Wednesday, September 10, 2008


I do believe our dear brother and fellow long-time activist Nate Livingston Jr. called this one months ago.

From yesterday's Cincinnati Enquirer:

"The Buzz will be less buzzing on Wednesday.

WDBZ-AM (1230 The Buzz), the only local African-American talk station, will surround Lincoln Ware's midday talk show with gospel music.

The station will remain committed to serving the African-American community, said Lisa Thal, general manager for three Radio One stations here, including WDBZ-AM.

"Lincoln will still be the star. He is doing for the community what our station is all about," Thal said. "We'll continue to be entrenched in the African-American community. ...Listeners will just hear gospel music."

The 1,000-watt station will be rebranded "The New 1230 WDBZ-AM, your community and inspiration station."

The change will come two days after Covington's 500-watt WCVG-AM (1320) dropped Spanish-language programming Monday after two years to resume gospel music.

WDBZ-AM was launched eight years ago by Ross Love, who took Ware and Tom Joyner's syndicated show from WCIN-AM (1480).

"It's a little disappointing the talk format is not there, but Radio One sees financial upside in gospel (music). I'm just glad I've still got a job," said Ware, a 35-year veteran.

"The Buzz," bought by Radio One for $2.65 million last year, was never a ratings hit, despite its loyal core audience. It ranked No. 19 in the spring with a 1 percent audience share.

On Wednesday, Joyner's 6-10 a.m. show - simulcast by WDBZ-AM and sister station WMOJ-FM (100.3) - will be heard only on FM.

WDBZ-AM will air Yolanda Adams' syndicated gospel and talk 6-10 a.m. It will follow Ware with Donnie McClurkin's syndicated show (2-3 p.m.), and "The First Lady" (3-7 p.m.), a Radio One personality from Indianapolis.

Ware predicts the station "won't hear a big fallout" from listeners.

Gospel listeners had another choice Monday. WCVG-AM in Latonia reverted to gospel when Tracie M. Hunter returned as general manager, her position from 1995-2006.

Hunter, a local attorney, said she's part of an investment group planning to buy WCVG-AM.

Thal isn't worried about the competition, saying WDBZ-AM "has a big names and a better signal."

Hunter isn't worried either.

"If another (gospel) station comes along, that means more souls for the Kingdom of Christ. We can dwell in unity," Hunter said.

Now. Let's talk what we'd call on the streets of hood -- REAL TALK!

I've lived a long short time on this planet, and not one to believe everything I read in the media.

- Is there not an upcoming presidential election of historic proportions on the horizon? -

- Didn't Lincoln Ware report over the airwaves of his midday talk show that Republican presidential hopeful John Adams, I mean, John McCain's so-called "Straight Talk Express" motor bus was right outside the studios of WDBZ Radio facilities waiting to "talk" with him at the close of his talk show at 2 p.m. almost 2 weeks ago to the day of the Buzz being silenced? -

- Didn't Lincoln Ware report back that some big white men representing John McCain "escorted" his ass up into the Straight Talk Express motor bus, closed the doors behind them and "just wanted to talk" to him?

- Yet our good buddy Lincoln to my knowledge never came back on the radio and reported to the people exactly what them big white men representing Republican John McCain's presidential campaign actually "talked" to him about?

-Did the conversation between Lincoln & them big white men in that closed motor bus go something like this:

"Lincoln Ware we're tired of you! You better shut your black mouth up on that radio about that black Barack winning anything or else N****r!!! Don't make us come back here to Cincinnati, Ohio to see about you boy! You got your marching orders from us a long time ago & ain't nothing changed!! You a black N****r Republican and you gonna STAY a black N****r Republican! (insert repeated hard cold slaps across Lincoln's face with the conversation ending) You hear us boy!"

Is that what happened Lincoln?
Did the man shake you down and rough you up?
I only ask. Cause you never told.

- Fast forward a bit-- WDBZ-AM is embalmed in gospel music.

No more extra hours in the day to speak of politics, discuss and debate the issues on the last plantation called Sinsinnati, and especially NO MORE long drawn out praise, support and encouragement to register & vote for Democratic presidential hopeful Sen. Barack Obama, the man who could become America's first black president of the United States of America.

