Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Republican Presidential Candidate John McCain will be in Cincinnati today campaigning in the Over-The-Rhine area at Memorial Hall.

This is probably McCain's first and will probably most definitely be his LAST visit to Over-The-Rhine.
Check him out if you will while you can. It'll most likely be another 100 YEARS before any negro around here will see him again.

100 YEARS & John McCain.... Sound familiar to anyone?
If not, I'll give you a hint.... Can anyone say, "Iraqi War"?

The End.


Don said...


I can't believe anyone would vote for this guy.

General Nikki X said...

Yeah and check out www.wcpo.com and the local news stations tonite. It looks like our friendly neighborhood racist (whom I've done battle with on several occasions) no-good Willie Cunningham of 700WLW got to talking to far outta his neck and forced John McCain to PUBLICLY DENOUNCE his ass at his rally today! Oh what fun! When devils fight devils!

Willie was McCain's "opening act" and he got to calling Obama by his middle name REPEATELY. I won't repeat the shit here but anyone who wants to know can go to the above website or turn on your television. Then you'll know what I'm talking about.

And please everyone, don't think for one mintue McCain denounced CunningSWINE based on principle and the right thing to do, he did it to make himself look like an upstanding righteous type of opponent who believes in fairness.

Remember The New York Times just racked his ass over the coals on his "Close The Door Teddy Pendergrass" business!

Whatcha gonna do now Willie?

Thanks Bro.Don For Reading The Black Fist Blog!