Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Greetings Peace & Blessings Beautiful Brothers & Sisters,

That is a very good question.

Just how does domestic violence against Black women usually get started? In this part-one of our five-part series: Domestic Violence Against Black Women, we will explore the triggers that first initiate of brutality of domestic violence.

And what keeps this kind of self-hatred and evilness going in our community. Black man against his Black woman or Black woman against her Black man, it does not matter it's all wrong and not how we are suppose to love and interact with each other. However, we are not stupid. We know this kind of raging wickedness is perpetrated more by the Black man against the Black woman, and it has got to stop. And STOP NOW!

As I wrote in my introductory blog titled: A New Five Part Series: Domestic Violence In The Black Community: Domestic Violence Against Black Women January 30, 2012., I first began to speak about my opinions regarding domestic violence. I introduced the series and a lot of you brothers and sisters emailed me at: askgeneralnikkix@yahoo.com - and - commented on this blog your thoughts and opinions.

Thank you & keep 'em coming as we move on in the series.

This following link below is an article about our very subject Domestic Violence Against Black Women, and it gave a pretty clear insight into the what's, why's, and how's of this very serious yet often hidden shameful issue that plagues our black community now, yesterday but hopefully not tomorrow.

Click on the link below brothers and sisters, read the article then do what it do and comment your views, opinions and thoughts. Good, bad or ugly, we wanna hear from you.

Until Our Next Installment!
Keep Peace In The Streets!!!

Please Click Here: How Does Domestic Violence Against Black Women Usually Start? | Rolling Out - Black News, Celebrity Videos, Entertainment, Business & Politics


Anonymous said...

Damn that picture hurts to look at! I haven't even read the article yet I will but i wanted to comment on the picture first my god how can a black man beat his woman and say he loves her at the same time? Im getting ready to read the article now i will comment again. thanks general


Anonymous said...

I read it Sis. Nikki and now I'm going to bed cause it hit to close to home as I told you in my personal email to you and comment on the other dv blog that situation with my ex-nigga. All i can say is thank you sister thank you so for posting this series for us black women and thanks for giving me a place to feel safe.

Sis. Fayahhna

Anonymous said...

Sis Nikki tell me right now is someone hurting YOU girl?!? I'm reading this and I care about the safety of all black women but YOU are, well, special and I need to know if you are just educating the masses as you do or if this is happening to you. Please

Bro. Trey
YOUR Bro. Trey X

Anonymous said...

Nikki? It's Trey & I'm here if EVER you need me girl you hear me?

Anonymous said...

Wow wow wow! I will never understand why a man who has a good woman who loves him and takes care of him would turn around and beat her? What is this shit and how did we come to this? I guess that is why you are writing about this to help us all of us to understand. I will keep reading.

Anonymous said...

Sounds to me as Stupid.JT

Anonymous said...

in response to JT's comment what sounds stupid to you brother? A man beating the hell out of his woman or the woman taking that shit off the punk muthafucka? which one? make yo'self clear

Bro. K.L.

Anonymous said...

That Picture, story just Hurts me physically, emotinoally, spiritually; that mess has to stop immediate expresso! Just thinking of how that could be in a relationship just scares the soul in me to have to face the Most High Almighty God with something as that. Bro. JT.