Wednesday, June 18, 2008


The host of The View: Whoopie Goldberg, Barbara Walters, Joy Behar and Elisabeth "Silly Lizzy" Hesselbeck.

(This is a re-post from June 9, 2009)

Our Future First Lady
, Michelle Obama is guest-hosting ABC's Daytime Television Talk Show The View on Wednesday June 18th. This is not to be missed seeing as though the producers of The View wanted Mrs. Obama to come on to be interviewed as a "guest only". However, our dear sister said No Way. Mrs. Obama expressed that Cindy McCain, wife of Republican Presidential nominee Sen. John McCain was invited on as a "guest-host" for the entire hour and she'd like the same privilege extended to her .

Way Too Go Sister Michelle!
The producers of The View agreed and here we go...
I want to see and hear just how "bold and outspoken" Elisabeth Hasselbeck (known forever on this blog as Silly Lizzy) is when she's face-to-face with Michelle Obama on live television after months and months of asking the same dumb questions about The Obamas and Rev. Dr. Jeremiah Wright, and especially the question she posed specifically to Michelle Obama questioning her "parenting skills" in the form of her question: "How could Michelle Obama as a mother allow her 2 daughters to sit week after week in such a hateful racist church as Trinity?"

Will the snotty Survivor castoff & self-proclaimed "Republican for McCain" Silly Lizzy have the courage, guts and that goofy perpetual smirk glued to her face, and confront Michelle Obama about her views and opinions to her face? For she has a lot to say about Democratic Presidential nominee Sen. Barack Obama, his children and for that matter the "judgment" of his wife everyday on the regular?


Will Silly Lizzy Hasselbeck just call off sick like a bonafied coward hiding in her house and watching The View on TV that day?

Channel 9 June 18, 2009. 11 AM.

First Lady Michelle Obama Live For One Hour Guest-Hosting The View.




jen598723 said...

General Nikki,HAHAHAHAHA!!!! (great name)
you are definitely a couple sandwiches short of a picnic. Joy Behar is a disgrace as is the "distinguished" Michelle Obama!!!
She is an embarrasment to this country. This great country that she "hates so much" and "for the first time in her life is proud of this country". What about her FREE Harvard education she recieved. She is a racist and disgusting. Thank God this country's politics is fixed and there is no way they will let those hate mongers and racists in the white house. Barack Obama winning the primary was a huge publicay stunt and propaganda for the USA. On the sole basis to show the rest of the world that the US is not as bad as people think. Barack Hussein Obama wants to tax everything and everybody at a rediculous rate and make the USA a communist state. He wants people like me to work hard and make lots of money, so he can what, tax us and give welfare lovers and non-working lazy people like you everything. It's disgusting. If he were elected, soon we would be living in Commune's.
Sorry General Nikki (HA,HA,), but there is no way they will ever let that LIBERAL prick Obama ever step foot in the white house. Have fun dreaming. I find it funny that you all are so excited and really think he will ever be the president. It's comical it really is. Go pump some gas and take down you're horrible website. Don't you have better things to do, like taking care of your THIRTEEN year old DAUGHTER'S 3 children and making sure you brother doesnt get shot in a gang war drive by. Eat some chicken and leave us alone.

jen598723 said...

ohhh and the fact that you think that Rev. Wright and Father Pfleger (who thinks he is black) arepreaching anything but hate is rediculous. MICHELLE OBAMA should be disgraced that she has subjected her poor children to that empty rhetoric, allowing them to sit in the pews is disgusting. With groups and people like you, rev. wright, william ayers, father pleger etc... will put this country back 30 years with regards to race relations...KEPP IT UP!!!REAL SMART!!! MOMO!!!

jen598723 said...

ohhh and one more thing, you can take your BLACK FIST, BLACK POWER AND BLACK NATION and stick up your a$$!!! We have the money and the power and we always will...biyatcchhh....LIVE WITH IT!!!! OHH YEAH AND I LOVE THE FIRST AMENDMENT WOMAN

jen598723 said...


General Nikki X said...

My my my are you angry about something?
I know it's hard to come to terms with the fact that life as you know it will soon be over.
Sen. Barack Obama will be YOUR next president and his beautiful Harvard educated wife, Michelle Obama will be YOUR next first lady.
You probably can't sleep at night just thinking about it.

