Sunday, January 15, 2012


83 years ago today, on January 15, 1929. The Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. was born.

The man did more dream.

He stood up.
He fought for true civil rights for all.

Had not the enemy's bullet struck.... Bro. Dr. King could have possibly been here with us today. But NO! Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. has been taken from us forever.

Dr. King was a man who preached, taught, and demonstrated NON-VIOLENCE!

In AmeriKKKa.....!



H. Hap Brown said...

General Nikki X, I am humbled and honored by your remembrance of the murder of Dr. Martin Luther King on April 4, 1968. This was a time in history for Black people and a time for America and the world. America was at a moral, cultural, social and political crossroads for 'change'. The foundation for "struggle for change" was the "Moral President" of the United States of America, Dr. Martin Luther King. Lyndon B. Johnson was the President of America, but this country was in an "immoral" war and this President wasn't viewed as a moral leader because of this extremely unpopular war. America was not ready, nor prepared for the opposition to the was. There has never been a time in recorded history of this country when there was a tsunami of opposition to a conflict like Vietnam. The government and the 'hidden' hands of power and influence in business and corporate America's response for a tidal wave of violence and murder against those who opposed and spoke out against the war. Dr. Martin Luther King was given a "shoot to kill" assassination tag because he was the most vocal and popular of all voices in the opposition to the was. His death lead the way for change that continued after his murder, all the way up until Barack Obama became the first African-American President, ever. Thank you, My Sister, for your endless love and dedication to our people's awareness. You have not fell victim to the trance of pseudo-leadership offered by 'Satan' himself, Chris Smitherman of the NAACP. Dr. King would love and honor you if he was alive. Yet, we, all of us that love God, freedom and truth loves and honor you. And, we thank God for you. If all of us were like you, we would stay "booted and suited" and we couldn't be uprooted from the struggle.

Quim said...

Thanks for posting this. I remember the icy feeling inside that this murder gave me at the time - that if you stood up and spoke your mind you would be shot.
That's not the way it's supposed to be but the only way to change that is to stand up and speak your mind.

Anonymous said...

Dr. King will be forever loved and missed. Happy birthday Dr. King