Saturday, September 20, 2008



Greetings Black Fist Blog Readers, Friends & Supporters,

Due to illiterate impostor/clones -- The revamped name of this website started in July 2005 and supported by YOU has been officially changed! The header of this blog will now read:


Nothing else will be changed as far as the great information given. This is still the place where you can find all things pertaining to The Black Fist Organization.
All things from a Black Fist black militant black nationalist perspective. Along with your daily dose of black revolutionary black conscience type news, views & reviews.

There are those out there who have miserably failed yet are still attempting to use the name of this organization, its history, its victories, its credentials and its current involvement in the black community fighting for the salvation & liberation of the black nation to personally elevate themselves. You know, to make themselves appear important and involved.

-- One is a 33 year old bi polar convicted felon recently released from a small filthy cell located in the bowels of The Hamilton County Justice Center & currently sitting in the bowels of a small filthy shack in the ghetto on Court ordered house arrest.
-- The other is her 4 foot 9 inch 50 year old negro lover/puppet who was recently evicted from his own run-down filthy shack on William Howard Taft Rd. & who is currently hole up with relatives in a small government subsidized housing unit in the Winton Terrace area of town.

Both of whom are NOT MEMBERS of The Black Fist Organization.

The bi polar convicted felon has publicly OPPOSED every effort this organization has EVER taken on behalf of the betterment of the black community and has NEVER been a member of this organization. That can not be stressed enough! The ONLY thing this bi polar convicted felon has successfully turned herself into is a "Black Community Terrorist"/Outcast in the community at large.

Don't take my word for it. Ask around.

Her 4 foot 9 inch negro lover/puppet was once a very short (the pun should NOT be pardoned) lived member who turned in his emailed resignation to the Administrator of this website 3 & a half years ago which was made public immediately thereafter. After that the 4 foot 9 inch male negro disappeared only to slither forth and resurface some time later on the arm of the bi polar convicted felon.
Go figure.

In any event you can find that posted resignation titled "RESIGNATION ACCEPTED" in the October 30, 2005 archive of this website.

Final Note:

If you don't hear it here. Don't believe it anywhere else!
The lies keep coming.
The misrepresentations keep coming.
No Weapon Formed Me Shall Prosper.
Both of the aforementioned fools know this yet are too stupid, dumb & ignorant to see the handwriting on the wall & believe it!

Well now. The truth has once again been administered. This entry is now complete.
I now leave you with the OFFICIAL Black Fist Organization Battle Cry:



Anonymous said...

Good for you sister don't let anyone run over you or slander your good name I pray for you siter Nikki X that your troubles and the demons who continue to torment you finally once and for all get what they deserve!

Anonymous said...

Nikki X that's a very beautiful picture of you. I never realized just how lovely you are.

Anonymous said...

Did Nate and Joy bury the hatchet? Is that the midget you're talking about?

And can you get a picture of a less ashy fist?

General Nikki X said...


For information on the "midget".

Thank You For Reading The Black Fist Blog!

Anonymous said...

Nikki, with all due respect, we've had our differences in the past but I know call on you to demonstrate your love for the people you have long told us you care the most for.

Last week, Nate Livingston wrote one of the most despicable slanders ever penned in a Cincy blog. I wont repeat the vile title of the post here but it named Mayor Mallory.

If you care about black people the way you say you do, I beseech you to condemn this atrocity in no uncertain terms.

There are limits.

There are things no black person should ever write about another black person.

And the reason why your condemnation is key is because as a friend and supporter of Nate, your protest has a far better chance of penetrating his confused mind than most.

Also, you may want to start publicly distancing yourself from Nate because it is now painfully clear the man is beginning to lose his grip on reality.

To do what he did is a descent to the gutter even your blood enemies have yet to stoop. I've yet to read any slander against you that implies you are a disease carrier and know you have never written anything of this low caliber about them.

And there you have it. This is not about politics, this is about human decency.

I look forward to you doing the right thing immediately, preferably in a post publicly condeming Nate.



Anonymous said...

I asked you to publicly condemn Nate.

What's the problem?

You think the struggle is just attacking white people?

Nate's vicious and vile rumor-mongering promotes racist stereotypes about black people and you haven't said a peep.

Maybe you didn't know about it. Fine. Know you do.

You're always going on about integrity, well, where the fcuk is yours?

This isn't rocket science, Nikki. If you call yourself a freedom fighter you don't cherry-pick your fights. You fight injustice wherever it happens and whoever makes it happens.

Nate Livingston's attack of Mallory was an attack on all black people. It was an attack on you, me, every black man you ever cared for yet you, self-appointed "Queen of the Struggle" have done nothing about it. Nothing.

