Sunday, January 1, 2012


Happy New Year! And I pray it be a VERY GOOD new year for everyone! On behalf of The Black Fist Organization wishing you a safe healthy prosperous and blessed new year!


Anonymous said...
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General Nikki X said...

No. And the whiteman didn't tell me to delete your dumb ass comment either.

I just deleted it all by myself.

Thank You For Reading The Black Fist Blog.

Anonymous said...
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General Nikki X said...

"Anonymous" 6:49pm wrote:
"Since you write so much about Nate Livingston, Why would he talk negative about the late general kabaka when kabaka stood up for him to get him out of jail in the past?"

General Nikki X's Response:
#1. Go Ask Nate
#2. Thank You for Reading The Black Fist Blog!

General Nikki X said...

ATTENTION: The topic of this entry is: "HAPPY NEW YEARS!"

If anyone out there would like to wish someome a happy new year -or- comment about what you wish for this new year -or- anything relative to this upcoming new year please do so this entry is open to all Black Fist Blog Commenters.

We ask once again, that you stay on topic and only comment about the subject matter provided. This goes for ALL entries on this site.

Any other comments NOT related to the topic provided will be deleted. We realize a few or maybe just 1 or 2 of you are so miserable you feel compelled to bring in this new year attemting to make others just as miserable as you. Well, it ain't happening. Not on this blog. Sorry.

Just because YOU, THE BLACK TERRORIST TROLL are bringing in the 2007 new year under a FELONY INDICTMENT and facing 12 YEARS IN PRISON doesn't mean everyone else need be sad. When in fact most are GLAD. For we knew you'd eventually find yourself just where you are today. You did it to yourself. So ONLY blame yourself.

In any event, read and re-read these words, everyone else please continue your participation and your commenting on this blog, HAPPY NEW YEAR and of course,



Anonymous said...

Is this truly the New Year? Is this the White man New Year: everyhting is dead just like he is, nonthing is alive, no one is outside, it is cold and most of all " We ( black people ) have nonthing to be happy about in America.

General Nikki X said...

To "anonymous" Jan 22nd 8:46pm,

You're right. We [ of black conscienceness] are taught that the Blackmans' New Year is April 1st when everything is in bloom, everything begins anew.
The whiteman's calendar says January 1st.

In previous entries to this site and on various talk radio programs I have stated just that fact. We have some pretty smart reading of this site!

Thank You For Reading The Black Fist Blog!

General Nikki X said...

We have some pretty smart readERS of this blog, I mean to say!

Sean said...

January 1st is the New Year based on the Gregorian Calendar used by most countries, however, there are a few exceptions:

The Assyrian New Year, called Rish Nissanu, occurs on 1 April
The Punjabi new year Vaisakhi is celebrated on 13 April and celebrates the harvest.
The Thai New Year is celebrated from 13 April to 15 April by throwing water.
The Cambodian New Year and Lao New Year are celebrated from 13 April to 15 April.
The Bengali New Year Pohela Baisakh is celebrated on 14 April or 15 April in a festive manner in both Bangladesh and West Bengal, India.
The Sinhalese New Year falls In April (the month of Bak) when the sun moves from the Meena Rashiya (House of Pisces) to the Mesha Rashiya (House of Aries) Sri Lankans begin celebrating their National New Year "Aluth Avurudhu" in Sinhala and "Puththandu" in Tamil. However, unlike the usual practice where the new year begins at midnight, the National New Year begins at the time determined by the astrologers. Not only the beginning of the new year but the conclusion of the old year is also specified by the astrologers. And unlike the customary ending and beginning of new year, there is a period of a few hours in between the conclusion of the Old Year and the commencement of the New Year , which is called the "nona gathe" (neutral period). During this time one is expected to keep off from all types of work and engage solely in religious activities.
In India, the Tamil New Year and Vishu are celebrated on the same day respectively in the Southern Indian states of Tamil Nadu and Kerala. They generally fall on 13 April or 14 April. The first month of the Tamil New Year is called Chithrai. Every year in the month of Chithrai, in the temple city of Madurai, the Chithrai Thiruvizha is celebrated in the Meenakshi Temple. A huge exhibition is also held, called Chithrai Porutkaatchi. In some parts of Southern Tamil Nadu, it is also called Chithrai Vishu. The day is marked with a feast in Hindu homes and the entrance to the houses are decorated elaborately with kolams.

As you can see most of these New Years have to do with spirituality, while the American New Year is just that. The first date of the new year. The actual date of when a culture celebrates its new year has little to do with race, but instead the religion, or country.

General Nikki X said...


Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

Thank you For Reading The Black Fist Blog!

Anonymous said...

To Sean ( Jan 23 at 1:11pm ): You are one Dummy! You think you know everything; the true new years is counted by the new moons not the different dates of different countrys.

If this was so we all would be screw ups, Get it right!!

Anonymous said...

To Sean: what anonymous said about you Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha !!! Lol Sean is all wrong, he better double chack his work.

Anonymous said...

Happy new year to you too!!! I bet your happy this morning....J.R. in jail for a year!!!! You will have a year or peace and quiet hopefully as long as what friends she does have leaves you alone!!!YEAH FOR NIKKI!!!!!!!!

General Nikki X said...

Thank you for taking the time to get me your congrats anonymous jan 8th 8:13pm! In a blog entry I plan to write at a later date I will be commenting on the sentence given to the black community terrorist.

1 year certainly wasn'tlong enough, however we will take what we can get. We meaning ALL of her victims.


Anonymous said...
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General Nikki X said...

If you desire to trash Nate Livingston this is not the place to do it. The Black Fist Blog supports our dear brother Nate and anything else is irrelevant.

Thank you and Goodbye.

Anonymous said...

Happy 2012 beautiful sister Queen General Nikki X I hope I can meet you again one day this year since I met you only once back a couple of years ago at a rally but you do not remember meeting me.
I have been trying to meet with you every since but you are like the phantom General you keep it moving lol! I'll catch up with you one day beautiful lady.
Happy new year from your brother!

Bro. Trey X

Anonymous said...

yeah, Um....The "new Year!"...Happy?! Well, let's (Of Black Conscienceness)think on that. Guess who!