Friday, June 13, 2008


Will Smith starring in this summer's big budget Super Hero action film "HANCOCK" coming July 2, 2008.

I don't have time to give my full thoughts on brother Will Smith's new movie Hancock, however I will say watching this trailer a couple of times and other Hancock trailers I laughed straight through!

I think It'll be a very good movie. I am wondering in an age of The Incredible Hulk, Spiderman, The X-Men, Superman, Batman and Ironman all having been made into big screen big budget Hollywood movies as it appears Hancock has been spared no expense....

Why oh why does the BLACK MAN have to be a SUPERHERO that's some alcoholic homeless dude that's hated by the public he attempts to save?!?

That's my quick thoughts. For now.

Take a look at Will Smith's new movie Hancock and you tell me will it be a winner or a loser.
I say, (in spite of) it's a WINNER!


Anonymous said...

That trailer was funny as hell as Will Smith is fine as hell! I'ma see this movie first day out! Keep up the good work General

jericho4119 said...

Will Smith is simply the greatest entertainer of our generation! Who knew that the skinny kid from Chicago could . . .

Oh wait, Will's from Philly.

Nevertheless, what a strange new world this is? When I was a kid, the black guy in an action movie was either going to die in the first few minutes of the movie (Jurassic Park), or else he was some sort of servant character (GhostBusters).

A black man as the superhero?

That'll be the day.