Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Pictured above are two versions of an innocent "fist bump". (NO secret preliminary premeditated acts of "terrorism against the United States" involved)

If the truth is what you truly seek from the proverbial horses mouth, then direct your attention to this website from today June 24th until election day November 4th. The Republicans are out of control, scared-to-death and flat-out seeking to destroy Sen. Barack Obama & his wife Michelle Obama. No Lie or Dirty Trick Is Off The Table With Them!

Do Your Own Research.
Don't believe everything you hear from the three major cable news organizations. They even have no-good lying knee-grows helping them in the smears!

Seek The Truth. The white-controlled media is on a mission in conjunction with the right-wight to flat-out destroy Sen. Obama. Don't YOU be the one to help them!

Be Educated. Get Educated. Don't be just an Educated FOOL. (I don't need to go into that one. It is self-explanatory)


A website to take out all the spin, lies, distortions, falsehoods, innuendos, and bulls**t. This is an OFFICIAL website set up by Sen. Barack Obama and his OFFICIAL campaign organization.

Write that website down and pass it along to your family, friends and those of your political like mind. If true change is what you want we are gonna have to FIGHT FOR IT!


An OFFICIAL website setup by the OFFICIAL Obama campaign to ACTIVELY COUNTER ALL LIES and SMEARS launched against Democratic Presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama.



Anonymous said...
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General Nikki X said...

I am for Sen. Obama since day 1.

If you've even remotely read my entries to this site you would know that.
My "credibilily" as you put it, has never been in question, however, you're lack of understanding regarding my position(s) is.

"Switching sides every other week"? Who are you referring too? I am consistant in my stances and I don't back down. If you would take the time to familiarize yourself with "The Black Fist Blog" as a whole and my work in the community that would become crystal clear to you and put your so-called concerns about my alleged "switching of sides" to rest.

Your comment seems to be nothing more than an attack against black people and for that reason you were published then deleted. You care not about Obama (based on your comment) nor do you care about the topic of this discussion (based on your comment). In my opinion (based on your comment), You thought you could post a something to get off what you wanted to get off on a personal level.

Sorry. It ain't happening here.

Thank You For (attempting to) Read and Understand The Black Fist Blog!