Monday, June 16, 2008


Former vice-president and global warning authority Al Gore has FINALLY stepped to the plate and endorsed Democratic presidential nominee Sen. Barack Obama for President.

WOW Al! Where've you been all this time? Do you know how powerful a punch it would've been if you Al Gore had the courage to publicly endorse Sen. Obama while the Rev. Wright fiasco was going on? Do you know how powerful a blow it would've been if you Al Gore would've had the guts to publicly endorse Sen. Obama WHILE he was actively running against Hillary Clinton? You as a former vice-president under her husband President Bill Clinton? That would have driven home the point home to everyone that Sen. Barack Obama was indeed the right man for the Democratic party nomination. Especially as the vice-president under Sen. Obama's opponent Hillary Obama's husband and former President of The United States of America.

Al Gore, You Were Always A Wimp!

That's why you couldn't even carry your own home state of Tennessee when you ran for president back in 2000, and why you subsequently lost your bid for presidency all together. And your punking out soooo easily during the recount and just handing over this country over to that illiterate cocaine addict George W. Bush ain't even worth talking about anymore except to say, you Al Gore endorsing Sen. Barack Obama this late in the game when really it's a no-brain er is an act in keeping with your courage back in 2000....

No Guts. No Glory.

It's easy to stand with a man once he becomes a WINNER.
Hard to stand with a man while the world has him UNDER ATTACK.

Sen. Barack Obama has weathered the storm of an unfair attack campaign launched by his opponent & her husband and carried out by the white-controlled press.
Now in comes hot-air and weak breeze Al Gore to take the podium at 8:30 PM tonight to endorse a HURRICANE.

At the end of an email Al Gore sent out today [and I received] as a notification of his endorsement of Sen. Obama it reads as follows:

"Thank you for joining me in supporting Sen. Barack Obama."
Al Gore

Well Al Gore, on behalf of those of us who stood with the man when the man was under ruthless attack in his darkest hours we should be sending you an email telling you...

"Thank You Al Gore For FINALLY getting up the courage to JOIN US in supporting Sen. Barack Obama"!

(Instead of the other way around!!!)

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