Thursday, February 7, 2008


The Youngest Mayor Ever Elected to The City of Detroit, Kwame Kilpatrick

I'm sure most of you by now have heard about the shannigans and "adventures" of the mayor of Detroit, Kwame Kilpatrick. I mean, for real what more could be said? This man has admitted to cheating on his devoted loving wife with his chief of staff (Dang! now locally where have I heard that before?), charged his extravagant flamboyant lifestyle --custom made suits & shoes, expensive haircuts & etc., jewelry, limo rides, champagne & steak dinners and expensive jacuzzi loungings with his "friends" to the City of Detroit's credit card and has totally been shamed and discredited publicly.

Now I've always seen Bro. Kilpatrick as a black man doing his thang as far as holding down the office of mayor in the 2nd city known as "Chocolate City" but damn man you ain't white! You should've known your shit was gonna hit the fan faster than a fag running through sissy town!
Negro! What were you thinking?!? Everythang you've done (with the exception of cheating on your wife) was within your grown! However, the citizens of Detroit ain't suppose to be the ones paying for it!

And before I get mass comments from my "grammar scholars", yes I people I meant to say AIN'T.

And what are these recent reports coming out about Mayor Kilpatrick --even during these on-air television public apologies to his wife for cheating and being accused of various other things-- Bro. Kwame's chilling down in Florida with yet another woman getting full body massages and having other "late night" recreational sports with women other than his wife?!?

Oh Laaaawwwwdddd!!!! What next Kwame?

Just a Few Thoughts: Public officials presenting themselves as upstanding young leaders that the masses should follow should at least practice what they preach in their own personal lives and in their own homes. Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick has young sons of school age and what an example he must be setting and what hell he must be putting his children through with his foolishness.

Children aren't stupid they know when their mother is, let's say, UNHAPPY. And those children will react in one way or another.

It's a downright disgrace and fake black politicians make me SICK!!!

We already know white politicians can't be trusted but there's something horribly disgusting about a black politician who portrays himself as one way in the public but is nothing more than a "SNAKE IN A SUIT" behind closed doors.
(For more information on "snake's in suits" see blog entry found in the April 2007 archive of this website titled: "SNAKE IN A SUIT" --or just-- type in the search bar found on our home page the words -snake in a suit)

And like the 1970's blaxploitation film pioneer Rudy Ray Moore (better known as) Dolomite famously said in one of his many comedy party records..."Nobody Knows Where The Noses Goes When Them Doughs Is Closed"!

(And yes "grammar scholars" he pronounced the word "door" as "dough")



Anonymous said...

I love your website and your way of "communicating" definately keeps it real. Keep doing what you doing General X I love you! We need more strong black leaders like yourself.

Axinar said...

Somewhat reminiscent of the "Mayor of Detroit" from the first RoboCob movie, dontcha' think? :)