Friday, January 13, 2012


Greetings! Peace! Blessings! Black Love! & Black Power To You! All Of Our Faithful Readers Of The Black Fist Blog!

Today is a good day for myself, and hopefully for all of you who over the years have asked me, "When Are you gonna bring back your Friday Flashback To The Past Series?"

Well, wait now longer beautiful brothers and sisters! Here it is! It's Back!

I believe we left off in our weekly series at Friday Flashback To The Past, number 19. Yes, 19! Can you believe it? I can't. We have done 19 Flashbacks in our series, why did we ever stop? Who knows. Only know that we are finally back and we are starting with (what some of you would think of as an) unlikely choice.

The artist we are restarting our series with this week is called Rare Earth.

Rare Earth is a Caucasian group that started in the late 1960's.
A little know Black History Fact is Rare Earth was the first white group ever signed to Berry Gordy's Motown label.

Depending on your choice of musical taste and style, these white boys are bad!
Another little known history fact: Music is the only thing General Nikki X does not put color on.
Dig That!

So there it is and here they are... Rare Earth Live in Concert From 1971 doing a remake of fellow Motown label artist The Temptations, "Get Ready". We hope that you have some time to spare brothers and sisters because their live rendition of this song is 25 minutes long. Yep, you heard me 25 minutes long and every minute is definitely worth the listen. I could have given y'all the little radio-edit back in tha day 45 record version, but hey! Y'all know me! The General is about no half stepping!

So sit back and dig on this rare gem "Rare Earth" getting groovy with The mighty Temptations remake of "Get Ready"! .....

Now the question becomes: Are Y'all READY?

Wow! Could y'all dig that? That was heavy wasn't it?
We hope you enjoyed the return of our weekly series Friday Flashback To The Past 20, and we hope we got you off to a tremendously wonderfully Black weekend here on The Black Fist Blog!

In order to keep our weekly series going, I have to kick back and think of different artist and songs to add each week to our series.... But Wait!.... Why should I have to do all the work , huh? ;-)

Why don't you our faithful readers give me some ideas?!? Think of the artist and song you would like to hear beautiful brothers and sisters and send them to me, General Nikki X and I will look through them and pick 1 or 2, maybe even 3 artist and songs per week to showcase on our series. START TODAY brothers and sisters because in order to have your pick chosen and showcased on Friday, I will need to receive all submissions by Wednesday of that week.

Due to the fact I have two submissions of my own sitting hot on draft right now for you good brothers and sisters to get down too, why don't we start with the request 2 weeks from now? Yeah! Let's start Friday Flashback To The Past 23 like that! With your request!

My Email Address to Submit Your Request and/or Suggestions For Our Weekly Series, "Friday Flashback To The Past" Is Listed In My Profile Which You Can Find Listed On The Homepage Of Our Black Fist Organization Website. Hey! Let's Make Things Easy, Shall We?

Send Your Request and/or Suggestions To:

NOTE: As I am in the process of revamping and updating our website, I will also be updating that email address. If for some reason I can not, I will list an alternative email address, add it to my profile and hip you good sisters and brothers on to it!

How's that? Good? Ok groovy! Well let's get started back into our series and I look forward to hearing from ALL of you, our faithful readers of The Black Fist Blog!

Black Power, Every Hour!!!

General Nikki X
CEO & Administrator
The Black Fist Blog


Anonymous said...

Beautiful General woaaaa girl that was a long song but i had never heard of them and they sound black that dude on drums was doing the thang i really liked it I did'nt even know somebody remade get ready I always thought it was just a good temptations joint! that was a good choice to start back yo' friday music tip you know i was 1 of the 1's asking you what was up wit it and why you stopped it. Keep it going sister queen you know I'll be sending you something in.

Bro. Trey X

Anonymous said...

Hi sister Nikki X I liked that song and that version. I wouldn't have thought they were white but they do the thing. Only you would bring it like that general! Thanks for starting back this series I always liked it and look forward to fridays.
Sister Laima

Anonymous said...

Babygirl General that was heavy damn! What's next? Great post!

Brother Black

Anonymous said...

You know I can dig it girl. Glad you are back and bringing it black!

Bro. D

Anonymous said...

General Nikki X what's uuuuup?! How you doing girl? I have a sugestion for a song I'll send it to your email I likes I likes glad you start back up!

Anonymous said...

that song was whats up great post!

Anonymous said...

You Got it Flowin' now...thought you had deserted the music flow here. Most glad, and appreciative to have this! Brotha' JT.