Thursday, February 14, 2008


Cincinnati Mayor Mark Mallory

With politicians all around the State of Ohio lending endorsements to their candidate for President, the big question regularly asked by WDBZ 1230 am "The Buzz" talk show host Lincoln Ware and others is who will Cincinnati Mayor Mark Mallory endorse for president? Will it be Sen. Hilly Clinton or Sen. Barack Obama?

The Ohio, Texas and Pennsylvania delegation states are up for grabs and with "Hilly" trailing behind Senator Obama it would be nice to know if the black man (Mallory) with be endorsing the black man (Obama) for president considering Ohio is a white-controlled republican state. And as it stands the Governor of Ohio Ted Strickland has endorsed "Hilly" for president along with the astronaut guy John Glen (for whatever that is worth) and many other white politicians.

Lincoln Ware has repeatedly asked the question, "Why has Mayor Mark Mallory been so quiet about who he's endorsing for president when other members of council have already come out with their endorsements?" Good question Lincoln. "Why has the mayor been so quiet, and who is he endorsing?"

Inquiring minds wanna know.

Whether the mayor endorses Sen. Obama or not, we must do our part and get out and vote our conscience on March 4, 2008.

Who will you choose?


Don said...

You said it best..."Sinsinnati."

IDK, maybe Mallory will stop trying to play the lobbyist ticket and endorse Obama.

General Nikki X said...

He needs to come on out with it and do for Sen. Barack what I did for him.
He wasted no time asking for "The Black Fist Endorsement" when he ran for mayor in 2005.
And I wasted no time giving it to him.

See archived blog entry from 2005 & you'll see for yourself bruh.
Type in the search bar: The Black Fist Endorsement.

Black Power!

General Nikki X said...

Bro. Don it's archived in September 9, 2005. I had to take down the picture of the mayor and myself due to then mayoral candidate David Pepper's heinous potential actions. My reliable sources told me he was going do no-good regardingg that picture so I removed it.
I'll put it back up in a few.