Monday, January 30, 2012


Greetings Peace & Blessings Beautiful Black Brothers and Sisters,

Today, we start a brand new five part series here on The Black Fist Blog entitled: Domestic Violence In The Black Community

Domestic violence or "DV" as it is commonly called in law enforcement, is an all too well-known crime. We as blacks here in AmeriKKKa hear, see, read and/or know someone who has been either the victim of "DV" or has perpetrated the vicious act of "DV" on upon another black person.

We can turn on any television (cable, satellite or converter box) pick up any white-controlled news publication (newspaper or magazine), or turn on any radio program (FM or AM) and hear about the act of "DV" against some white woman, white child or even against the white man himself.....

But what about us? What about the black woman? The black child? And in some cases even the black man?
No! We rarely if ever hear about Black Domestic Violence in the main lame stream media about and/or against us.

Well today all of that ends. The Black Fist Blog is determined to change the way we see ourselves, our self-worth, our self-value, our self-love, and how we interact with ourselves within our own black community. Yes, we live here in the hells of North AmeriKKKa. And yes, we live, work, and pay our taxes to this AmeriKKKan Government. So every single resource available to us i.e., police departments, fire departments, social service agencies, jobs and family service agencies and any and every other Government ran and paid by the taxpayer controlled entity... we as blacks have the right to utilize and demand equal service/help from.

To fight against the wicked viciousness of police brutality does NOT mean we as black people can not call the police and ask for help when we need and deserve it. I hope all of you brothers and sisters out there can dig on what I'm saying? I will re-state that point again:

Just because Black People rise up and demand that police who kill black people unjustifiably should go to jail or hell! Does not mean we as black people living in this land called America to white folks and AmeriKKKa to black folks (of conscience) should feel as if we can not or do not have the right to utilize and call our local law enforcement agency (the police) whenever and wherever we need them!

Especially when it comes to our (black people's) safety, protection, and well-being!

With all of that being said, I come here today to bring forth our Black Fist Public Safety Announcement and Educational Guide to Domestic Violence In Our Black Community.

What you will be reading are a series of articles linked straight from Black publications from around the country. Testimonials from black women who have live to tell the tale of loving a black man who has committed Domestic Violence against them. The what's & why's of Domestic Violence, and when & where to get help if you have been the victim of Domestic Violence.

There is NO, I mean, absolutely NO reason for the black man to put his hands on the black woman with the intent to physically hurt, harm or kill her... NONE!!!
There is NO, I mean, absolutely NO reason for the black woman to put her hands on the black man EXCEPT when it is a case of self-defense when she feels her own life is threatened!
And self-defense is our right as black women under The Most High Almighty God's law, and in the white man's Court of Law here in the white man's land called The United States of America!

Real Talk! So as we begin our five-part series we will explore most if not ALL of the reasons Black Domestic Violence "DV" is running so rampant through our community. We will examine how we can once again love, trust, have faithfulness in and treat each other with dignity and respect within and throughout our beautiful black community.

This is the prelude to our series to allow you our faithful readers to fully understand and digest exactly what time it is for us, The Black Men and Black Women at this day and time in our lives.

Black Love Between A Black Man And His Black Woman Is A Treasured & Beautiful Thing But NOT When This Treasured & Beautiful Black Love Thing Hurts.....


Brothers and Sisters please reflect, dig deep, marinate, open your minds, and comment about anything you may read during our five-part series because this series is not for anyone other than us. Meaning the views, opinions and commentary expressed will be coming solely from the minds and mouths of the Black Woman and The Black Man.

Of course, as with any blog post or article posted here on this site any creed or race of people can comment. Just be prepared for what you get in response. On a good day, we don't play here on The Black Fist Blog, and we damn sure ain't taking no shit on any other day! Especially not a day as serious as when we are trying to save our black lives!

Our life, liberty, pursuit of happiness, and our personal safety and well-being is number 1! First and foremost! So trust and believe we take the pursuit of happiness, life, liberty, and our personal safety and well-being extremely serious!!!

So we ask that everyone comment with caution. Meaning speak what's on your mind without fear of judgement or ridicule. Comment with openness and honesty. Comment with sensitivity and compassion.

Do NOT comment with jokes, bullshit, and etc., because Domestic Violence is NOT a joking bullshit matter. It is serious. It is wrong. It is rooted deep in our black community behind closed doors & sometimes not-so closed doors.

Domestic Violence Against Black Women Can KILL!

Stay tuned beautiful black sisters and brothers part one of our five-part series is coming up shortly.

Until Then Remember Black Man: That just because we respect, honor, believe in, are faithful to, support and love you as your Black Woman, your Wife, your Rib, your Helpmate in the eye's of God, your Soul mate in the spiritual realm of the Universe, the Mother of your Black Children, and your ultimate Friend when you look around and everyone else has abandoned you....
that does NOT give you Black man, the right to emotionally, verbally, psychologically, spiritually, financially, and most of all physically abuse, hurt and/or kill us.

(The reference to finances will be explained further within the context of some of the articles you will read regarding how the black man may be the sole provider for his black woman and his family, and uses that fact to control, manipulate, and abuse his black woman)

Let's all of as Black Men & Black Women learn something new together in this thing called LIFE & LOVE.




Peace, Love & Blessings From,

General Nikki X
Administrator, The Black Fist Blog


Anonymous said...

Sister General Nikki i am ready to read this series I just got out of a relationship where my man abused me he was crazy and jealous we have 3 babies and he uses them to get in my business now that we are threw. I love this negro still but i can't have him hitting on me plus he cheated once that I know of. This shit is crazy Sis. Nikki thank God you are bring this ti light for us cause you are right when the white girl gets beat the whole world reaches out all on tv and stuff but when a black woman get beat her ass is just beat and nobody gives a shit. Keep writing cause i will keep reading!

Sis. Fayahnna

Anonymous said...

tHIS IS A SERIOUS SUBJECT, AND IS TO BE TAKEN SERIOUSLY. Both OUR Black sistas', ansd Brothas' mUST (if this act has occured w/in their family together)grip hold of themselves, STOP, and I do Mean STOP all acts of violence w/each other, and bring their family together as one w/in the household. This Domestic violence can ...kill,ok. Much fustrations,economy issues,self-wants etc., must stop being taken out on love ones. I will Stay tuned through this entire 5 series of this topic, and take heed myself to all that is with this.JT 1/30/12.

Anonymous said...

Damn! That blog was deep.
Uh, Sis. Nikki if you don't mind me asking, "has somebody hurt you sister?" Because if they have ...

Bro. Trey X
with much peace and black love for you always

Anonymous said...

Yeah I'm wit Bro Trey X Sis. Nikki no shit had better not went down against you and if it has we black men of the community had better hear about it fo sho'!!! You are our queen and sister and that's ALL a muthafucka better recognize!!! So what's up girl? is this just something you writing about? Holla back atcha fam

Bro. Jaheem 2X


Eddie Price said...