Thursday, February 14, 2008


February 13, 2008., was "Black Love Day" and with today being "Valentine's Day" in Babylon ~ I thought I'd post the card above for and to whomever it may concern.

And from one black woman (me) as a "Black Love Day Gift" to all other black women (you beautiful sistahs) I'd thought I'd post the picture above ;-)

The Beauty of the Black Man sistahs holler if ya' hear me ....."Does it get any better than that"?



Don said...

Happy Valentines Day, Nikki X.

Enjoy your day. I'm sure you will.

General Nikki X said...

Thank you & Right backatcha you beautiful black man you!

Black Power!

Anonymous said...

bitch you missed kabaka's loving.

General Nikki X said...

To My Cowardly Stalking Troll,

No but I'd surmise that right about now he misses mine.

I published that silly ass comment to show my intelligent readers that my stalker/troll just won't quit. And to show my intelligent readers just what a fucking coward my stalking troll truly is for it will never sign its bipolar name to any of the bullshit it sends to this site "anonymously".

Now that I've answered its question or should I say responded to its statement, I can get back to the business of approving legitimate comments regarding the topic of this thread which happens to be "BLACK LOVE".

There you have it. I took a little time to give the stalking lonely troll some attention.
Happy now troll? I hope so. And Happy Black Love Day to you too.

The General
Nikki X

(Sign your name next time. I signed mine)

Anonymous said...

You are beautiful General Nikki X and we all know who the stalker is just ignore her and keep doing what your doing she gonna get what's coming to her soon and there will be no tears shed by ANYONE! peace & blessing soldier X

Anonymous said...

Betcha 10-1 that beautiful black brother has a white woman on his arm and in his bed. That's just the way it goes down.