Sunday, June 8, 2008


Pictured above is the man who killed Malcolm X, Thomas Hagan in 2008, now age 66.
Pictured below is the slain body of Malcolm X in 1965, age 39.

This story comes from The New York Daily News. Staff Writer Jose Martinez

The man who confessed to shooting Malcolm X to death is tired of spending 12 hours a week in lockup.

Thomas Hagan, who was convicted of first-degree murder for the 1965 assassination of the black leader, on Thursday filed court papers demanding a 14th parole hearing hoping to get a full parole.

Hagan, 66 has spent 19 years on a work-release program in which he spends 12 hours a week at a corrections facility in Harlem and the rest of the time working or at home with his wife and kids.

"Indeed, multiplied by 19 years, [Hagan] has spent an overwhelming majority of his time in everyday society," he argues in papers filed in Manhattan Supreme Court. "Yet, his movement is monitored and limited."

Hagan, who was once a law-abiding inmate who rebuilt his life while working hard.

"[Hagan] has repeatedly expressed remorse for his actions and realizes the consequences of his conduct, and the tragic impact that he caused for the victim's family, and society as a whole," he wrote.

Three men were convicted of killing Malcolm X at the Audubon Ballroom at Broadway and 166th St. in February 1965. The two other men - who Hagan says were not present or involved in the shooting - were paroled nearly 20 years ago.

Hagan was most recently rejected for parole in September 2007. His next appearance before the state panel is not until January.

The former member of the Nation of Islam is serving a 20-years-to-life sentence for killing Malcolm X.

"Hagan evidently acted out of rage on impulse and loyality to the religious group and leadership that he was formerly associated with," he wrote. "He has accepted full responsibility for his conduct."

This story disgust me.
Thomas Hagan confessed to killing our Bro. Min. Malcolm X and all this time he's been on a work release program and granted time to chill and be merry with his wife and kids?!?

12 hours a week in lockup is "too much" for this killer?!?
Hagan doesn't want to be "monitored and limited" ANYMORE huh?!?

Bro. Min. Malcolm X lies cold forever in his grave never to see his wife (now departed, peace be upon her) nor his children and now grandchildren live, prosper and grow. While this Hagan killer has been chilling in a somewhat prison able to move about basically at will. And what they've [state officials] has given him...just ain't good enough, he demands a "full pardon".

Sounds to me like he was "pardoned" years upon years ago. The white man hated Bro. Minister anyway so I suppose the black nation of conscience should be glad this killer even got a trial, conviction and subsequent prison term with several denials of parole in the first place!

R.I.P. Bro. Min. Malcolm X!

Wishful Thinking: Thomas Hagan..... January 2009 PAROLE DENIED!!!



Anonymous said...

He needs to rot in prison!!!!!!!!!! Good post Sister Nikki X I'd never heard of this man or any of this stuff except for Malcolm X being killed but none of the details to who did it. That picture of Malcolm is chilling!

Anonymous said...

Things like this burns my soul! How could he do something so hateful and ask to be pardon. I forgive him, but I can not forget what he has done to bro. Malcolm and this nation. I know being bitter will not change the fact that Malcolm is gone, but I am grateful for what justice we are getting. I am going to write the officials and state why I feel his work program should be stopped. What about his family and our pain. Hagan's family get to see him and hold him! What about bro. Malcolm? When can I see him? I hope his parole never gets approved!