Friday, January 20, 2012


R.I.P Etta James January 25, 1938 - January 20, 2012

Greetings, Peace & Blessings,

Sadly... Today's Friday Flashback To The Past 21 is a somber one.
Our dear beloved Blues Legend and Sister Elder Etta James has made her transition to be with the ancestors at age 73. Just 5 days shy of her 74th Earthday.

Dear Etta James had been deathly ill for quite some time, and this morning she succumbed to complications due to leukemia. Sis. Etta had been suffering quite a few medical problems in the last couple of years, however it was her bout with terminal leukemia along with dementia that found her having to be placed in a nursing home for a few years.

Later as her illnesses progressed, she was taken back home by family to receive hospice care. Ms. Etta remained at home surrounded by immediate family until she developed breathing problems and was taken to Riverside Community Hospital in California. That is where she remained until she passed away this morning.

Today brothers & sisters I wanted to present an Etta James track that maybe a lot of you may not be hip too.

I know that everyone is talking about Etta James' most famous song "At Last", and that's all good. However, Etta James had been singing for over 50 years and she had a lot of hits and lesser known hits that should have gotten more recognition that they did.

One of her songs called "In The Basement". Perhaps you may have heard this song being played in the the movie "Hurricane", Starring Denzel Washington. It is the true life story of the ungodly and unlawful imprisonment of boxing legend and humanitarian activist Rubin "Hurricane" Carter.

Well here brothers & sisters, of course, your good sister Nikki X stumbled upon a remixed version of "In The Basement" in my basement (courtesy of General Brandon X my right-hand music man & Black Fist member) and thought maybe you would enjoy it as much as we do.

In remembrance of a Legend and Pioneer in the world of Blues, R & B and Rock.
Ms. Etta James.

Ms. Etta James, we loved you here at The Black Fist Blog and General Nikki X played your songs daily right here at National Black Fist Headquarters.

I didn't just love you after death. I always loved you. Rest In Peace.

Next week's Friday Flashback To The Past 22 will be a good one brothers & sisters.
So Stay Tuned.
So Stay Blessed.
Stay Strong.
Stay Black.

Peace & Blessings,

Nikki X


Anonymous said...

Damn! Thats some sad news for real! I saw that movie Cadillac Records and wondered why they would pick somebody like Beyonce to play such a great legend and woman like Etta James when Beyonce can't act her way outta a brown paper bag never could and why don't they make a whole movie about Etta James life story. Good Post though sister queen though sad. I dug the song it switch up at about 7 mins that was hot. Thank General Brandon X for holding it down and bringing it out for you and for us.

Bro. Trey X

Anonymous said...

Great song and Bro. Trey is right that switch up at 7 mins was a nice touch. Thanks general. Etta James could sing her ass off and she should be remembered. I hope Unsung on TvOne showcases her next season that would be good. peace!

Sis. Kallia

Anonymous said...

To the late Etta James, the Great, and musical songstress goes the most graditude, and appreciation for paving the way for other sista' in the music business such as Chaka Khan, Mary J. Blidge, and a coutless of other Sistas' in the Music Business. Thanx for Sista' Nikki X with this wonderful dedication for others to reflect, and share The Great Etta James-R.I.P. I Luved when Etta James Sanged the re make of Rufus, and Chaka Khan's "step on by". Brotha' JT.