Thursday, February 7, 2008


Vote NO! On the Cincinnati Public School Levy on March 4, 2008.
Cincinnati Public Schools don't need another dime of taxpayers money when they are mismanaging the money they already have.

It doesn't matter who lends their name or organization to the support of this mess, use your own brain, do your own research and get some personal education of the subject. That is what The Black Fist has done and we will not be supporting yet another tax levy for Cincinnati Public Schools!

Vote NO! On Issue 10! The Cincinnati Public School Tax Levy!

Fuck That!
Just Keepin' It Real!



Anonymous said...

I'm with you these schools don't need another penny. I'm voting no!

UniTee Design said...

Foremost, thank you for your efforts to better our people and planet.

Please allow me to briefly share with you my company and calling . . .

“Only three out of 100 Black males entering kindergarten will graduate from college . . .

Every 46 seconds during the school day, a Black high school student drops out . . .

"The dropout rate for African-American students approaches 50 percent . . .

Every year, nearly a million kids fail to graduate high school . . .”

Granted, there are many problems facing Black America. I am proud to be part of a growing movement that believes we can begin to overcome them by rebuilding Black Unity through better education for our young generation. Knowledge is the most precious gift we can grant our children.

To learn more about youth enrichment programs, products of purpose, and a mission and vision that are empowering our future, please visit

We all have a stake in bettering education for our youth. But it will take the best in us who still want the best for all of us. Otherwise, our problems may signify our end.

May all our blessings be all theirs.

R. Lee Gordon
UniTee Design, Inc.
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“Unity is the great need of the hour. Unity is how we shall move.” - Martin Luther King, Jr.

Anonymous said...

I ain't voting for shit! Did you know the NAACP is pushing for this tax? They done lost their minds.