As I opened this entry with my recollection of Bro. Nate Livingston calling this "change" at WDBZ some months back. This is not the first time we've read something in the lamestream news media AFTER we read it on Nate's informative and sometimes controversial "Cincinnati Black Blog"! And I'm sure if I know Nate Livingston... it won't be the last! Good Job Brotha Man!

I just wanted to share that with you, my faithful readers for I have always believed in giving credit where credit is due. PERIOD! Some people are such hoes and crybaby bitches that they can't give anybody due credit for anythang thinking it'll take something away from them. That's why black folks are as f**ked up as they are today!
I gotta give you to REAL black people!

In any event, I just wonder what's gonna happen to some of the regular callers of WDBZ now that they'll only have 20 hours per week to cry, whine and bemoan the problems of the black community and/or just hear themselves on radio day in and day out...?

I stated once in a previous blog entry that, "If the Buzz ever went off the air I predict the black community would see a massive wave of black people committing suicide in Cincinnati." I sure hope that won't be the case. However some blacks in this town have centered their whole lives around the Buzz talk radio,& can't go a single day without calling. I just wonder...

Well getting back to what I was saying before I took a stroll down blog memory lane.

I'm talking about the everyday callers who'll cry to Lincoln on a daily basis yet too scared to bust a grape in the streets to even stand up for their own basic God-given rights & humanity. I'm talking about black people who won't even Stand Up and DEMAND equality & justice for themselves and for their children. Yet when a freedom fighter takes the mike (call the Buzz) and calls for soldiers on the front line to take it straight to the man whose oppressing them with unequal justice, unfair distribution of tax dollars and/or police who are busting them up side the head and holding court in the streets over people/Killing their children dead in the streets. All the freedom fighter sees is his or her own shadow on the battlefield cause all the aforementioned oppressed blacks are sitting on hold trembling scared of the white man waiting to tell another black man, Lincoln Ware all their problems oppressions complaints & ills of society.

These Negroes won't do nothing to better the plight of injustice equality and freedom a.k.a. support the boycott that's still ON & IN FULL EFFECT south of Central Parkway downtown! NNNOOOO! But these same Negroes sure know how to complaint and ask Lincoln the same rhetorical question when something unjust goes down. It goes a little something like: "Lincoln! Somebody gonna have do something that ain't fair!"

What it is, is PITIFUL!

And oh my goodness! What about the so-called savior/messiah? The "Snake in a Suit" that comes on Saturdays between 5pm-6whatever? The biggest egomaniac shady con man hustler of them all...

What did former Hamilton County Prosecutor Mike Allen call him? Oh yeah.."THE SMART MOUTH LITTLE PUNK" himself & current P.R. (Proportional Representation) pusher Christopher Smitherman. What on earth will he do now if he can't come on the radio and tell you silly brainwashed kool-aid drinking knee-grows just how much you're suppose to love, honor, obey, worship and follow him blindly straight into the gates of hell no questions asked!

...And if you are even remotely thinking about questioning this johnny-come-lately slickster about his motives and credentials or LACK thereof.... Oh Laaawwwd help you!
Cause according to Smitherman's own lambaste... "You're Just An Uncle Tom Sellout Negro"!

Wait a minute! Let me think. Who is the latest BLACK person in the community targeted by this snake in a suit? Oh Yeah! Our good friend Dwight Tillery!
I wonder if copies of Bro. Tillery's face along with a whole host of vicious lies about him will anonymously be placed on a stack of 'Wanted Posters' made at Kinkos and secretly mailed out to different members of the community in a weak feeble punkified homogenized sissified attempt at discrediting and slandering our brother's good name? I wonder...

Oh well I'll conclude here.
And as Lincoln Ware the 35 year veteran of talk radio has said, "I'm just glad I've still got a job"!
.....And that's keeping it real with you, Mr. & Mrs. Sinsinnati Negro!




Anonymous said...

Dang general you hit Lincoln up!!! lololololololololololololololol!!!
He even read your blog on his show today even he couldnt stop laughing and gave out the website for others to read! Great job I read you everyday its about time Lincoln plugged your contribution to the black community on his show we need as you said 'real black talk' in this eaed head city I wish you'd start back calling in the radio that would be the topping on the cake! Later General X

Anonymous said...

I like the song too she sounds great good post I'd never heard this song before today

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I put this comment in the wrong place I'll repost it under Jennifer Hudson. Sorry