Wednesday, September 24, 2008


<--(Joy R. Rolland's criminal mugshot photo provided by The Hamilton County Justice Center)

<--(Joy R. Rolland's face full of vemon & hatred photo provided by Media Bridges public access television)

Judge Melissa A. Powers, a fair and compassionate Hamilton County Municipal Court Judge today ordered black community terrorist and convicted felon Joy R. Rolland back to jail, revoking her current $10,000 bond and ordering her held in jail on a new bond of $100,000.

Time does not permit me to give the full story at this time.

More on Joy Rolland's courtroom outburst, profanity laced outburst toward me, profanity at Judge Powers & law enforcement officers, her subsequent arrest in the courtroom, and her brand new 6 count contempt of court charges later.

As well as the new charges bought against her for violating once again the terms of my protection order along with the reaction inside the courtroom after the in court public viewing of one of crazy Joy's public access television shows with the head of media bridges Tom Bishop also in the courtroom.

My ongoing online reporting on this obviously very sick deranged hateful black community terrorist Joy Rolland continues...



Anonymous said...

Lincoln Ware talked about it on his show he said he was glad the crazy lady got locked up and they should throw away the key! He said she went to jail for 6 months is that true? I'm happy for you Nikki X I can only imagine the pain and embarrassment you suffered through during this whole nasty mess 1stalker is too many and 2 is outrageous on top of Kabaka dying it has got to be pure hell on you stay strong and continue on with your head held high!

Anonymous said...

Ms. X,

I think that you and your buddy Nate Livingston are Nut Jobs...

That being said, Rolland is the quween of Nut Jobs.

I am glad she's locked up. i hope they lose the key.

No one, even someone as you, who I disagree with on most every matter, should be subjected to actions such as hers.

Anonymous said...

Now that Crackhead Kenny and the Beattys have been outed and the clock is ticking on the conspiracy charges that will be added to the drug charges, a lot of people must be shaking in their boots. Those scumbags sold death and ripped off the community need to get what they deserve.

Anonymous said...

For somebody that's against snitching and hate cops, you sure are running up in the courtroom using the system against black people every chance you.

General Nikki X said...

"anonymous COWARD (a.C.) sept.25, 08 7:10PM,"

(a.C said): "For somebody that's against snitching"...
(GNX replied): Nobody likes a "snitch" except maybe you.

(a.C. said): "and hates cops..."
(GNX said) Find one word on this website where I ever said I "hate cops". Go ahead. I'll wait.

(a.C. said): "you sure are running up in the courtroom..."
(GNX said): No. Actually I walked into the courtroom. Thank you very much.
(a.C. said): "using the system against black people..."
(GNX said): When "black people" act ignorant, dumb & stupid, threaten to kill me or mine, continue to break the law and ultimately have a death wish for themselves. Yes. The best thing to do is to "use the system" to seek justice. I've never seen the inside of a jail cell and don't intend too. I am a law abiding woman. What would you have me do? Get a pistol and blow my stalkers brains out? Sorry, intelligence and self-control has been incorporated in my Black Fist training. Self-defense is always an option. However, in my particular case I sought out legal means to deal with unlawful black devils who choose death and destruction over life and peace. Now who could possibly argue with that?

(a.C. said): "every chance you get..."
(GNX said): Not quite. Only when bi polar black community terrorist continue to fuck with me and think they can get away with it just because I haven't taken matters into my own hands & fucked them up doesn't mean they can't get fucked up.

Legally that is.

Thank You For Your Comment & Thank You For Reading The Black Fist Blog!

Anonymous said...

lol! Nikki X that was a good one you laid on "a.C"! Some people are so shallow and stupid they can't appreciate the seriousness of a mentally unstable threat such as Joy Rolland. For years she has threatened and attacked black people in this community and I for one say THANK GOD SHE'S BEHIND BARS!!! I hope she stays there for a very long time. She ought to be thankful no one has picked up a pistol and blown her brains out by now. Keep on keeping on Sister General X!

