Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Pictured Above is No-Good Racist Right-Wing Republican Radio-Talk Show Host Cincinnati's Own, Willie Cunningham and a Hopping Mad Republican Presidential Candidate, John McCain. (Boy was that a mouthful!)

Today at a local rally held for Republican Presidential hopeful John McCain, our friendly neighborhood superracist big mouth Silly Willie CunningSWINE (that's Cunningham to some of you) put his fat foot in his mouth once A-G-A-I-N and got PUBLICLY DENOUNCED by the man of the so-called hour John McCain.

If you want the whole story go to the Channel 9 website -OR- just turn on your television sets it's all over the place!

Hahaha!!!! Ain't nothing like devils fighting devils!!!! (If only for that moment!)



Anonymous said...

This shit was crazy and lincoln ware is on the buzz right now defending that racist like the scared buckdancing negro is is. lincoln is DISGUSTING and nothing more than a 58 year old radio clown!

Don said...

I saw dude on TV last night yelling into the microphone. I thought he was just crazy. What does that say about a dude who once backed McCain?

Anonymous said...

I say from now on we call cunningham "bill cunnilingus" and we call John Mccain "Crack" McCain, because you've gotta be smoking something to vote for him


General Nikki X said...

To Robert,
Lol! Yeah you got that right!

Thank You For Your Comment (please do again) & Thank You For Reading The Black Fist Blog!

Anonymous said...

As i look at Cunningham and Mcain, I am so thankful that I am black bacause that white shit ain't gonna work!! Eww!!!