Friday, September 12, 2008



In a previous blog entry I showcased our sister Jennifer Hudson's brand new single called, Spotlight. (See Blog Entry: NEW SINGLE BY JENNIFER HUDSON "SPOTLIGHT")

In today's entry I'd like to share Jennifer Hudson's brand new single released before the "Spotlight" single. This song is called, 'All Dressed In Love' found on the "Sex in the City" Original Motion Picture Soundtrack.

Ms. Hudson also has a starring role in the Sex in the City movie. (personally I've never watch a single episode of Sex in the City when it was on cable. Wasn't interested at all. But with Jennifer Hudson starring in the movie version, I'll wait & catch it on DVD just to see her performance...maybe)

I listened to this song a couple of times and I must say I like it! I'm hoping it will be released on Ms. Hudson's long-awaited CD scheduled for release on Tuesday, September 30th. I don't really wanna purchase the Sex in the City soundtrack just for that one song. However, I've heard from a few folks that there are a few other songs worthy of the purchase with one song featuring Bro. Al Green & Joss Stone. The song is a Bee Gees original (from the 1960's) -Then- Al Green remade the song (in the early 1970's) titled 'How Can You Mend A Broken Heart'. I will not recommend the complete soundtrack to you at this time cause I haven't heard the entire disc for myself.

Now that you've heard the news & got my reviews.
Check out 'All Dressed In Love' by Jennifer Hudson.
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Anonymous said...

I love the song and seen the sex in the city movie when it opened its was good you'd enjoy it only if you were a fan of the series on HBO but they still replay old episodes on I think Channel TBS or TNT somthing like that.

Anonymous said...

I like the song too She sounds great good post I'd never heard this song before today thanks!

Anonymous said...

I'm going get her cd when it comes out I hope they don't push it back again I hope this song is on there too black power to you X