Anonymous said...

I wonder I Nate Livingston is silent on the crazy lady being hogtied and thrown in jail? She threatened him on that tv show attacked him at the courtroom and he's written plenty of blogs about it.

Anonymous said...

JR is one ugly broad!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Why do people continue to think that just because you don't play step and fetchit that it makes you violent, especially when it comes to black folks.

No matter what color she is, Joy Rolland is a danger to herself, her community and especially to General Nikki X in light of Oba's end. Joy is more than capable of getting people killed, and if that's how someone ends up who she supposedly "loves", dear God, what do you think she would do to someone she clearly doesn't like and stalks to prove it.

Nikki X has done exactly the right thing...I think anyone can see that and how anyone can see different is appalling. It's almost like you're goading her to respond to Joy Rolland and trying to instigate and insinuate violent behavior on Nikki's part where none exists.

That is shameful behavior. What Nikki X has done is honorable and brave in speaking up on her own behalf and using the justice system to do so.

General Nikki X said...

anonymous Sept 27, 2008. 2:10 PM,

What can I say? Except may the Creator Most High bless you for your truth telling wisdom, understanding, compassion & courage.

May Peace & Continued Blessings Be Upon You...

Whomever you are!


Anonymous said...

Nikki X, Why don't you just stop and do not pay any attention to that crap and your business won't be out here. You don't have to react to everything from JR just so that white man can be involved... that just makes it worse.

General Nikki X said...

"anonymous" Sept 30, 7:35PM,
No "anonymous" why don't you just stop..and put down your crack pipe.
The nerve of somebody who won't sign their name to their own 'solid advise' tell me to not act & ignore when my life has been publicly threatened time and time again year after year.

I'll tell you what, why don't YOU ignore threats against YOUR life if by chance God forbide you're ever theatened, harassed or stalked. Until then please take my first suggestion and PUT DOWN THE CRACK PIPE.

"JR" made no bones about going public with her threats against myself and others nor any bones about publicly enticing others to help her in her bloodthirst for myself & others. Kabaka is dead because he decide to leave a path of fighting FOR black people to joined crazy "JR" in her bloodthirst to fight AGAINST black people. He is also dead based on these same type of threats he & "JR" publicly made against the person who decided to step up & finally say NO MORE.

Don't ever post another comment suggesting I stop anything when it comes to "JR" or anyone else who seeks to destroy me and/or take my life.

Thank You For Reading The Black Fist Blog!
(Just read it with some common sense next time!)

Anonymous said...

Nikki X is using the law the way its supposed to be used in dealing with a crazy stalking out for blood. If all the people who tell Nikki X she should stop would have told Kabaka and Joy to stop maybe just maybe Kabaka would still be alive today and Joy would not be jail right now (thank God in heaven she is!)BTW what is it that Nikki X is suppose to stop doing anyway? Informing us that her life is threatened takes bravery and honor as the other person said. She has held her head high throughout this whole mess.

Now who's going step back and think about the loss and humiliation Nikki X has had to suffer under Kabaka and Joy's reign of terror?

Rebekkah Yisrael said...

My sister Nikki X I love you and the family does too. I placed a comment over at deblite and it got heated from my part yet an explaination was given and my reply given this morning. Basically you have explained the entire situtation surrounding Oba's death and the role of everyone involved. The day Oba left you was the day he life spun out of control everyone and I mean everyone knows it whether they want to admit it or accept it. Joy Rolland is a evil Jezebel who used Oba to try and elevate herself and he in turn latched onto her cause he really didn't have anything left. I thank almighty Allah she is in jail. You have been through more than enough. May Allah continue to bless and keep you. I know for a fact Oba loved you and I know you loved him too.
You know who I am sister we go back a ways :)

Anonymous said...

And she is still sick. Well,..WHATEVER Meds she was/is taking didn't, and ain't working for the Hefer.JT