You've been put on notice.

Now, do the right fricken thing or take down this website and go away.


General Nikki X said...

ricland you know full well you are banned from this website. However as administrator I call the shots and I've decided to post your last 2 comments. Now I haven't had a chance to really read over them only scanned them. When time permits I may or may not address them yet I posted them so our readers will understand what it is I'm addressing if I choose to do so.

Right now I'm not sure what you are even talking about. Give me a chance to analyze your comments.

Now you know where I'm at on this matter. Ricland you are on notice you are still banned. It's just been temporarily lifted.

Anonymous said...

The instant you read my comment you should have dropped everything you were doing and acted on it.

Bottom line, you have no class and you have no integrity.


Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
General Nikki X said...

As to your 3 comments. I've read them & decided not to address them at all. I am not Nate Livingston's mother. He is a grown man. I don't tell him what he can or can not blog about.

Just as you don't tell me what I can or can not blog about.

If you have a problem with Nate Livingston's "Cincy Blog", I'd suggest you deal with him directly on his website not here on this website. I have enough problems & right now you dear ricland happen to be one of them.

Now back to the BANNED Bin you go.

But Thank You For Your Daily Reading of The Black Fist Blog!
(p.s. thank you for the few compliments you so graciously gave to me.)

Anonymous said...

Keeping truth telling babygirl & Keep ya' head up like pac said


Anonymous said...

You are very welcome. You deserved the compliments I gave you. Joy Rolland's constant harassment of you is despicable and I am embarrassed for Joy and her family members that continue to see her lower herself to such behaviour.

All I did when I asked you to condemn Nate Livingston was to ask you to display integrity and black conscienceness. I realize it was your choice and your choice alone whether you accepted my suggestion.

Joy Rolland is a cancer on black Cincinnati, Nikki, a tumor that should be removed.

Thank you for being a decent human being and being a true black revolutionary. Its evident you are a woman with your head on right.


Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
General Nikki X said...

anonymous Sept. 27, 2008. 12:11PM,
Accept the fact you are banned. Please move on.

Thank you,
Black Fist Blog Administrator.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
General Nikki X said...

;-) I can tell by the high volume of hits & comments posted along with your continued obsession with this website.
That "nobody reads this site".

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
General Nikki X said...

You're right "nobody's obsessed"...EXCEPT YOU Rick Landers!
What part of the word BANNED don't you understand? No wonder nobody reads your weak blog. You don't have anything to say worth reading.

Thank You For Reading The Black Fist Blog Every Day And Every Night Of Your Uncle Tom Life!
(you just can't comment negro got it now?!?)

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
General Nikki X said...

Everybody knows your surname Mr. LANDERS so if you think I'm trying to scare you, you must be scared already.

Now let me tell you something muthafuckah don't you EVER in your miserable worthless life attempt to post some liteweight threat against me to this blog or any other website about what you think you're gonna do to me cause if you don't know by now you'd better ask "Joy Rolland" or my "mini-me" friend (as you called him) I DO NOT SCARE EASILY IF I SCARE AT ALL! You got that ricland a.k.a. Rick Landers!

Your fucking "mugshot" will be posted before mine. Your silly post were funny at times but guess what clown I'm not laughing anymore!

Don't make me angry, you wouldn't like me when I'm angry!

You are BANNED for The Black Fist Blog! How many times do I have to say it before it seeps through that empty bald head of yours?
Now move on to the next blog boy!!!

And don't EVER tempt or try me!

Anonymous said...

My Dear General,
May he Gods that protect the earth and all within, continue to protect you and your loved ones. I think that the eradiance of your intelligence, spirit and dedication to the struggle for the real freedom of our people is merely a compliment to your physical beauty. I know that there are many. many things that are transpiring and alot of "moving parts", not to mention "the unseen hands". I pray that you will keep safe and cherish those the admire you, hold you dear and celebrate you, as I do. Even more important, iin the words of the late and great, Rev. Adam Clayton Powell, "Keep The Faith, Baby".

Brother Nitty

General Nikki X said...

Thank you Bro. Nitty for your thoughful comment.

--Yes, there are a lot of things "transpiring".
--Yes, there is a lot of "moving parts"...
--and yes, dear brother there are definitely a lot of "unseen hands".

I take your advice to heart and I do cherish & value those closest to me. Bro. Adam Clayton Powell told us to "keep the faith baby", and that's what I intend to do & you do the same.

Bro. Nitty, my Grandfather has a saying it goes something like, "You don't have to go home...but you gotta get outta here"!

Soon and very soon people in this town will see a revelation as never before. As soon as the "unseen hand" is finally revealed.

Thank You For Reading The Black Fist Blog!