Allow me to explain something to you, attacking me won't bring back the good ol' days of racism, discrimination and dehumanization. And attacking this website won't erase the fact that a black man, his black woman and his 2 adorable little black children will finally be sleeping in the White House, you know the same White House black people built so many many years ago. Your emotionalism is funny as hell my readers and I got a kick out of it.
I posted your 4 comments to show all of my faithful readers and the world just how stupid, dumb and ignorant you and people like you sound when faced with the hard cold truth that Sen. Obama won the Democratic primary to become the Democratic nominee for President of these United States of America.
Take some advice The General jen598723:
1. Calm down.
2. Take a deep breath.
3. Use spell check
4. Just relax.

When Sen. Barack Obama the BLACK MAN takes office January 20, 2009., it'll be alright, I'm sure he won't re-institutionalize the terrible act of slavery upon white people.
Don't be scared you should be Ok. Hopefully.

Final Note: If you do not agree with what I blog please feel free to take all of your asinine racist uneducated mis-spelled comments on over to Sean Hannity's blog or Drug-addicted Rush Limbaugh's site, We're sure your frightful comments will be more than welcomed there. ;-)

"Oooh and one more thing" (as you so eloquently put it) "RIDICULOUS" is not spelled "R-E-D-I-C-U-L-O-U-S".

And calling your next president Barack Obama a "prick" is so uncouth. My goodness show some respect for the man who will soon reside at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

We do agree on one thing jen598723, the first amendment is GREAT! And guess what? I exercise my right to use it EACH AND EVERY CHANCE I I will right now when I tell you and super dummies who think like you....


Anonymous said...

Damn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You laid it to that idiot way too funny and way too real!!!!!!!!!!!! jen598723 never had a chance against you Nikki X it's one thing to have an opinion but the personal attacks on you were totally unnecessary. Don't hate on the messenger cause you can't deal with the message! Ban that idiot next time.
Just a thought. Great post!

Anonymous said...

Damn I forgot what I was suppose to be writing after reading that other garbage from jen whoever. I can't wait to see Michelle Obama on the view and I hope she lights into "silly lizzy" (That was a good one). I hate Elisabeth Hasselbeck she needs to be fired.
Obama '08

Anonymous said...

Michelle Obama will spank Hasselbeck so bad maybe she'll shut up for a while. Wishful thinking anyway. Keep up the good job General!

Anonymous said...

Michelle Obama is so pretty.

Anonymous said...

Do you think Whoopie Goldberg might put on some decent clothes today just for once?

Anonymous said...

I'll be watching since I got LAID OFF from my job I don't have anything else to do during the day thanks to George Bush and his corrupt filthy administration!
I hate George Bush! I lost my job and the shits back downhill for me and my family under George Bush! I hate George Bush!
Obama '08!

jen598723 said...

whoopi Goldberg is a slob. A sweet lady, but a slob nonetheless. Does she not realize that she is a strong black woman representing all of us. Although she speaks well that's not enough. She has to put on some decent clothes for once. It's embarrassing to all black people. White people don't say anything but they laugh as they should. She isnt at home lounging on you sofa. She is working. Dress up bitch. Oh and if OBAMA wins, which he won't, because his wife is a loud mouth bitch and she is the reason he won't win. Not to mention the fact that these POLLS are so absurd. White people say they will vote for him now, but watch, when its just them in the voting booth. Trust me they ain't voting for no nukka. Believe that. Maybe in 1,000 or years we'll have a black in the white house. Who is everyone kidding. This is all propaganda. Harold Ford Jr., now that is a brother who white people would elect. Not Obama...Keep dreaming.

General Nikki X said...

Calling Michelle Obama the "B" word only shows your ignorance and F-E-A-R regarding an intellegent beautiful highly educated Black woman becoming YOUR next FIRST LADY. It's a shame that for all the comments you leave on this site I don't recall you ever calling Cindy Lou McCain an elitist dope fiend junkie lying thief, and you would've been correct. That is a fact not just something I pulled out my ass as you do your anti-black rhetoric.

Calling Mrs. Obama names will not stop the U-Haul truck carrying the Obama belongings straight into the address at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. on Jan 19, 2009.

Your opinion about The Obamas are yours however stupid dumb and ignorant they sound.

Thank You For Reading The Black Fist Blog!
(only next time keep your race-hatred to yourself)