Friday, September 19, 2008


Once again Keith Olbermann host of the nightly MSNBC news show "Countdown with Keith Olbermann" has spoken truth to power. Something you very rarely get in the LAMEstream News Media.

In the video below you will see and hear Keith Olbermann rip the Republican Party a new one regarding September 11, 2001! Keith Olbermann's angry commentary is toward John McCain & The Republican Party National Convention and its use of America's 9/11 for its own political gains and upliftment while exploiting the living victims of the event, and its dead.

Keith Olbermann feels the Republican Party thinks they have exclusive rights to the notion of "Patriotism", the true "Fighters of Terrorism" and of course now, the phrase "Change".

We here at The Black Fist Blog feel the McBush/Palin campaign are nothing more than a bunch of desperate THIEVES! Basically stealing the "Change You Can Believe In" slogan from the Obama Campaign who has been using that slogan from the beginning. John McBush stole the slogan to re-invent himself and his stale failing campaign by now using the slogan, Believe In Change/Change. Sound familiar?

Well, Barack Obama (always being 10 steps ahead of the angry ol' man) has elevated the slogan to apply to the urgency of now and in our opinion trumping John McBush once again. The new Obama campaign slogan is "Change We Need"! More straightforward and more to the point in our opinion.

Before I digressed I was introducing Keith Olbermann's Commentary wasn't I?

Well here it is: Keith Olbermann's 9.10.08 Commentary.
Watch and Listen.
Then Give Us Your Thoughts.
Did Olbermann Hit it Straight On The Head -OR- Was He Dead Wrong?

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Anonymous said...

Rachael Maddow, directly following Keith Olberann, is also worth watching.