Sunday, August 31, 2008


Sometimes the harsh day-to-day struggles of life here in the land of Babylon and just trying to cope & stay above can interfere with the brilliance locked deep inside the soul of the black woman. In this world of flash-in-the-pans/generic nothingness, where oh where is our sister Lauryn Hill when we need her? From what I've read over the last couple of years it appears she's doing just what I stated in my opening sentence... "trying to cope with the struggles of day-to-day life", along with its many twist and its many turns. As so many of our sisters are doing today.

So in honor of all black women of conscience here in the land of Babylon where down is up, up is down, wrong is right & right is wrong. In honor of her "many twist and turns", let us take a moment to feel the "EX-FACTOR". Then take another moment to flash on back to the days of "collective unity" with The Fugees and listen to Lauryn, Wyclef & Pras remake of Sis. Roberta Flack's classic "KILLING ME SOFTLY".

Stay Strong Sis. Lauryn!
Stay Strong BLACK WOMEN of conscience!


TreyX said...

DAMN yall look alot alike has anybody ever told you that sister?

Anonymous said...

TreyX Sis.Nikki looks more like Sis. Erykah Badu but does resembles Sis. Lauryn Hill think about it my man

Anonymous said...

Both you brothers are right she's sexy as f**k! No disrespect sister X only much love and respect Queen.

Bro. Malik