Monday, September 1, 2008


Bro. Isaac Hayes' classic song "Thanks To The Fool" from his 1995 CD "Branded" was a direct response to his own classic hit "I Stand Accused" from his 1970 CD "The Isaac Hayes Movement".
D-E-E-P how the brothaman came back on himself 25 years later!
Check it out for yourself. Nobody could sang this thang better than The Black Moses himself!

To hear "I Stand Accused", check out my August 10, 2008 entry titled: THE BLACK MOSES: ISAAC HAYES DEAD AT 65 -- Found in the archive section of the blog.



Anonymous said...

That song is deep I remember when it first came out on the radio in limited play I couldn't figure that out and called the radio station to ask them why they gave me some kind a ying yang but I went out and bought the CD and it was hot! And still is I'm so sorry the man has passed on but his music lives on thanks for posting this beautiful song I love the 'thank you' sparkling pictures. Love your whole blog cause you say everything the people out here are just too damn scared to say out loud. From Bro. & Sis Black we are first time commenters & long time readers

Anonymous said...

Isaac was one sexy negro I don't care what nobody say! lol!!!!!

Sis. Dina

Anonymous said...

LaTrace said...You got that right. Isaac Hayes is sexy as hell and I don't care what nobody says either Dina!