Friday, January 27, 2012


(Pictured above is a picture of our Sis. Candi Staton today at age 71. The 3 pictures below are of Candi Staton in the 1970's)

Candi Staton.
The woman hailed as "The Queen of Southern R&B"!

That's right brothers & sisters, our beautiful sister Ms. Candi Staton is our featured artist on today's Friday Flashback To The Past 22!

Sis. Candi Staton has been around a long time, and I mean a very long time. This sister started her career back in the mid-1950's and she continues today to be a powerhouse singer and a true soul survivor in every sense of the word.

Candi Staton was born Canzetta Maria Staton on March 13, 1940., in Hanceville, Alabama., and it's been full stream ahead every sense. Candi Staton is a woman who is truly "Unsung" if there ever were one. Candi Staton's very first hit on the FAME record label was back on September 25, 1968., and it was called, "I'd Rather Be A Old Man's Sweetheart Than Be A Young Man's Fool".

In my opinion, and in the opinion of many music critics Candi Staton should have been hailed right up there with the greatest female soul sister singers of her time like the so-called "Queen of Soul" Aretha Franklin. Ms. Franklin and Ms. Staton started their musical careers about the same time, yet as it turned out one sister was hailed as the so-called "greatest" and the other sister stayed "always just on the fringes".

Sometimes I wonder brothers and sisters, "Who is really calling the musical shots at these record companies & who in the devil decides who can get down big-time on the big stage of the music business, and who can not?"

Oh well. That's why all of you come here on Fridays to get what you won't get any where else!
At The Black Fist Blog we call 'em as we see 'em and Sis. Candi Staton is a super soul sister in every sense of the word!

Here is Candi Staton singing her biggest hit according to the Billboard Black Music Charts of 1976. "Young Hearts Run Free" topped the U.S. dance charts at #20 and #2 in England.

Sis. Candi's follow-up single "Victim" was said to be the "sequel" to "Young Hearts Run Free", and if you listen to the words you'll be able to hear it for yourself. "Victim" came out in 1978, and it topped the U.S. Billboard Black Music charts at #17 and topped the U.S. dance charts at #3! The next single behind "Victim" was a beautiful song called "Honest I Do Love You". Honest I Do Love You hit the R&B charts at #77, but fared much better on the dance charts.

So please check out this week's Friday Flashback To The Past 22:
Candi Staton singing "Young Hearts Run Free" -Then- Check out Candi singing "Victim".
But don't stop there brothers and sisters~as an added bonus check out the sista singing "Honest I Do Love You".

And for the sisters out there, I'm sure some of you (if not all of you) can identify with all 3 of these songs. Sung straight from the heart!

Alright Brothers and Sisters!!!

How did you like it? What did you think? We here at The Black Fist Blog most definitely wanna hear your thoughts, opinions, and of course your personal musical review of these 3 songs.

Keep sending your Friday Flashback To the Past suggestions and request to me, General Nikki X at:

I will post 1, 2 or maybe even 3 music videos per week. We'll see how it goes and depending on the volume of your request.

How's That? Cool? Alright! Good!
See ya" next week right here for our next edition of Friday Flashback To The Past 23!



Anonymous said...

She is pretty I had not heard anything about this lady for years she was a gospel singer for a while then went back to R&B music I liked each one of those songs great post again Sis. Nikki X I will be sending you a request keep up the good work.


Anonymous said...

I thought about you when I listened to that last song. In a respectfully way queen

Bro. Trey X

Anonymous said...

Sister Nikki X that's a good pick I thought mama was dead for real but you let me know she's still alive 'n' kicking lol! I'll be emailing you on my choice probably this week. Peace sister,

Anonymous said...

Damn she sexy as hell i love those pictures specially that one in the nightgown umm umm! She even sexy in that ol' picture fo' sho!

Bro. K.L.

Anonymous said...

This Bro. K.L. again i meant to say she sexy even in that picture of her as a ol' lady damn! All of 'em is whats up tho

Anonymous said...

I love her she's got a helluva voice and she been threw some shit in his life like domestic violence and alcoholism she been married 4 times and 3 of her husbands beat her ass her second husband was the blind man Clarence Carter the one that sings I be stroking and that blind nigga beat her too. What the hell?!? Anyway I love all of those songs you posted great job. I have a song suggestion for you i'll email you.

Sis. Fayahnna