Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Janet Jackson....AGAIN!!!!!

Same tired ass recycle Michael Jackson dance moves.
Same tired ass at-damn-near-42-years-old babyfied whispery so-called cutesy "singing" style.
Same tired ass music videos.
Same tired ass ploy to show her plastic breast every time we see her and maybe y'all will forget she just can't sing.
Same tired ass EVERYTHANG when it comes to Janet Jackson!
The only thing different is the wigs.

No doubt on most of Janet's CDs the music produced for her are on point. But take away the music. Take away the beats. Take away the smooth productive team of Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis (who has produced about 98% of Janet's work) and what do you have?
Absolutely N-O-T-H-I-N-G!!!

Say what you will but I feel sorry for some of the contestants on American Idol for having so much TRUE singing talent and having to put up with and go through the shit they have to go through in dealing with Simon Cowell's pointless vicious insults, Randy Jackson's (no relation to Janet) "Yo' Yo' Dog" this that and a third looking like a clown antics and Paula Abdul's (another non-singing broad like Janet and ironically Janet's former dance instructor) agreeing with whichever way the wind blows adding nothing but fake tears and goofy smiles to the show & toward the contestants. And Janet Jackson's ass just sails through CD after CD after CD after CD and it's all the same. Even her former record company and it's executives knew she was washed up with NO singing talent and dropped her from the label and not a moment too soon, in my opinion. That's why her man, record mogul Jermaine Dupree hooked her up on his shit to give her a SECURE place to go & stay.

In A Nutshell: The new CD is called "Discipline", the new single is called "Feedback".
I just pray y'all have the "Discipline" not to spend another dime on Janet's shit.
I didn't.
And I won't.

The day Janet sits her tired ass down and PLEASE GOD OH PLEASE stay OFF the big screen will be the day you, my faithful readers will stop hearing any "Feedback" about Janet Jackson from me.

I know a lot of you may not like my opinion on Ms. Jackson but that just happens to be too bad. I keeps it real here on "The Black Fist Blog", and as I've said before, "It may not always be good news but it's hood news"!



Don said...

I agree with everything, everything you said about Janet. after Jimmy jam & Terry lewis, there really is nothing to Janet Jackson but the same ol' recylced and outdated moves, material and voice that we have seen from Michael, Rebbie & Latoya.

People wonder why she dates Jermaine Dupri. That should have been the first clue. The Super Bowl stunt was the second clue.

General Nikki X said...

I thought Latoya's songs from the early 80's were on point. Since you are a "YouTube" man Bro. Don check out Latoya's songs "Betcha gonna my loving", "If you feel the funk" & "Heart don't lie".

Cute songs for someone of that age group from that era however I still like them...
I suppose some things from childhood you just don't wanna give up ;-)

Thank You For Reading The Black Fist Blog!

General Nikki X said...

That's "Betcha gonna NEED my loving". My fault...typing too doggone fast.

Anonymous said...

Got that right Ms. X the bitch just can't sing I used to buy her cds but to hell with that I'd rather keep my $15.99 in my pocket anyway if her disc don't come with a lyric sheet how the hell we gonna know what the hell she's even saying????????????

Anonymous said...

Can't you find a white chick to criticize? No wonder Michael and Janet have no voice and have never grown up. Having to put up with Joe's night time visits, and yes, the daddy was doing Michael as well as the girls, it's no wonder they're crazy. That's why Michael threw up every time he saw his father. He remembered that Joe molested him and Katherine sat by quietly like a good Jehovah Witness wife.

General Nikki X said...

To "anonymous" 5:44pm,
You asked the question, "Can't you find a white chick to criticize"?

My answer to you: Yes I can. However, today it's Janet's non-singing ass.

Anything else?