped three times by a 26 year old man friend who his mother sent him to live with when he was 13.
"I couldn't stop it," he said.

This was a Black Fist news update. Now a few words from General Nikki X:

The White Man is a Freak. How long will this sick pedophilia crap be allowed to continue before the america self-righteous, always pointing the finger at other race and genders, white man and white woman say enough is enough? These are your children don't you care that they are having their asses split wide open by big burly sickos at your local superstores, parks and schools and by leering, glazed-over in the eyes so-called holy men called Catholic priest?
We, here at The Black Fist would suggest YOU, the white man of america get your shit together and band together against these sick pedophiles (you know the same as you do when you are banding together against what you perceive as "crimes" committed by the Black Man) and protect your own children. Because if you don't I'm afraid you will see more stories like the one I reprinted here.
And no one can say General Nikki X has a problem with pointing out your sickness, your wickedness, your evilness, your hypocrisy, your bloodlust, your arrogance and your constant need for the tight firmness of a little boys behind.
Yes, I know it's harsh but not as harsh as what you white mothers and white community folk keep allowing your white children to endure under the white men in your community, you hold up in such high esteem.

Final Thoughts on behalf of "The Black Fist":

"White man, You are sick and you need to get it together!"
The Catholic Church reminds us [the black community] of the Cincinnati Police Department and other police departments around the country. They'd rather hide, protect, make excuses for and pay out mega-bucks to "cover-up" the problem/crime. But they never ever want to "admit" there is a problem. And they certainly will never ever "admit" they [The Catholic Church and these various police departments] are committing C-R-I-M-E-S!

That within itself is the biggest crime of all.




Anonymous said...

I have no objection with this news item. Good riddance to bad rubbish. You see, we white folks believe in thinning the herds of our trash & whackos.

On the other hand, what are you black folks doing about your sickos who are molesting their family members - daughters, granddaughters, nieces - on a daily basis?

Contrary to your statements, white folks have their acts together & we don't condone, nor do we support pedophiles, sex maniacs, deviants & other out of control people.

On a final note, you & the black fist do not issue orders to the white folks. We laugh at them, but never, ever take your dictates seriously.

Anonymous said...

I've got one for you from Wednesday's Cincinnati Enquirer, page A2. Kanye West, posing as Jesus Christ told the Rolling Stone he's addicted to pornography.

A black crackhead posing as Jesus Christ is heathen enough, but the pornography addiction proves one thing - we've got twisted, warped black weirdos in our midst & their "people" refuse, time & again, to acknowledge this & take a stand.

Whacking off while looking at paper dolls. That is really, really perverted. This guy isn't a man. Couldn't make a patch on a real man's ass. He's a sexual pervert.

Anonymous said...

You need to look at the sex offender list on the county web site. There are a good many black's.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

What black baby's ass was split wide open by what black man last week? No mention of that.

Anonymous said...

Kemuel needs to get a tutor. She can't put together a sentence. Also her ability to put together a coherent thought is questionable. She also probably needs meds. Or more meds. Her obsession with homosexuality implies that she just might be a drag queen instead of a real girl. Just might.

Anonymous said...
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