Friday, June 20, 2008


What do you get?

You get Elisabeth "Silly Lizzy" Hasselback as a "special guest" on "The Sean Hannity Show" disguised as "Hannity & Colmes" with its host Sean Hannity one of the most arrogant no-good racist white men of our time live on the FIX news network tonight at 9:00 PM.

If you wanna see up close and in color white supremacy and flat-out racial hatred at its worst, tune in at 9 and see it for yourself.

I would suspect "Silly Lizzy" was invited by no-good Sean Hannity on his show to get off everything it was reported Barbra Walters, Creator, Executive producer and Lead host of "The View" told the dingbat she COULDN'T get off on Wednesday when the special co-host for the entire hour on "The View" was future first lady, Mrs. Michelle Obama.

The silly goofball Hasselback has to vent somewhere about Mrs. Obama, and what better place than the anti-Obama attack machine called The Sean Hannity Show/Hannity & Colmes? Sean Hannity has a midday radio show that comes on daily through syndication and its 10 times worst than his nightly show.

Why Sean Hannity is still allowed on the public airwaves, hosting radio and television shows is not a mystery by any means. The white man revels in his race-hatred and his willingness to attack Sen. Barack, his wife, his faith and his family on a daily and nightly basis.

Its Sickening To See And Hear In 2008, but I'm glad the hateful clowns (all white racist) are showing themselves. We, the black nation and people of conscience need to hear the F-E-A-R and racism for ourselves so we'll know just how to GET DOWN AND HIT 'EM HARD intellectually at the drop of a dime WHENEVER and WHEREVER need be!



Don said...

wow. i missed this.

it's something wrong with silly lizzy. LOL. of course we already know hannity & colmes need a hug.

General Nikki X said...

a "hug" then a kick in the butt.

Thank for your comment!
(where've you been?)