Sunday, June 15, 2008


Our good friend in the blogger sphere and artist Bearman hit this one right on the head! Talk about a funny and way too real depiction of what's probably happening behind the scenes in Hillary's head for real. If you can imagine!

Good Drawing Bearman!
I laughed out loud!

If you dig this drawing, give Bearman a big BLACK FIST shout out!
I just did!



Don said...

lmao @ that picture. hillary probably does feel like clinging to obama. too funny.

General Nikki X said...

And I'm sure you know Bro. Don the white controlled media is "clinging" on right along with Hilly and the last of the knee-grows Bob Johnson. Both of them need to hang it up. Obama needs Hilly on the team like the Evans family needed Bookman always hanging around!
Only in Obama's case having Hilly around could become a costly/deadly choice. If you feel me.

Bearman said...

Thanks...just remember all that love when I draw cartoons poking fun at President Obama. ha ha

General Nikki X said...

Will do Bearman. Will do! hahaha!