Thursday, February 7, 2008


It has been reported by various news sources this morning that Sen. Hillary Clinton (known from this day forward on this blog as "Hilly" & her old man will be forever known here as "Billy") has been forced to take out her personal checkbook and has written a check from her personal banking account to fund her own presidential campaign for a whopping $5 million due to a lack of raising enough funds from her supporters to keep up with her opponent --the black man-- Senator and presidential hopeful Barack Obama.

It has also been reported by various news sources --just this morning-- that the Senator Barack Obama as of yesterday evening raised an astounding $7 million from just his online supporters! Yes, I said JUST HIS ONLINE SUPPORTERS!

Now, it may just be me but don't you think "Hilly & Billy" are just a little sick about that right about now?

Well folks here it goes... You know we wanna hear from you! Tell us what you think about the presidential race on the democratic side and if you are an independent we definitely wanna hear your opinion! I know, I know, all you republicans just hold on, you will get your chance to chime in on a different entry I plan to write in the near future about the republican race for the presidency . However, TODAY we only wanna hear from the dems and the indies.

Let The Games Begin!!!



Don said...

Yeah, I read that. Apparently Hillary had only raised $14 million dollars while Obama had reached $31 million.

Yes, WE, can.

Obama 'o8

Anonymous said...

Way too funny sister Nikki X and way too real! keep up the great job and keep speaking out for our people!

Anonymous said...

OBAMA '08 Peace out!

Trey T. always at my general's service

Anonymous said...

She's destined for defeat! Obama '08!