Monday, June 23, 2008


Stand Up Comedian & Keeping it Realist George Carlin was one of the best.

He talked about race in America, police brutality, white collar corporate crime, the inept Ronald Reagan and now George W. Bush administrations, how this country is totally corrupt and in his words totally "F**ked Up"!

It has been reported George Carlin died of heart failure at 71.

This man was FUNNY!
George Carlin kept it REAL!

There were so many great Carlin pieces to choose from in his 50-plus year career that I really couldn't choose.
But I think these two are great examples of his work.

R.I.P. George

This first video is called "George Carlin on Voting".
The second is called "George Carlin on White People".
Both from his HBO Specials.

Let's never be afraid to "STAND UP" as George Carlin did throughout his comedic career and his life off stage, and do what he did no matter WHO was watching.

Let's never be afraid to... STAND UP AND TELL THE TRUTH!


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